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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


       I slept at 6 am after trying my best to watch the KSA team on the Olympics for the show jumping game. I failed. I couldn't stay up that early. I did; however, learn that KSA did get the bronze medal for it. So glad that arabs and muslims are finally pulling their weight. Apparently kuwait and egypt also got bronze medals. Kuwait for shooting, and surprisingly Egypt for wrestling. For that we got a 12 hour free messages both national and international on phones. Though I don't know who to contact when I'm at home and people have whatsapp and facebook. It seems to be a waste, how sad. 
      For futoor Fate; my uncles wife that invited us two days ago, is bringing leftovers from that meal to my grandma's house so we can all eat together. Dad invited a coworker out for futoor because he's alone and mom didnt like the idea of eating that same rice. She just dislikes Fate's cooking. So we decided to order some Burger King and pretend that we're eating out. I hate to lie, but some people are nosy and we don't wanna hurt their feelings or offend them. I think we over did the order probebly 'cause we were fasting. three meals and two sandwiches and a salad for just three people is too much right?
After Iftar my sister got dressed as if we were outside and went upstairs to my grandma's apartment to bring Fate's four girls down to play. I really dislike them. maybe it's because i dont like any kids, maybe it's because the oldest one "#1" is rude and incredibly mean for an 11 year old. Complimenting my hair when it's obviously a mess, why would she even do something like that? 

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