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Thursday, August 9, 2012

What A Nightmare

   Iftar yesterday was at my Grandma's again. Fate did the cooking because she forgot to invite my uncle's fiance when the futoor was at her house. It consisted of Dad's three brothers, his sister; her husband was a no show again, Fate, the fiance, my mom, and everyone's children. I chopped the salad while my cousins set the tables. I demanded that the children eat on the floor the way we used to when we were kids, and they complied. After eating the delicious Beryani Fate made. the little kids went downstairs to play Clue and the teens played a game of tarneeb. I really whined at everyone until Ali's three sisters learned to play the game. He called quits though saying he wants a real game, not one with armatures  Meanwhile, #1 from Fate's girls went upstairs after she fought with my sister over the game. I took the game of Tarneeb downstairs to my mom. I knew she wont let me down and i really wanted to teach H and L how to properly play, so we can play together next time. Mom agreed and we set everything and were having fun when my little sister called us in to eat Atayef, a dessert that looks like pancakes stuffed with either cheese or walnuts. We told Dana we'll be right there then two minutes later N; H and L's sister came in pissed telling her sisters to go eat. Mom's reply was "Why don't you go bring us the atayef downstairs since you're all worked up about it." We just wanted to finish the game. N said her dad will be here at 10:30 and that he called twice. H looked at her watch and said it's 10:30 so we tried to rush the game no longer had N walked out the door. Their mother charged right in screaming at everybody. I was in shock. This was our house, she comes in without knocking and yells at us while my mom is present. She even yelled at my mom asking her why no one is picking up the phone. "We didn't hear it ring" my mom replied. That one shut her up for a moment before she continued screaming at her daughters. before she left she gave mom a saucy "we're sorry" and left to continue yelling in the hall. apparently her husband was waiting downstairs. No one said he was downstairs they were only telling us to go eat upstairs. I'm glad she isn't my mom. Party pooper.
      For Suhoor we ate nuggets and made sandwiches to hold us off for the next day. I'm in chapter 19 in Qur'an i'm about two chapters behind. Bummer.

     Today, my cousins, sister and I were only watching a movie when suddenly the movie became a war. Arrows were flying everywhere, by the hundreds, towards the enemy. It evolved into horror as the heroin of Memoirs of a Geisha was spotted in the movie. I'm not sure when all that seemed so real. The woman's body was being used for discoveries and inventions  of new creation to make better soldiers for war. It was hideous; scraps of skin was being experimented on. My cousin was forcing me to watch and i could only cover my little sister's eyes as the doctor reached in inside of a woman's mouth to remove some sort of bug that was latched on to the base of her tongue. I left the room, I could bare it no longer. My cousin challenged me to leave the house and as i was about to, i stared outside at the movers outside and I became paranoid. It must be a trap, those people must be working with the experiments. I went back in the house looking for a normal looking room, but each room seemed to have at least one experiment staring at me. As if I'm next, or as if ill be witnessing the result of these experiments. One room had a young, short man.  He assured me that  i cant leave, that its okay. when i turned around mirror images were  behind me reflecting each other to create an image of a false hallway. Then a hand reached for my shoulder. "I'm back." I woke up suddenly.
I truely hate nightmares. they're long, seem so real, yet can sound so stupid when explained to others. perhaps the setting helps create the mood.

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