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Friday, July 19, 2013


Today was the first time I ever tried rolling cabbages.

 This is a middle eastern dish, from countries such as palestine, jordan, lebanon and syria. I'm not too sure about the others.

The cabbage is boiled first, then left to cool down. The stuffing is made out of minced meat and spiced rice ( The usual stuffing, I assume).
Mom called me to cut off the hard veins of the leaves and the stems so that she can do the rolling.
It's much faster than rolling the grape leaves because cabbages are bigger and harder, and we don't have to be as neat.
I naturally finished what I was supposed to do before mom, so I figured I'd help with the rolling while I'm at it. I've never tried this before and I got scolded several times by mom.
She told me to "make it more symmetrical!", "roll against the veins not with the veins", and"what's that dangling from the cabbage? it looks like a manhood, cut it off!"
She also said my cabbages look more like carrots because they're thick from one side and thin from the other.
But, i think I did pretty well, she repeated only a few after me.

Only a few minutes before we can eat and the food smells so amazing >o< 

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