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Monday, July 29, 2013

Shopping without money

I went to the gym today and there was a lady there. She had several kids there with her, that kind of bothered me.
Her name is Fatma, we made friends by the end of the workout. She told me I didn't need to lose weight, but no one is going to know my body more than me.

At night, we went out shopping for me, and food as well. I found a cute top, and when we were at the cashier it turns out mom didn't have her credit card. My older sister had burrowed it and never returned it. Mom was angry but let it go. We went window shopping and I found the cutest golden spider necklace and I'm dying to have it!
Mom said tomorrow we will go again to buy the things we liked. I hope we do!

I also am in the process of making another video, it's soooo crappy this time though, because of the lighting and the fact that i do NOT want to talk in it either.

Ramadan Kareem,

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