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Friday, July 12, 2013

يوم العزومة A Feast

My knees are aching me after this long day.

 we were expecting 25 people to come today. We were cleaning with the maid, and cooking and tidying and setting up everything for more than five hours straight. It was horrible, but to be honest, my older sister and my mother were the ones who did most of the work.I feel bad for mom, She's tired, and she burnt herself twice.

My parents invited everyone over including uncle #2 whom is not speaking to my dad, he was forced to call him, but i guess he never picked up nor called back because he didn't show up. I was so happy when he didn't come, because I just don't like his family. My grandma called him to ask where he is, he said no one invited him. Yeah, as if grandma would keep nagging on my dad to invite him, but not nag on my uncle to come. Nice excuse.
Grandma drank her soup then went upstairs and refused to come down and sit with the guests, she also called up one of my uncles and later on his wife.

mom made 4 forequarter rack (basically sheep shoulders) and spiced rice, with potato stew and a small green curry thing in case someone doesn't like the stew. She also had a plate of meat-stuffed artichoke and she fried some kebba. Auntie made lentil soup, and my little sister baked two cheesecakes yesterday. Dad's aunt brought some appetizers too. The food was amazing, as usual.

My cousins, my aunt's daughters, are also angry at our grandma because she made their mother cry yesterday night and again today at dinner. I have not met a mother so cruel as ...oh wait, there's also Fate.
Me, N, L, and dana went upstairs and as promised, I personally messed around with her things. I put her slipper next to her pillow, put a sock in the freezer, hid my grandpa's broken cane, threw one of her clothes on the bed, put the coffee on top of the fridge, and shuffled several other things around her house just for the sake of her discomfort. L had put the sugar jar with the clean dishes, she put a cup over the faucet and pulled the kitchen roll down to the floor.
N, the one who usually messes up everything in people's houses for her own amusement, had chickened out of this one, because she promised her mom not to make "habal" ( silliness) in her mother's home anymore. She did however hand my uncles pj's in his closet and put his shoe on top of the door, but I took that one down. I'm the one usually telling my cousin N to not go too far with those little pranks, because she really does try to balance shoes on doors so they can fall on people. She's absolutely insane and I love her for it.

Grandma: N, take off your shoes when you're stepping on the carpet. You'll make it dirty.
N: Just pretend I'm a guest!

i love her comebacks. I can never answer back like that.

Later on, my dad's cousin, a lady in her late twenties, was supposed to go out with my uncle #3's wife, but grandma called her upstairs to talk to her or something.
My Dad's cousin asked for one us to go to her car to get something, and I misheard her and told her I thought you said you're gonna take us out or something. She actually liked the idea and even though my cousins were about to leave, we kind of ditched the family and ran off with dad's cousin. We were 6 young ladies and Dana in one little car. It was so much fun. She took us to get some juice and come back, but on the way we put some local Egyptian songs and sang and danced and clapped along. It was fun, I was in the front seat!
We drank awar galb, it literally means heartache, but it's just a cocktail juice of some sort. It was awesome.
We came back home thirty minutes later. Mom told me it was very rude what I did in grandma's house, and H told me that they may think our parents told us to do this on purpose, so I went back upstairs to remove the shoe that's next to grandma's pillow.
 after another serving of turkish coffee, my aunt and her family left.

(I may upload pics of the random things we've done to grandma's house)

I know not everyone had fun, but I did.

Comment your suggestions,

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