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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fabulous Family, NOT!

im moving to Canada in a few days, my parents and dana are gonna stay with me for a month before leaving, and in that month my Dad's third brother is getting married. Sucks, but it has been rough times.
Now, my dad's older brother that is living in Jordan has informed my dad that he is coming here for the marriage. It just sucks that they couldnt come one week earlier to see my face before im shipped to canada for God knows how long. Really makes me feel like my family gives a shit about me. and mom asks why i refuse to ask my uncles for a ride to the bookstore. i just dont wanna ask any of my dad's family for any type of favor. in fact, i really dont like them compared to my mom's family.
 Mom hypothesized that they're gonna take advantage of our apartment while we're gone. it only makes sense. its not my mom's first time to assume perfectly correctly. she previously assumed Ro was planning revenge with his dad. and i can only trust her with this. it makes the perfect sense. how else is a family of 5, my grandparents, and two uncles gonna fit in a two bedroom apartment? My grandma already told my dad that she wants my fourth uncle to sleep in the living room of our apartment.
Mom hates the idea of being constantly used, for this isnt the first time. when my dad's sister came from US they used our house, when we travelled, the four annoying daughters of Fate broke many of our toys. like I may never understand how a child can break an original barbie's leg from the KNEE!!! It's one thing to offer your home to others and another thing for another person to offer your home to others. It's like when you're eating a cake and then look away and suddenly half of it is gone. Augh!! what a horrible family. first uncle is gonna misuse our home, i know his children will! they litterly chased me out their house last time i was in Jordan! my first aunt hollers at my middle aged mother! my second uncle is a stingy, rude man with horribly ill mannered daughters! my second aunt is aggressive and rude, in fact, her kids arnt that well behaved either! my third uncle has low tolerance and screamed a lot at us as kids, and for seemingly idiotic reasons like how we woke him from his nap?! why are u napping when ur a single man?! and my fourth uncle completely isolates himself from the rest. okay, the last two arnt as bad as the rest, but that's only cause i try my best to avoid everyone.

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