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Monday, July 15, 2013

More Drama

I gained a whole kilo since Ramadan started. That info is seriously depressing, I understand how those girls that are obsessed about diets and fat feel now.
I'm going to try my best to only eat one small thing at Suhoor (meal before we fast) and to eat half of what I eat in Iftar (meal that breaks the fast, literally: breakfast).
I have also stopped exercising in the mornings, so I'm blaming that as well. I'm going to try to work out at home an hour before Iftar.

Dad's situation has not improved, it only made us detest our grandma. Dad honestly thinks that that's how old people are, and I don't recall my mother's parents ever being this cruel. The only time mom's mother was giving people a hard time is when her Alzheimer's disease took a turn to the worse and her actions were probably excused by God himself, since She cannot be blamed for memory loss and dementia.

Dad's mother, however, is just one old child. She needs to have everything her own way, or she will keep harassing her children and everyone else around her until she gets it.

I'm also looking forward to a show in Ramadan called "Khawater". It's about a guy who goes around telling us how we can bring out the best in us and our society. about six episodes passed already and I still haven't watched one!

I hope today the family drama gets resolved.


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