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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Suzie's Problems

After I wake up from said nightmare, I followed my mom around the house like a duckling until she went to work. I think I creeped her out a bit, but it's okay. Dad didn't go to his office, he worked from his room.
I dropped a visit upstairs to grandma, cause I need to visit more often, and such. Ironically yesterday I told nor that I don't know what goes on around the house with my family. When I went upstairs, I discovered my third uncle is getting sued from his previous work. about 32000 $ Which is crappy. He didn't even know he was being sued until recently, apparently the final verdict is in 10 days or so. My dad's cousin,let's call her "Suzie", had come over to grandma for a visit. They just sat and complained to each other. From one setting, I knew most of Suzie's life, and I barely know that woman. Apparently, she has a boy in tenth grade who's not good in science subjects. Her daughter got divorced and she's still in university. Her older son didn't complete high school. and she herself is also divorced I think. Much more, but there are the rough guidelines. So odd, everyone has problems, that are absolutely horrendous. And then they judge each other on each other's lives as if there exists a person who has not felt pain. nyeah, I honestly think people should communicate from the pain they feel. It's an easy way to connect to people, but oh well.

for the fourth time in a row, I went to the gym downstairs. I havn't lost anything really, I'm not exceeding 55.7 kg though, which is not far from 56 in which i started. The maid is the one that motivates me to go because I have this habit of not  liking to say "no". she can't go on her own, and i wont be the one to stand in her way cause I get lazy.
Dad waited for me so we can eat together. It's funny he waited for me, but wouldn't at that family gathering. because he didn't wait to eat back then him and his brother arn't speaking. his brother's an asshole, so I don't really care, but I feel bad for dad. That also explains why his brother didn't come to visit me after I came from Canada. Don't wanna see him, his bish wife, or his asshole kids either. And trust me, number two in their family will require some therapy in the future.

Dana had a little party in class where they played in class, ate, and took pictures. So, I think she had fun. She also brought me a cupcake. It's sweet to know she does those things that me and my older sister used to do in her age. It makes me feel like she's on the right path, deep within her, is a sweet little girl. She was always sweet and kind. I'm the one that hated to share, and I still do. I almost cried when dad was gonna eat the piece of meat in my plate. 

Now dana is asleep on the couch. poor butthead.

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