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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A comback

My cousin has been a douche bag on facebook recently. I don't honestly wanna explain it, but he's being really rude and insensitive.
Mom has told him off in a comment, yeah that's how serious it is, that mom took offense from his posts. and his reply started with something like this "I'm sorry that you cannot see beyond  your feet"
so, I wanna say this "If you think my mom can't see beyond her feet, then you cant see what's out of your ass."
of course mom will NEVER let me post something like this since it is impolite and beneath me.

So here it is.

I wonder if this is why she was arguing with dad at 8 am in the morning telling him that his nephew has not been properly raised and that he's rude. It woke me up and I have to say, She's absolutely right. He's a 24 year old child.

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