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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wake up

Mom woke me up today with this sentence "___, go get dressed"
so I asked "why?"
"dad's taking you to the doctor" she answered. I sat up suddenly and asked her "what the hell is wrong with me?" Then she explained that it's for a check up.
Man, she scared me. I guess my parents are not convinced there isn't anything wrong with me, I thought they put the heart palpitation subject to rest.
I got dressed, and went with dad to the nearby hospital, but it turned out the doctor dad wanted was on vacation, and no one else was in today. We went to the supermarket instead. Bought many things, including cheese fatayer. They were yummy.
I also just burned myself draining the fettuccine. It's swollen, I personally think I burned so quickly because I shaved, my skin gets really sensitive after I shave.

---cut off---

We decided to go after Isha prayer to Marina mall to play a bit in some arcade games while my parents drink some coffee.
We ended up going to aunt's house, and wait at their home to greet their children who have come back from Egypt.
It wasn't that fun, but being around family lifts up the spirits.
We ate some bad tasting cheesecake. AUGH!

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