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Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's been one week since I came here

tossed my head to the side and wondered where's my family?

whoops, sorry i started this with a parody to a song. Truth is that so far, no one has come to visit me from my family. I don't count my grandparents, but I have two uncles, and an aunt. I guess my dad's aunts are too distant to care about dropping by. It's rather sad, we always visit whenever someone arrives to Kuwait. My dad has received a message or call from his sister, saying that she wanted to visit this weekend but her husband was tired so she postponed it. I also know that my second to youngest uncle has come to my grandma with his wife bringing dinner with him. We live in the same building, so why didn't call and drop by to see me? I think they just don't think I'm important enough. an 18 year old niece, who cares right? We saw her when our mother invited us all for dinner, right? We don't actually have to make plans and waste a whole day to go see her again, right? When her sister comes we will see them both together, right?
How disappointing. I suppose this is a part of growing up, to realize that your family weren't the family you had thought of back when. Nor, my best friend, has already talked to me on the phone, sent me messages, and apologizes several times for not being able to see me because this is her last month for this term. I know everything gets hectic around the last month, soon she will have her exams. never the less, she is trying to make plans to see me this Thursday, she might even drive me to avenues. It really is sad that my friend would ask about me before my family does.

 Speaking of which, me and her gossiped about a guy that was in our school. We looked at his Facebook profile and laughed and laughed and laughed after reading some of his posts and notes. We aren't very nice I suppose, but he is a real creep. She also showed me a nice pic of a girl I had hated and slapped in 10th grade. I remember she wanted to beat me up. The picture of her actually looked decent compared to how disgusting she is in real life. but, it has been three years since then.

Mom's famous mansaf

         Mom also made her famous mansaf dish. which is a Palestinian dish consisting of jmeed soaked irani, or flat bread. With a layer of Egyptian (jasmine) rice on top. Meat of lamb comes on top, then traditionally one would sprinkle some roasted nuts on top, but since my sister is allergic mom placed them on the side. More jmeed can also be poured on the steamed rice. Also, there was some leafs of fresh roquette/arugula on the side. This food, I love so much, mainly because it's traditionally eaten by hand. So,          it's fun to eat!

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