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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lolita Stabber

So today I woke up at 8 am because I had a nightmare about a little girl trying to kill me. That's over simplifying the events of the dream.
First, there was no murderer, there was me and my family talking over taxes and property, then I ducked my head under a tree branch and I felt something crawling on my head. There was a spider web on my hair, and small spiders creeping everywhere. I started panicking and it was just awful. Then somehow my dream drifts to some girls I know, Kira, a pink haired girl, and I think a little girl that resembles the blue haired girl from lucky star. somehow there has  been a series of murders, and we suspected it was the pink haired girl. As i was walking home, I see the other girl, the one that resembles lucky star, holding a knife in her hand. She slowly starts to insert the tip of the knife inside the back of her hand before I grab it and pull it away from her. I eventually wrestle it out of her, scolding her for such a heinous act. She manages to get other knives and attack me in exchange. Then, it dawns onto me that she was the murderer all along. My innocent looking young neighbor. I manage to throw the knives out into another room to buy myself time to run off, but she manages to retrieve one of them and run after me with it.

That was when I woke up, I never had a dream with someone chasing me with a knife before. I've had dreams of be being stabbed or my sister. Also a dream of being chased by a gunman. Lolita stabber was a first.

I've done some embroidery, and now I'm kinda sleepy.

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