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Friday, May 31, 2013

Most views

Woah, for the first time Russia has been surpassed! My most views are now from The U.S. followed by russia, then Germany.

Hollow (girl's talk)

Scumbag body woke me up at 10 am, right before I got my monthly visit, so that I can be fully awake for the excruciating pain.
Though first, I ate breakfast, then it was an uncomphy feeling in my core. That feeling was a simple foreboding of " you should've taken the damn pills when you were still able to stand". the discomfort grew into a numb pain then somehow escalated to mind numbing pain.
By then, my scumbag body decided to evacuate. When this happens, I usually fall asleep because I would be litterly drained of any source of energy. but not this time! This time, even after I got sick, I was still twisting and turning on bed, then on the couch, in which I asked my mom to bring me some pills, since i couldn't find them early on. She gave me two Ibuprofuns, and I almost had a heart attack when she told me I'll have to wait another hour until they take effect. I decided it would be best to do what I always end up doing in this situation: System shutdown. I went to mom's bed and half an hour of more twisting, turning, some curses and prayers, I fell asleep. Nothing makes the pain go away other than being unconscious.
I woke up at a bit past 2 pm, and I was perfectly asked me if I wanted to go eat the icecream now( it was being postponed for me) and I don't say no to ice-cream. Mom wanted to stay at home, because she missed sitting and doing nothing. That's how she often spends her free time.
So, dad took me and my sister to Sharq mall and we went to Haagen-Daz. They have really good ice-cream. I took a cone of Banana and caramel one. I love that one!
We saw some stray cats then went shopping for a gym bag for my mom. We settled on a big handbag and got it for half price. We then bought some roast beef meals from hardee's to eat at home. We also got mom an icecream too. We went home and ate all together. I think I took about 1,100 calories so far today. I'm not counting breakfast. I found a good site for calorie counts.
I still feel drowsy for some reason, and vacant and empty on the inside. To think birth is more painful, and longer too. I don't think I wanna give birth. Screw having babies, they're not worth it. I'll just get a cat.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Suzie's Problems

After I wake up from said nightmare, I followed my mom around the house like a duckling until she went to work. I think I creeped her out a bit, but it's okay. Dad didn't go to his office, he worked from his room.
I dropped a visit upstairs to grandma, cause I need to visit more often, and such. Ironically yesterday I told nor that I don't know what goes on around the house with my family. When I went upstairs, I discovered my third uncle is getting sued from his previous work. about 32000 $ Which is crappy. He didn't even know he was being sued until recently, apparently the final verdict is in 10 days or so. My dad's cousin,let's call her "Suzie", had come over to grandma for a visit. They just sat and complained to each other. From one setting, I knew most of Suzie's life, and I barely know that woman. Apparently, she has a boy in tenth grade who's not good in science subjects. Her daughter got divorced and she's still in university. Her older son didn't complete high school. and she herself is also divorced I think. Much more, but there are the rough guidelines. So odd, everyone has problems, that are absolutely horrendous. And then they judge each other on each other's lives as if there exists a person who has not felt pain. nyeah, I honestly think people should communicate from the pain they feel. It's an easy way to connect to people, but oh well.

for the fourth time in a row, I went to the gym downstairs. I havn't lost anything really, I'm not exceeding 55.7 kg though, which is not far from 56 in which i started. The maid is the one that motivates me to go because I have this habit of not  liking to say "no". she can't go on her own, and i wont be the one to stand in her way cause I get lazy.
Dad waited for me so we can eat together. It's funny he waited for me, but wouldn't at that family gathering. because he didn't wait to eat back then him and his brother arn't speaking. his brother's an asshole, so I don't really care, but I feel bad for dad. That also explains why his brother didn't come to visit me after I came from Canada. Don't wanna see him, his bish wife, or his asshole kids either. And trust me, number two in their family will require some therapy in the future.

Dana had a little party in class where they played in class, ate, and took pictures. So, I think she had fun. She also brought me a cupcake. It's sweet to know she does those things that me and my older sister used to do in her age. It makes me feel like she's on the right path, deep within her, is a sweet little girl. She was always sweet and kind. I'm the one that hated to share, and I still do. I almost cried when dad was gonna eat the piece of meat in my plate. 

Now dana is asleep on the couch. poor butthead.

Lolita Stabber

So today I woke up at 8 am because I had a nightmare about a little girl trying to kill me. That's over simplifying the events of the dream.
First, there was no murderer, there was me and my family talking over taxes and property, then I ducked my head under a tree branch and I felt something crawling on my head. There was a spider web on my hair, and small spiders creeping everywhere. I started panicking and it was just awful. Then somehow my dream drifts to some girls I know, Kira, a pink haired girl, and I think a little girl that resembles the blue haired girl from lucky star. somehow there has  been a series of murders, and we suspected it was the pink haired girl. As i was walking home, I see the other girl, the one that resembles lucky star, holding a knife in her hand. She slowly starts to insert the tip of the knife inside the back of her hand before I grab it and pull it away from her. I eventually wrestle it out of her, scolding her for such a heinous act. She manages to get other knives and attack me in exchange. Then, it dawns onto me that she was the murderer all along. My innocent looking young neighbor. I manage to throw the knives out into another room to buy myself time to run off, but she manages to retrieve one of them and run after me with it.

That was when I woke up, I never had a dream with someone chasing me with a knife before. I've had dreams of be being stabbed or my sister. Also a dream of being chased by a gunman. Lolita stabber was a first.

I've done some embroidery, and now I'm kinda sleepy.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Funny Japanese Fanta Commercials

          Nothing really special happened today so, here's a link me and Dana stumbled on in youtube that had us cracking up.

Hope you laugh as well,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Treadmill and Pudding

Our maid told me that her knee doesn't hurt her today from yesterday's workout. I kept asking her "seriously?" since i couldn't believe it. So, naturally we went to the treadmill today as well. Though her knee did start hurting her ten minutes through the workout. She took a small break then continues the 30 mins walk. She wanted to go as fast as me on it, but I told her not to. I mean, it's her second time using that thing, and the last thing I need is for her to trip and hurt another thing in her body. Maybe with time, she'll go faster on it. I also hope, the woman who kicked my little sis out of the gym wont see her either since the gym's for the building's residents. I also got my heart thing again, only this one was brief and not as fast, so I couldn't pull out my timer in time to measure my bpm.
Dana has went swimming in the little pool in the building and I'm just doing some laundry.
Grandma just called me, she told me to pick up the roz bi alhaleeb (rice in milk) she made for me. I suppose it's the same as rice pudding! Man, I used to really love it, until grandma started making so much for me that I had fed up. Now, since I haven't eaten it for a year, I kinda miss it. It's sweet of her to make something for me. She then scolded me a bit because she hasn't heard from me in a while. I can't really argue with that. Man, it's awkward at grandma's though. I suppose I can come by later on and watch t.v. with grandpa?

In memoir of Bosnia

I've just read a post on facebook about how people don't care for the Syrian civil war, and that history repeated it self by copying what happened in Bosnia 20 years ago. So, I did some research and I must admit what happened in Bosnia was much worse than what's happening in Syria. It was genocide, men being killed by the thousands and masjids being torn down, and women and children raped and murdered just because they're Muslim!

Some of you might say, oh no, that's not true. Well, please prove me wrong because I don't want to believe that a civil war broke out in the humanity loving Europe a mere 20 years ago only for the extermination of a religion. Wasn't nazi Germany enough? does history just continuously repeat it self? The Serbs just wanted their land to the christian orthodox, because their religion is their identity. and with the growth of Muslims in the country, they just decided to eliminate them. To put things in blunt words. How cruel.
And now in Syria, again, no one's giving a decent fuck to interfere. why? because it's a civil war. why, it's their business. that's like saying I know that that family is abusing their children, but we mustn't interfere with family!
And of course, I shall not forget Burma, who's people are suffering to this day, harassed and assaulted over their faith.
And for those atheists out there that will just go ahead and blame religion for anything and everything wrong in the world. Let me say this: this isn't just about religion, this is called greed. Greed over more land for their religion, yes. But no religion teaches to annihilate another faith.
This also explains the reason why Europe is flooded with Muslims now. Many Bosnian  Muslims must have tried to flee to other nearby countries. only to receive even more hatred there!

Monday, May 27, 2013

255 bpm

In one of my posts I said that my heart palpitations cause my heart to beat 90 per minute. That was absolute rubbish. I've had heart palpitations after I was done with my workout today and took the liberty of trying to measure it. If I was counting correctly, it was about 40 beats in 9.4 seconds. In other words, about 255 bpm. It took about a minute to go back to normal, but I had to sit down first and concentrate on breathing. I was already sweating, hot, and tired after the workout, so it felt like I was running out of breath once I got the palpitations. how annoying, and I have eaten watermelon, and cooked zucchini and grape leaves with tomato and cucumber salad yesterday, and the day before that our meal was mainly leafy. So, I was sure that was a decent amount of fruits and vegetables. Maybe still not a decent amount of vitamin C.

Anyways, I went back to the little gym room in the building with our maid. She wanted to walk half an hour on the treadmill so, I accompanied her, since I'm not sure she's allowed. My little sis got kicked out from there since the attendant doesn't want kids to come and ruin the already half broken gym. In total I burned about 200 calories. yey! that's like half a chocolate bar?

Sunday, May 26, 2013


I hate to lie, but I'm going to have to for mother's sake. Do I approve of it. HELL NO.

this is what's happened so far, my grandparents want to use my mother's massager stick thing. When I was in Canada, they have used it before, and didn't return it for two weeks. After mom kept asking for it, they finally returned it dirty. I have heard this from dana, the maid, and my mom. Unfortunately  I have been told a bit late, since I already lent them the massager twice before I knew of this.

Today, they asked the maid where it is, and she told them she doesn't know. When they asked about me I was sleeping. They called again to ask about me and even though i was awake, she told them im sleeping.
I cant be asleep forever though, the food is on the stove, and soon the maid will leave. I'm also certain that grandpa will come over to refill the water bottles once she leaves. He will know i'm awake when he sees that the stove is turned on, so I'll just hide in the bathroom and pretend to shower!

I have called mom, and she was wondering why i wasn't picking up the phone when she called back. I told her that I wanted to make sure she wasn't grandma. She asked why me and the maid are so afraid of her recently and I had to explain. Mom came up with a ridicules and horrible lie. She actually told me to tell them that she broke it. That she tried to use it last night and it wouldn't work so she threw it! what's worse, is that she told me to tell dad first. Since grandma will probably double check with her son. And since dad forgets his lies, mom told me to lie to him too. augh, what am i supposed to do now. call dad from work and casually tell him mom broke something last night? who the hell cares? He'll know im telling him for a reason.

Our awesome maid did come with a way better lie though. She said, I should just say that I don't know where it is. it seems that's her most frequent lie. I did hide it, technically no one knows where it is except me. I can just add to mom's lie. I can say that mom used it last night and I don't know where it is. I'll pretend to look for it in front of grandpa, or..wah...why can't I just say. mom doesn't want you to use her things anymore. They have no right to use it anyways. It isn't like they let mom borrow their electric vaccume when she asked for it.
My grandparents suck.


I just lied to my dad, and I feel so awful. I hate lying so much. I'm gonna keep whining on my mom to tell him what really happened. But first, we need our grandparents to forget about the stupid massager.

on other news my sister scored a nice 12/40 in math. I can't believe she did that. She actually failed her math exam at the age of 10. What the hell is her teacher doing in class? I thought I went over these things with Dana though, and my sister says she's confident about her answers. That her teacher couldn't understand her hand writing. My hand writing is worse than Dana, and I've never encountered that problem before. okay, once in university for an essay, but the teacher was the one who didn't read properly, and it got fixed. I want to talk to her teacher. I need to see that paper for myself!

As for the food, it's still on the stove. It's been almost 3 hours now. this food takes three hours to prepare and three hours to cook. makes you wanna kill yourself. I hope I don't burn it, or screw it up.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rolling Grape Leaves

Today I have went grocery shopping with Dad and Dana. It was a little awkward waiting for dad to return to the cashier, but he did inform her he wanted to get some money, and she said she'll wait. She had failed to inform the person waiting in line though. She merely told him to wait, then looked at me and had the audacity to ask me where's my dad. How should I know, im standing with you lady, you're the one who was talking to him. I still feel bad about the dude that was waiting.

When we came home, mom has returned from the pool. I'm so happy she's swimming now because she really needs to lose weight. The water is also helping her bad knee.

We heated the food and set the table and ate leftover food from yesterday plus the food we brought with us today.

later on, My mother and I rolled up and stuffed the Grape leaves with spiced rice and minced meat. It took us more than three hours to finish, I MAY NEVER ASK HER TO MAKE DAWALI AGAIN! it's too much work for something that gets eaten within 10 minutes. We worked so much, that our fingers got pruned and wrinkled. Then I had to wash my hands 5 or 6 times to get the green out of them. I ended up scrubbing them clean with a little brush.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Damn, i just took a helmet to the head.
My stupid sister just yelled CATCH then threw her helmet at me.
fucking annoying, so damn fucking annoying.

Friday, May 17, 2013

A visit from my aunt

I woke up to fatayer in the morning. Man, I'm just gonna keep getting fatter in this country. Okay, I promise, I'll eat less now! I'll write my food in here and call it food diary, starting tomorrow. That way, I'll have to stop being a bottomless pit!
I played Cranium with my mom, L, and Dana. We also played hangman, watched funny videos and then L's mother dropped by at night.
We served them some pastries, cake, juice, and of course Turkish coffee. It was pretty nice having visitors, though keeping my cousin and sister entertained for two days was somewhat exhausting.
I only kicked my sister out twice while preparing the little platters of food.
My parents decided to travel to Canada after all, they booked the tickets and everything. oh dear God. They were pretty persuasive  but I forgot to tell them i wanted it a one way. I don't wanna return to Canada next summer. I shall be busy.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A meeting with Nor

Today I met with Nor, my bff. She drove me to avenues with her car. So glad she has one now, and we ate at The Cheese Cake Factory.We only waited for five minutes to get a table! We took appetizers, main dish, and cheesecakes for dessert. For the main dish I had the bang bang chicken, which seemed like a Thai dish since it had peanuts and coconuts in it. It really was amazing, I loved it. me and Nor gossiped about everything. High school boys and girls, university classmates, our old principal, Kuwaities, Syrians, our families, and men. She even showed me an article in the newspaper. It said, there exists a school in Hawalli where it uses travel as a replacement for grades. Students are encouraged to travel to Dubai and London in exchange for grades. Yes, this described my school perfectly. I'm giving that bitch 2 years before her crappy school goes to ruins. May God have mercy on her misguided soul. That is true, I've lived it for several years. I did have the principal's assistance telling the students in class that they would have guaranteed As instead of taking the exams if they travel to London with the school. Of course it is over priced.
Nor also dropped me off to my house before sunset, and she took the creams I got for her, and even paid me double the amount for them. I told her i'll give her her change later on. I really hope i get to see her again before she travels to Egypt.
Meanwhile, none of my family took me out, invited me, or even simply and all I wanted, visit me. Any acknowledgment will do.
My cousin did drop by this morning, before I left with Nor. She entertained my sis who did not go to school because the weather was dusty. She came with her mom, but my aunt didn't come down to see me, she just stayed upstairs at her mothers. They will visit me tomorrow though, so I guess it doesn't matter. Finally, after two weeks of being here, my family will see me. ^_^ hehe. I hope she wont be a bitch like I remember her to be.
Me, Dana, and my cousin "L" played cranium thrice. we had one person be the neutral side each time, because we lack players. I also bought pizza and souflets from Domino's Pizza for dinner.
Dad came at 10 pm today from his business trip to Dubai. Everyone is asleep now, as I watch some classic anime on t.v.

alhamudilallah on everything,
Please comment your suggestions,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hetalia: Axis of Powers

I'm currently watching Hetalia with my little sister Dana. Since she hates to read the english subs, we decided to watch the dubs.
The stereotypes are so damn high!
it's a little difficult to understand the characters' accents, but It's a really funny show. I don't understand why each episode is five minutes long, or much about WW2 to understand most of these jokes, but I do enjoy the humor and stereotypes to the point that I wish an arabic country was there too, and an indian one. I don't understand why the main character is Italy either, when it was produced in Japan. Italy is adorable in both sub and dub <3.

Such an adorable country <3

on further news, there's a person out there who is actually reading my blog! 0.0
So far my most viewed is only 2 views! I think these people clicked my posts by accident.

Comment any Suggestions,

My Childhood Anime #3

So, I wake up with a sore neck after dreaming that I met Justin Beiber pretending I don't know him. He had such an odd face when I said that. But, he was really nice, a little arrogant yeah, but he was actually sweet in my dreams. lol I'm not  a fan of him nor a hater so it's a little strange that I would dream of him.

Our maid told me that grandma asked for mom's cook book and that she told her she doesn't know where the are. She then asked her to ask me and she told her I'm sleeping. Which was true, I was. But, I'm not gonna give the book to her. God knows it wont come back, and if it did. I don't know when or in what form. I really lost much respect for my grandma, then again, I don't think I liked her a lot as a child either.

On Spacetoon I watched an episode of :

9) Himitsu No Hanazono no (Eng: The Secret Garden) (Ar: الحديقة السرية) pub: (1991)

It is about a little girl named Mary that moves to her uncle's mansion. There she befriends a servant boy and his older sister. She later on befriends her crippled and arrogant cousin cole (collin) and trys to help him recover. Those kids discover the secret garden and try to liven it up again and discover the secrets that had occurred between its walls.

----cut off----

10) Sailor moon (1995)

Now, I never watched this in Arabic  In fact I watched this in Canada, but since I was under the age of ten, it was part of my childhood. I never had the chance to watch more than several episodes, but I still loved it, though I would never watch it again due to it being so boring. I had colouring books of Sailor moon and an action figure of sailor Neptune  I think this anime taught me what a lesbian was and the word "tiara".
It was about a girl, sailor moon  who was also some form of superhero. She had joined with other women to protect the earth. Or at least that's what I understood. They had to disguise themselves though, like every other superhero out there.

11) Bomberman B-daman Bakugaiden (Ar: بيدابول) pub: 1998

It was about B-da people who, were in another world and as most anime, fought the evil guys! Their way of fighting was to shoot B-da balls from their stomachs out to the enemy. I'm not sure how this was in Japanese or English, but in Arabic the main character's names were based on their colour. Red was hamraa, white was abyad, and black was aswad. Typically again, black used to be the evil, emo, angst, cool guy who eventually joins the good side.

I think I used to watch it for the sake of the really fun arabic theme song. My favorite thing about arabic dubs, to this day, is the creative theme songs they recreate.

Doraemon (Ar: عبقور) Pub: 1973

Now, this is a pretty famous anime worldwide. It is about a cat from the future who visits our boy protagonist (on the far left of the pic below) to warn him about the debt he will inherit to his grandchildren due to his behavior.  This cat, of course, is no ordinary cat. It is a cat with a magical pouch, anything can be pulled out of that thing. The cat, doraemon, helps the little boy overcome certain bad habits, escape trouble, and or face his problems. Very educational, though I think I was too young to really remember much of it all.

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Childhood Anime #2

I can't believe they have put three of my childhood animes on spacetoon. Why after midnight though? The nostalgia is bringing tears to my eyes.

First, Digimon (Ar: ابطال الديجيتال) was on. (1999)
It was the first season. I always thought it was somewhat similar to Pokemon.  It's about a group of kids who travel to another dimension. They possess little monsters and gadgets, who later upgrade throughout the series.

Second, was Tico of the Seven Seas (Ar: اسرار المحيط) h (1994)
Which is an anime about a young girl who is journeying with her dad and some friends on a boat, though now that I think about it, it was probably for scientific research or something. One of her friends is a killer whale. That anime taught me how whales give birth. I suppose that was a spoiler?

Now, the channel is playing the animated version of the Sound of Music called Trapp Family Story (Ar: لحن الحياة) published in (1991).
I loved that show! It's epic, somehow more so than the movie. I was just talking about it to Dana too. Oh, if only she didn't have school tomorrow. I would've dragged her out of her bed to watch with me!

Peace, comment and follow,


My older sister has informed me that she suspects her eczema are getting worse because of the carpet. Ever since we moved, her eczema has acted up, we thought it was the weather. I think she may be right. She told me we need to go back to Canada in August to look for another apartment. Of course I am not happy to switch apartments, and even unhappier that we might leave kuwait in Ramadan or Eid. I really wanted to spend the holidays with my family. How troublesome.
My sister also got angry at me on the phone for arguing against coming so early to canada. I didn't really argue, but I was wondering if it could be done after eid. She told me she was also angry at my lack of reaction. I understand what she requests but I don't know how I'm supposed to react more. Do I gasp in surprise at the news of the source of her agitation? or do It leap for joy that we will be moving again? Perhaps groan in despair at our situation? I don't understand what I'm supposed to do, so I like to play it safe and wait.
My younger sister did have a small fight with me from my lack of intimate behavior. She tells me that I don't tell her I miss her back, or that I love her back. I just find such situations awkward and I can't really miss her when i'm with her. She wants me to hug her more and listen and react more. I do listen but I suppose it's that I don't enjoy intimate interactions.

I think this is why my hair cut turned out to be such a mess. My passive behavior disallowed me to inform the barber that I wanted my hair shorter. To oppose to her when I heard the word orange. To express in better words exactly what I wanted of her.
It isn't that I don't react, or don't act. God knows i stared in shock at a woman's outfit turning back to gawk at her bright blue spanx. I suppose in these situations I feel free enough to do as I please, but with verbal communication. I feel as if i'm stepping on a landmine, anything and everything can be held against me, people can easily misunderstand me, and I have the habit of making bad things worse.

I really don't want to turn out to be like this Kasuga from Aku no Hana. Pathetic and psychotic.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's been one week since I came here

tossed my head to the side and wondered where's my family?

whoops, sorry i started this with a parody to a song. Truth is that so far, no one has come to visit me from my family. I don't count my grandparents, but I have two uncles, and an aunt. I guess my dad's aunts are too distant to care about dropping by. It's rather sad, we always visit whenever someone arrives to Kuwait. My dad has received a message or call from his sister, saying that she wanted to visit this weekend but her husband was tired so she postponed it. I also know that my second to youngest uncle has come to my grandma with his wife bringing dinner with him. We live in the same building, so why didn't call and drop by to see me? I think they just don't think I'm important enough. an 18 year old niece, who cares right? We saw her when our mother invited us all for dinner, right? We don't actually have to make plans and waste a whole day to go see her again, right? When her sister comes we will see them both together, right?
How disappointing. I suppose this is a part of growing up, to realize that your family weren't the family you had thought of back when. Nor, my best friend, has already talked to me on the phone, sent me messages, and apologizes several times for not being able to see me because this is her last month for this term. I know everything gets hectic around the last month, soon she will have her exams. never the less, she is trying to make plans to see me this Thursday, she might even drive me to avenues. It really is sad that my friend would ask about me before my family does.

 Speaking of which, me and her gossiped about a guy that was in our school. We looked at his Facebook profile and laughed and laughed and laughed after reading some of his posts and notes. We aren't very nice I suppose, but he is a real creep. She also showed me a nice pic of a girl I had hated and slapped in 10th grade. I remember she wanted to beat me up. The picture of her actually looked decent compared to how disgusting she is in real life. but, it has been three years since then.

Mom's famous mansaf

         Mom also made her famous mansaf dish. which is a Palestinian dish consisting of jmeed soaked irani, or flat bread. With a layer of Egyptian (jasmine) rice on top. Meat of lamb comes on top, then traditionally one would sprinkle some roasted nuts on top, but since my sister is allergic mom placed them on the side. More jmeed can also be poured on the steamed rice. Also, there was some leafs of fresh roquette/arugula on the side. This food, I love so much, mainly because it's traditionally eaten by hand. So,          it's fun to eat!

Comment questions that will be answered on the next post <3

Thank you for reading,

Hamra Resaurant

Yesterday, Friday  I went to avenues again. We went to the Hamra restaurant. The food was pretty great. I especially loved the sushi, the dolma and the date cake was ridiculous on how delicious it was. The presentation of the utensils was well done as well. My parents told me they ate at this restaurant in the Sheraton Hotel when they were engaged. Mom says the one at the hotel has a better main dish.
I also let Dana play with my hair at home, and I played with hers. We tried to make something funny and put it on the web, but I decided against it.

Alhamdulellah for everything.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Grand Avenues

I've lost one kilo for sure. I'm now 55 Kg which is still 2 or 3 kg more than i previously was.
My sister taught me the cup song yesterday, or at least the movements for them. hehe i know how to do something pretty cool now.
Me and Dana and Dad went to grand avenues today, which is pretty much an extension of avenues. It has a lot of new and fancy restaurants, a few old school buildings of kuwait. I suppose I should have taken photos, but I even told dad not to. It's just I didn't want to take photos in front of one of the restaurants just because the door and the decorations look cool. we aren't in a museum.
I've seen the new hijab trend in kuwait. Looks lame as hell, that not a lot are wearing it....yet. It looks somewhat like a turban, so that it wraps around the head, but then your neck shows, so they're pulling up their shirts to cover the necks.
We ate ice-cream at Haagen-Dazs, it was really pricey. I think we ordered the journey around the world, which consisted of 4 small ice-cream cups. each little ice-cream had something beneath it. one had fudge and chocolate syrup, one had two pieces of strawberry and strawberry sauce. two bananas were in the third and some caramel sauce. the other also had caramel with some waffles. The best ice-cream was the banana caramel one. I've never had it before, and the banana even though i don't particularly like it, tasted SWEET!
It appears there are more security in the mall than there is in any airport I've been to on my trip to kuwait. While standing, I was able to spot three different security men at different locations. Quite scary. Dad told me it was because of the murder incident that happened not too long ago. A group of men fought with a doctor over a parking place. Then later they purchased a knife from within the mall, and stabbed him. third degree murder, right there. freaky, sad and ridiculous.
We then walked for a little bit and went back home.
I played around with dana at home, fought a little with her, then played again. She went to sleep now, my little fluffy sister.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Arabic InuYasha

I was really surprised to see Inuyasha on spacetoon action today. Isn't it a little late to start dubbing the show now though? After all I did start watching Inuyasha in English at the age of ten, which means it was out in Japanese several years before that.
So, I was watching episode 9 of Inuyasha it was the first time they met Shippo, the little fox boy. I noticed that they censored Kagome's legs. They made them green to look like leggings. I think it's a pretty cute idea, I mean, Why does the girl have to always be half naked. Question is, will they also censor Kohaku? since his outfit is even shorter than that of kagome? Will they even surpass the first 20 episodes? I hope they do, this is quite interesting. The dubbing isn't so bad actually. Kagome sounds as annoying as ever, shippo is a little annoying too, and inuyasha sounds alright, not as great as the english or japanese but it's acceptable. As for the name pronunciation, it was very sad.

kagome = Kajoomi
Inuyasha = Inyasha
Shippo= Sheebo

This motivates me to become a voice actress just so I can pronounce names correctly. and put more emotion into those screams, and grunts and words.
They also censored boyfriend to relative in that episode. that was pretty funny too. The background music was really low, that it's barely there. now i didnt like how loud it usually is, but I would still like to actually hear it.

I'll give the dubbing a nice 7/10 lol for effort.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Haircut and Hairdye

So, I've went to the hair salon tonight with my mom and Dana. I wanted to cut my hair really short, and dye it's tips red. kinda like this
or this 
but with actually red hair, not that shade of orange.

I told her I want my hair to be cut to about my ear and that i want it dyed red, but not hot red, darker shade. And that i only wanted the tips dyed.
My hair ended up longer than my sisters hair before she even cut hers, and the colour is a mixture of both reds in this picture. at least the dye job wasn't that ugly. But the hair cut wasn't special at all, she only layered it and I wanted to look special. I suppose having my hair super short after having it long for a while might put me into shock. Oh well, I'm happy with the change, but I was left unsatisfied. She even threw a comment on her hands getting dirty because of the hair dye. I dunno why i apologized, all I know is I just felt like I want it done and over with so I can leave. I didn't even care how I wanted my hair anymore. Customer service is seriously important people.

I think I might cut it again before I go back to Canada, so, any ideas on what would look good on a girl WITHOUT a straightener and a hairdryer?
Even if it might not suit my face, skin colour, or hair type; it might give me ideas.
so, Any hair suggestions?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Second Day in Kuwait

So far, there has not been many fights and that makes m so happy. After I woke up today I weighed my self. I'm shocked to say that I have gained about 3 kg. I've never weighed this heavy in my life, I'm now 56 kg! for a 5''2 girl that's pretty heavy. The weird thing is that I don't know where the weight went! I guess a kilo went to my tummy, but I don't know where the others went. maybe ive belt up some muscles from all that walking and karate? After all mom did say my calves and shins look thicker. hmm, no matter, I will inshallah work on losing that excess weight!
We went out today to sharq mall or somthing, to exchange Dana's dress. fluffy thing is growing up. Dad almost got ina fight with us because we left the house at 12 and grandma's lunch was at 2 o'clock. but we did make it in time. We ate kebab and barbecued food and what not. also kobba and little wrapped up msakhan. I love food.
I played ps2 with dana again, and dad also played with us. I love it when dad plays with us, I'm happy he's interacting with Dana.
I did take a nap today too, for some reason at 5 or 7 pm i get drowsy.
Dana has sleep tomorrow and to get her to sleep, I played her some Quran. She didn't mind much, in fact she seemed to enjoy the stories i tell her. I guess she's old enough to understand some of the religion stories now. how adorable, my little sister is growing up to be a fine lady, but she has so much to know. She still doesn't fully know Jesus's story yet. She told me dad told her about it, but i don't know if she really remembers it. She also didn't know how the Quran was passed down from God. I really do wonder what they take in school. Religion can be SO MUCH FUN to learn, because most of it is story telling time! So much can be learned from the adventures and lives of others!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Jet Lag

As the title says, I have  had jet lag today. I was in a bit of a daze during the day. We ate fatayer at noon. I love those. I ate two, one with cheese stuffing and one with spinach. I called my family in Kuwait, relatively close ones. I also went upstairs to grandma out of courtesy. She fed me watermelon and we talked about religion. I don't recall talking about anything with grandma before. Her sister didn't pick her phone, she then called us back, and when Dana picked up she hung up on her. Or so, this is what I believe happened. I finished the namoora that mommy made after I took a 45 minute nap. I was exhausted. I showed my little sister the two games I got her. She was so happy! me and Dana played against mom and dad too. mom kicked my ass, and so did Dad and Dana. mom was funny because she kept cursing. "up your ass" "ya hmara" and "abooke (your father) at wich my dad stared at her in surprise laughing. It was tons of fun. Dad was looking for a man with a sword, then he even loosened up and played with a girl with a blade hoop. We all laughed so much, I hope these things last.
Tomorrow is gonna be scary because my grandma has invited many people over for lunch tomorrow. I don't know how tomorrow will end.

First Day in Kuwait

I have already met bitches at the airport, but to be fair I have met some pretty decent Kuwaitis too. Like that woman who walked me to the visa counter. The security in kuwait was kinda funny. The man said I had a round object in my bag and asked me to show it. I told him its a piggy bank. He wanted to see for himself anyways, and when he did he apologized and told me to go on. XD lol, he didn't have to apologize, it's his job.
Meeting my parents was AWESOME. I ate stuffed pepper and everyone is so nice to me so far and everything is great, now im just scared of meeting my other family. Like grandma, and aunts and uncle...dun dun duuuh. I also need to call Nor. :3 hehehe

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Second day of Travel

I will probably close the laptop now to conserve my battery so I can play some games on the airplane. I can't believe I'll finally see my family after 8 months! I shall also look for a bathroom and a money exchange thingy! I am determined to seek my ramen to the end! if not, then sushi shall suffice! or just save my money and wait until I get more yummy airplane food. I hope I get something as yummy as the salmon. I never thought fish would look more appetizing than chicken! I don't even eat salmon xD but it tasted kick ass. It was sample size smoked salmon with maccaroni and some pink orange sauce that had this light taste to it. it was refreshing, but not filling. -_- and this is coming from an 18 year old (average sized)girl after she ate the bread and cheese, the spicy potatoe salad (not  too great) and the little pretend chocolate cake.
The good news is, I had window seats, but that makes it hard to go to the bathroom and pray and walk and such, the bathroom!

----cut off because internet died----

I walked out of the bathroom stall and thank God I hadnt fixed my hijab yet because before I know it A man walks out of the neighboring stall. We stare at eachother for a moment before I ask him if I was in the wrong bathroom. He looks at me, without any shame and informs me in Dutch that no, I'm correct. (now i dont know Dutch, but facial expressions and gestures go a long way). He leaves the bathroom, and I wait for a bit before checking for myself. Ir turns out he was still outside, and as I look at the signs, he talks to me again in dutch. And I understood him perfectly, I believe he was saying, "don't worry, you're in the right bathroom" I then laugh and answer him that i was just checking and I walked back in. I can't blame him for that mistake, considering that both bathrooms are litterly right next to eachother with the men's sign between the two doors. I blame the person who hanged those signs. PUT THEM ON THE DOOR! geesh!

I did get to eat my ramen afterall, the noodles itself tasted great, nice and slippery just like naruto eats them! The seaweed in my bowl was absolutly disgusting. I suppose my mom is right about saying "food is a habit". The meso sauce tasted like salty broth, but thicker.To be honest, the best part about my meal was the half boiled egg in it. It didn't look too fancy either, because I ordered the veggie kind. It was the cheapest. I payed in canadian dollars, but my change was in euro. My dad will not be happy, but I am! :D

Boarding was in another three hours and so to pass time by; I decided to rest on one of the reclined seats. I curled on my side for warmth and comfort and after some time I drifted off.  I was startled awake by an unfamiliar weight resting on my side and from a voice calling out repeatedly from behind me “"لو سمحتي... (excuse me…) was all I was able to comprehend. My hand quickly rose up to wipe the small trail of drool beginning to form at the left corner of my mouth. I then turned to face the source of the voice and in my deliria I retorted to his calls with an apology followed by a “thank you, it’s ok” once I realized there was a folded airplane blanket on me. I looked up at him. Who was this guy? Is he talking to me? Do I know him? All these questioned rushed through my half-awakened mind as I tried to focus my eyes on his features. I wasn't wearing my glasses, but he was close enough for me to notice that he was a young man with wavy brown hair that reached just below his ears. “ "تفضلي was another word I was able to make out from him. So polite. He left me no time to protest as he walked behind the resting chair I was on and walked away. I hastily turned again in my seat to face him, but he was already a few feet away. He did not turn once to look back at me. I sat there dumbfounded beneath the folded blanket, just staring at his back become fussier and fussier. Snickers and giggles intruded on my thoughts. I turned my head to the suppressed laughter of two Dutch couples who seemed to have witnessed it all. I started laughing as well from embarrassment and from the surreal situation I just experienced.

----Plane from Amsterdam to Kuwait----

I am very glad that my sister sent me a last minute message informing me that the reason why my flight will take ten hours instead of your typical 6 or 7 is because it will stop at a country before Kuwait. 
Indeed she was right, I am typing from Dammam, KSA. My intestines have been making a lot of noises during the flights. I think my intestines are not absorbing the water properly. oh, and I had another window seat. Take J guys =D J is a window seat, I suppose A is too. I think people already know this information. I can't say I'm happy going to Kuwait. I have to deal with all these people that I don't specifically like. It will be difficult as it is always, to be surrounded by arrogance and ignorance. A beautiful combination, unfortunatly, home wont be an escape either because my family has arrogant ignorant buttheads too.
Now I shall stretch my legs for a little bit, before the plane is full.
Don't be afraid to comment <3


In Amsterdam's Airport

YES! I am amazed at my capabilities to find free WiFi. I suppose it is known to many that it exists in all airports, but not me!
I am now in the NETHERLANDS and my final flight will depart in six hours. This is by far my favorite airport. I was able to find my gate in less than 10 minutes because the signs and directions were ever so clear, plus I only had to ask once in here and she was the only help I needed this far.
I have been wanting to do something in this airport for YEARS and it is to eat at the ramen shop. I have actually found it too, but alas, it is closed. I'm not sure if it's permanently closed, I certainly hope not!
I also don't have euro, so I don't know how I will pay for this. I've been told not use my visa, because I will be charged extra. I only have two euros, and I think that is insufficient. I don't know where to find money exchange, but inshallah I will. I don't know where the prayer room is yet either, but I still have plenty of time before it is time to pray.
The bad news are, my laptop will only last a maximum of 3 hours. I suppose I can enjoy an hour of internet, eh?

Much love,
from the Netherlands <3

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

At Toronto's Airport

I managed to get internet from the airport, and I also found a plug to charge my laptop. So glad!
But I'm much more happier with the fact that I've made it this far flying solo.  ^-^
Driver Dave's company drove me to the airport. it was weird, the driver looked  my age, he was nice, but using your ipad and iphone at the same time while waiting for the green light is not okay. I was in the front seat here!
I had problems with my tickets at the very beginning in Halifax. It was awful, something about them not being able to find my ticket or something? then they didnt know if I could get any luggage with me even though I was flying on KLM! they also said it might not make it to kuwait, and might get stuck in Amsterdam. but the worst problem was them not finding my ticket! my dad had my previous flight at 3:10 pm and he changed it to 9 :00 am from Halifax to Toronto. This way i would buy some time, because the next flight is at 5:30 pm. Augh, after an hour of talking to delta express online, and negotiating with the boarding people, we managed to reissue my ticket and actually find it! isn't the system grand!
I had a crappy seat though, I was in the middle seat between a silent man, and a friendly lady =D
i ended up resting on the table in front of me, because i didn't know where to put my head anymore.
I'm not waiting at the gate in Toronto waiting to be boarded. to be honest, I can't wait to eat. I am sooooo hungry, and all I have with me are sweet sugary snacks like bars and caramel covered chocolate >_<. those things do not taste good. I also ate the whole bag of cubed wafers =D i love those little guys.
I think boarding has started, but I shall wait another fifteen minutes until the line ceases.
Alhamdulellah everything is going smoothly, I even prayed on time, so no need to worry about that.
I also hope I can buy some ramen from Amsterdam, I don't know if I'm correct about that or not, and I don't know if my Canadian money will purchase anything for me in europe, but one can try!
alright, just 2 more planes, just 30 more hours...ohoho ToT

much love <3