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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rolling Grape Leaves

Today I have went grocery shopping with Dad and Dana. It was a little awkward waiting for dad to return to the cashier, but he did inform her he wanted to get some money, and she said she'll wait. She had failed to inform the person waiting in line though. She merely told him to wait, then looked at me and had the audacity to ask me where's my dad. How should I know, im standing with you lady, you're the one who was talking to him. I still feel bad about the dude that was waiting.

When we came home, mom has returned from the pool. I'm so happy she's swimming now because she really needs to lose weight. The water is also helping her bad knee.

We heated the food and set the table and ate leftover food from yesterday plus the food we brought with us today.

later on, My mother and I rolled up and stuffed the Grape leaves with spiced rice and minced meat. It took us more than three hours to finish, I MAY NEVER ASK HER TO MAKE DAWALI AGAIN! it's too much work for something that gets eaten within 10 minutes. We worked so much, that our fingers got pruned and wrinkled. Then I had to wash my hands 5 or 6 times to get the green out of them. I ended up scrubbing them clean with a little brush.

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