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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

heart palpitations

Since I'm gonna write here what I shouldn't on facebook I'm gonna add that I have had heart palpitations again today in karate.
I plan on eventually telling my sensei, but it's rather awkward because then everyone will think it is something serious. If only I can manage a two minute breather once I get it. I'll be just fine.

I have previously went to two cardiologists about this. Once in Kuwait when I was 13 and the other in Canada at 18. The one in Kuwait ran a cardiograph, an x-ray, and took a blood sample only to reveal that I lacked iron. The one in Canada took a cardiograph, blood pressure about 6 times, asked me numerous questions, and gave me a physical ( BIG FAT AWKWARD MOMENT RIGHT HERE FOLKS!) to tell me there isn't anything he was able to find. He also added that if my heart palpitations appear more frequently than usual ( which is about 3 weaks apart) or if they stay for longer than usual ( which is about a minute when I stop what ever it is I am doing that's exerting effort) then I should visit the ER. well, that escalated quickly. from nothing visibly wrong to ER.
My sister has a friend who's studying nutrition. She says that Lack of Vitamin C is causing my defency in iron. and that is the cause of my heart palpitations.
bleh, i suppose eating fruits and veggies is good for u anyways.

Comment any suggestions,

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