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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The amazing Race

Dad had a business trip to Oman tonight, but he took my laptop charger instead of his.
His flight leaves at 9 and it was 7:30 at the time. now you probably think that's a lot of time, but truth is boarding is usually an hour earlier, the way to the airport is about 30 minutes with all of the traffic in Kuwait, and we are two hijabi women! mom called dad's youngest brother (who currently resides in this building) to drop the charger off, but he said he left his ID at work. So, mom and I got dressed in like five minutes, yes this is exactly when the abaya (black cloak/dress many muslim women wear) comes in handy. we just threw that on our pjs, wrapped a hijab on, and slipped any shoes on and were on our way to the car. Mom isn't very sure of the way, but with the small help of the navigating system we made it. Mom didn't bother parking, she just stopped for a second so I can jump out and run inside. Problem then was, how do we deliver it to dad when he has surpassed the check point? My dad talked to an indian worker from the inside, and I talked to a kuwaity police officer from the outside. But, my officer couldn't leave his post. After those two talked the charger was safely delivered. Yey! thank you to the little people who do their jobs!

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