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Sunday, May 26, 2013


I hate to lie, but I'm going to have to for mother's sake. Do I approve of it. HELL NO.

this is what's happened so far, my grandparents want to use my mother's massager stick thing. When I was in Canada, they have used it before, and didn't return it for two weeks. After mom kept asking for it, they finally returned it dirty. I have heard this from dana, the maid, and my mom. Unfortunately  I have been told a bit late, since I already lent them the massager twice before I knew of this.

Today, they asked the maid where it is, and she told them she doesn't know. When they asked about me I was sleeping. They called again to ask about me and even though i was awake, she told them im sleeping.
I cant be asleep forever though, the food is on the stove, and soon the maid will leave. I'm also certain that grandpa will come over to refill the water bottles once she leaves. He will know i'm awake when he sees that the stove is turned on, so I'll just hide in the bathroom and pretend to shower!

I have called mom, and she was wondering why i wasn't picking up the phone when she called back. I told her that I wanted to make sure she wasn't grandma. She asked why me and the maid are so afraid of her recently and I had to explain. Mom came up with a ridicules and horrible lie. She actually told me to tell them that she broke it. That she tried to use it last night and it wouldn't work so she threw it! what's worse, is that she told me to tell dad first. Since grandma will probably double check with her son. And since dad forgets his lies, mom told me to lie to him too. augh, what am i supposed to do now. call dad from work and casually tell him mom broke something last night? who the hell cares? He'll know im telling him for a reason.

Our awesome maid did come with a way better lie though. She said, I should just say that I don't know where it is. it seems that's her most frequent lie. I did hide it, technically no one knows where it is except me. I can just add to mom's lie. I can say that mom used it last night and I don't know where it is. I'll pretend to look for it in front of grandpa, or..wah...why can't I just say. mom doesn't want you to use her things anymore. They have no right to use it anyways. It isn't like they let mom borrow their electric vaccume when she asked for it.
My grandparents suck.


I just lied to my dad, and I feel so awful. I hate lying so much. I'm gonna keep whining on my mom to tell him what really happened. But first, we need our grandparents to forget about the stupid massager.

on other news my sister scored a nice 12/40 in math. I can't believe she did that. She actually failed her math exam at the age of 10. What the hell is her teacher doing in class? I thought I went over these things with Dana though, and my sister says she's confident about her answers. That her teacher couldn't understand her hand writing. My hand writing is worse than Dana, and I've never encountered that problem before. okay, once in university for an essay, but the teacher was the one who didn't read properly, and it got fixed. I want to talk to her teacher. I need to see that paper for myself!

As for the food, it's still on the stove. It's been almost 3 hours now. this food takes three hours to prepare and three hours to cook. makes you wanna kill yourself. I hope I don't burn it, or screw it up.


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