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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Birthday Plans

I'm getting dressed now to pick my sister up from the airport.

My parents also bought things for Dana's birthday, which is in a few days. Mom is planning to take us to a house on the beach ( it's a two day rent) as a present for herself and for Dana. I think it's near the hotel, so breakfast may be included in the offer. There will also be an outdoor swimming pool for ladies only! THANK YOU GOD! I want to get a tan badly, not sure why, i just want to get darker. There should also be other little fun things to do like going to the beach and jet skiing and arcades. I think half of those are not for free, but oh well.
Inshallah we will have fun! I'm looking forward to it, I just hope my sisters and dad don't make problems. They can get somewhat whiny, annoying and boring if there's something they don't like. I'm usually more up to things and so is my mom and younger sister, but my younger sister is only a child so that's why she might get annoying, other than that she's pretty open minded too.
Other one is too self conscious about her body because she has eczema and dad is just selfish, so if he's not up to something he'll make a fuss. He already made a fuss about the price of all of this to mom.

Mom was initially planning to take my brother's sister and her family, and take his parents too on the basis that the more the merrier and we have four bedrooms in the house.
But, since when we went to my aunt's house and Dana has been left out in most convos because my cousins are teenagers, and adults now. They're also not very fun to hang out with, I mean i went to the amusement park with them and they chickened out of many games.
 I also remember what aunt did to mom last year, i hold grudges (look it up in another post). And i'm sure they wouldn't really return the favor either if they had the money.  Mom also ranted to me about why can't we just be a normal family who hangs out together and what not. I agree with her, it's kind of sad.
My cousins weren't always broke, they used to have great games, and they used to hide it from us when we used to come over as children, and mom has heard a word or two from dad's sister before too, but mom only tells me such stories once every blue moon, that way it somewhat stays imprinted in my mind due to shock.

Inshallah everything goes well in the weekend, and that we have loads and loads of fun! >o<

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