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Monday, May 27, 2013

255 bpm

In one of my posts I said that my heart palpitations cause my heart to beat 90 per minute. That was absolute rubbish. I've had heart palpitations after I was done with my workout today and took the liberty of trying to measure it. If I was counting correctly, it was about 40 beats in 9.4 seconds. In other words, about 255 bpm. It took about a minute to go back to normal, but I had to sit down first and concentrate on breathing. I was already sweating, hot, and tired after the workout, so it felt like I was running out of breath once I got the palpitations. how annoying, and I have eaten watermelon, and cooked zucchini and grape leaves with tomato and cucumber salad yesterday, and the day before that our meal was mainly leafy. So, I was sure that was a decent amount of fruits and vegetables. Maybe still not a decent amount of vitamin C.

Anyways, I went back to the little gym room in the building with our maid. She wanted to walk half an hour on the treadmill so, I accompanied her, since I'm not sure she's allowed. My little sis got kicked out from there since the attendant doesn't want kids to come and ruin the already half broken gym. In total I burned about 200 calories. yey! that's like half a chocolate bar?

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