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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Mommy is soooo adorable! She commented on my video that I put on youtube and wrote "I like it LOL :)".

Hehe, she made me so happy. :)

I also painted my nails again only this time, double colours: gold and bronze. They kind of glitter, sorry for the crappy picture.

     I didn't get to go with my uncle today. He didn't call but dad told me he had plans with his friends. I'm actually not that disappointed because, later on my stomach started hurting me. 

     We also ate awama. Again, it's basically deep fried dough in ah-tter (sugar syrup). The dough is in the shape of a sphere, and when it's cooked it's golden and crispy on the outside, while chewy and soft on the inside.
Mom is awesome at it but failed today, because it was too crispy and hard.

Fun Fact: In the egyptian Dialog Awama is called "lomat al-adi", while in the gulf dialog it is called "Lgaimat".

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