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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Travelling to Kuwait.

tomorrow I'll be travelling to Kuwait, and I'm really anxious. It will be my first time travelling alone, and it's gonna take two days, three continents and planes to arrive. oh God, I hope I dont forget anything!!! or that something isnt allowed or somthing bad happens in the airport. I made a list of what I need to bring.
I also need to clean up a bit around the house, all I did was clean the bathroom, and hang the curtains in the living room. I want to clean up the study room, and fold the laundry. I also need to cook some chicken for my sister to eat tomorrow, and wash all those pesky dishes. I need to charge my phone, laptop, and ipod too.
theres much more to do, and whats great is that the taxi will be here tomorrow at 6:30 am!!! I think that means i need to wake up at before sunrise, pray and get dressed.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Baked Haddock

Today I followed (more or less) the Baked Haddock recipe on the fish tasted awesome, but I did add mayo to some fish, and I didn't put any thyme. I simply don't have nor know what it is. I also put some shrimp since I had leftover breadcrumbs. A lot of milk was wasted too, that upsetted me.
Only a few days until I travel. Oh Lord have mercy.

Three more days

I don't feel well. I have three more days to travel to Kuwait, and I still have not packed my clothes. In fact, we still haven't fully unpacked the boxes either. I'm such a lousy sister, I'll probably leave this mess for my sister to clean. I'm also leaving my sister here alone for two months. I no longer know why I'm returning to Kuwait. My parents said They want to come to Canada in the Summer, that made me wanna yank my hair out. I don't understand them. We're broke, we're always broke. Why do they want to spend their money to come here? to relieve themselves from the stress of work. The same parents who told us to try and get student loans, and try to make us save on food, clothes, electricity, and health are spending their money buying a new t.v. ( sure the last one lasted 10 years or so), new furniture and also want to come to Canada. I have to still pay my visa, and I lost my 2000$ scholarship. My older sister also attends university, and my younger is in a private school. My parents also want us to buy a car in Canada. They will also be coming to Canada next year to help us move to toronto. My sister also has a debt to her university, and my parents were supposed to be saving for two things, a down payment on an apartment, and retirement since they're in their 50s. I don't understand why they can't just go to a closer country, or relax at home ( nvm on that one).
 I think these are the reasons were always broke, whenever we get money we're quick to spend it. then again, we aren't quick to fix our problems, like the furniture we had for 15 years. Augh, I hope I somehow become a successful doctor so I can get a good payment.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Leg of Lamb

My lamb leg was a complete success! Alhamdulellah! 

I have merely baked the leg of lamb, but to ensure the moist taste I have followed my mother's instructions. This is what I did:
I cleaned the lamb from as much fat as I can then stabbed multiple holes in it.
In a bowl I placed 2 tbsp of salt, a tsp of the following; black pepper, cardamom, pimento, cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger. ( it was way too much in the end though)
I rubbed the meat with the spices making sure to insert spices in the holes I've made. Then I've put a few tsp of yogurt, some ketchup, steak sauce, and mustard. Rubbed all of that on the meat and sprinkled some basil and crushed bay leaves. I then wrapped the leg of lamb in ten foil and placed it in the oven until properly cooked.
To believe it worked!

Quote of the Day: Cat

" I don't remember if I heard that from you or from a cat."

- My older sister


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Last Day of Karate (semester 2)

      So this loser walks in the women's changing room today. Fortunately, I was the only one in there, and I was fully dressed. I also bought a book to read while travelling. Also, today was the last day for karate this semester, man I'm gonna miss it. The sensei have given us cupcakes at the end, She's so sweet. I have finally informed her that I have heart palpitations, so that when I suddenly stop exercising she would understand.
On my way back home, I was afraid I might miss the Asr prayer, so I prayed in the corner of a parking behind a wall. It was awkward, but I hold no regrets.

Five more days until I travel!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Childhood Anime

I have grew up on watching anime and I just might never forget them, so here's a little list of the old and perhaps unknown or forgotten anime:

 Akachan to Boku (Eng: Baby and Me/ Ar: ana wa akhi) (1996)

One of my favorite childhood animes is Akachan to Boku. This anime is basically about a boy who looks after his little brother. This anime focuses on the older brother and how he manages to overcome the little hassles of life after his mother passed away. It is a very loving and sweet anime that just leaves you content and happy after you watch it. It also has its funny moments, like whenever his bushy browed friend comes in and does his trade dance. To this day I would watch this anime whenever it is on t.v.

Princess Sarah ( Ar: Sally) (1985)

I found this anime really depressing. The anime takes place somewhere in France. The anime starts with rich and high class Sarah who joins a little boarding school because her father is away on a business trip to India. Everything goes downhill once news of her father's death arrives to the school. Sarah's status is immediately dropped from a student to a maid in the school (letterly). Her character is very soft and gentle, not something I like, but she always maintanes her dignity and pride which is something I respect. She goes through a lot of strife and humiliation from her former peers and superiors but her kindness prevails in the end.

Dai no Daibouken (Eng: Dragon Quest/ Ar: Dai Alshoja') (1991)

It is a typical epic action/ adventure anime. It is about Dai and his group of friends who try to defeat this evil lord. This anime teaches bravery and friendship.

Chibi Maruko-chan (Eng: Little maruko/ Ar: Maroko) (1990)

This anime I have actually rewatched with my older sister recently. It was one of those shows that I would sit and wait to see in front of the t.v. This anime tells the story of  a little Japanese girl named Maruko and her hilarious life at home with her family and at school with her classmates. I easily related to Maruko because I had an older sister like her, and like everyone I hated waking up in the morning and procrastinated my homework. She's adorable and fun to watch.

Romio no Aoi Sora (Eng: Romeo's Blue Sky/ Ar: عهد الاصدقاء) ( yr. 1995)

Another favorite of mine. This anime takes place in England back when the chimney sweep children were legal. The lead character is Romio (The brunette) and he gets basically sold to this man to pay off the damage of the farm's fire. The man holds a little chimney sweep business and Romeo starts working for him along with many other children. His friendship grows with Alfredo (blonde boy in the picture), his sister Bianca, and several other characters. Together they go through the harsh realities of life and eventually manage to escape the cruel job of a chimney sweep. I originally thought this was an anime of Romeo and Juliette as a child, but of course, that is not the case. I really love this anime, and the drama it has.

Hope you had the chance to watch at least one of these classics. If not, I hope you can manage to find them.

PS2 Games

I'm gonna go buy used PS2 games for my little sis today. The first is Soul Calibur 3 and I think the second is Virtua Fighter 4.
Not sure if she will like them. I don't even know what they are about, but the ratings are above 8 on google and that's good.
I hope they will work and everything will be fine ^-^

heart palpitations

Since I'm gonna write here what I shouldn't on facebook I'm gonna add that I have had heart palpitations again today in karate.
I plan on eventually telling my sensei, but it's rather awkward because then everyone will think it is something serious. If only I can manage a two minute breather once I get it. I'll be just fine.

I have previously went to two cardiologists about this. Once in Kuwait when I was 13 and the other in Canada at 18. The one in Kuwait ran a cardiograph, an x-ray, and took a blood sample only to reveal that I lacked iron. The one in Canada took a cardiograph, blood pressure about 6 times, asked me numerous questions, and gave me a physical ( BIG FAT AWKWARD MOMENT RIGHT HERE FOLKS!) to tell me there isn't anything he was able to find. He also added that if my heart palpitations appear more frequently than usual ( which is about 3 weaks apart) or if they stay for longer than usual ( which is about a minute when I stop what ever it is I am doing that's exerting effort) then I should visit the ER. well, that escalated quickly. from nothing visibly wrong to ER.
My sister has a friend who's studying nutrition. She says that Lack of Vitamin C is causing my defency in iron. and that is the cause of my heart palpitations.
bleh, i suppose eating fruits and veggies is good for u anyways.

Comment any suggestions,


My first year of university is FINALLY over and I have one week before I go back to Kuwait. This will be my very first time travelling alone! man, I'm petrified.

Quote of the Day: Shocker

As we were watching kaichou wa maid sama,
My older sis: I would love to have a guy like usui.
me: me too.
She then turns to gawk at me and say "I didn't know you liked guys!"
well...damn o-o I'm not a lesbian!
She then says that she thought I didn't hit that age yet. LOL I'm 18! how old do I have to get to start liking guys.

Anyways, since my sis wouldn't let me post that on fb I'll be posting shorter more upfront entries here for fun.