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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Attack on Titans' Similarity to Palestine

Attack on Titans reminds me too much of the Gaza strip. Specially the first episode,  to the point I didn't want to watch it anymore just because of that. You see, Gaza is also surrounded by a wall.

40 ft high wall around Gaza strip

Wall to keep out the Titans
 It has been built to keep the Palestinians in, rather than the israeli's out. It's part of the discrimination that goes on there. It is not acknowledged as a war, but It is a fight and struggle between the Palestinians, and the israeli soldiers. Every once in a while, Israel launches an attack on the people within the wall, much like those big naked things randomly attack the people within the walls in Attack on Titans.

 Attack from Israel

Attack from Titans
Similarly, in my perspective, they kill people, children, women, men, and they also destroy buildings and cause a lot of damage. In the anime, the people within the wall feel trapped within it, unsure of what's the world outside is like anymore. I have never been to Palestine, yet, but I can imagine how after 65 years of being robbed from their lands, the Palestinians would feel trapped as well.  The people within the walls in the anime, like the Palestinians, are not necessarily defenseless, but they are at a disadvantage because they're not as strong or equipped, and many losses are made in order to destroy one titan! Mothers die in front of their children the way Eren witnessed his mothers death, others go missing probably taken as prisoners, and the rest are perhaps oblivious to the damage because they are not fighting it directly.

Wah, such a touchy subject for me, but I have continued watching Attack on titans, as I am now. It's funny that it all depends on the perspective one person is in to decide which is "right" and which is "wrong". In anime, the prespective is always from that of the weak, the bullied, the victims, in real life it's quite the opposite. the media will always display the arabs as wrong, simply because they wish not to intervene with Israel. Let them slaughter away the way they have been for 65 years.

Did you know that there's an israeli solider who murdered an israeli citizen because he heard him say "allahu Akhbar" (God is greatest) . You see, the solider mistook the israeli as a palestinian, and since they were in Jerusalem, he killed him.
Thats palestine right now. It's not even a war, it's genocide. Push the people within a wall, a prison. Deprive them of certain needs, humiliate them, make simple daily things like going to school and work a jihad (struggle) for them. Then play the victim whenever they fight back and try to defend themselves.

In Canada, I've talked to an israeli sales girl. She used to be a solider, and it probably slipped out of her tounge when she told me that her friend killed a boy because he threatened her with a toy gun. you see she was trying to convince me that killing my people was okay. this is more or less how the conversation took place as I remember it:
me: a boy?! a little boy?! your friend killed a child?!
her: no, no, not a boy.
me: you just said a boy.
her: I meant man, you know, a dude, a man with penis, you know penis, balbool (yeah she had to also translate to arabic), not a small kid.
me: but you said he had a toy gun!
her: yeah! and he was pointing it at her and telling her he was going to kill her! (as in the boy was threatening her, since you know soliders cant tell the difference between real and fake guns)
me: you're friend killed a little boy!
her: no! it was a man.

The conversation continued like that, and she kept trying to justify her friend's actions and her countries actions, and...nothing made since to me. She was sweating a lot, and she was talking rubbish.
She really wanted me to believe a grown man was holding  a toy gun, and threatening to kill a solider with it? Why would a grown man hold a toy gun? and even if he threatened to kill her, shouldn't she at least aim for less vital spots?

No regard for life.
May God be with the Palestinians and all the bullied people around the world.


  1. OMG if you continue watching or reading the manga, the similarities become undeniable!!!

  2. I couldnt read all these and couldnt see 1. and 2. photo ,but the reality is Attack on "Titans' Similarity to Palestine" is exist.

  3. no other people realize these...