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Thursday, July 18, 2013


I got my dad and sister to go shopping for glasses since we all need it. I still have my old glasses, but they're cracked from both sides, and I just personally have grown to hate them. I guess two years is a maximum on a pair of glasses for me.
Most glasses look ugly on me because I have a small face and small eyes. For the past four years or so I've worn glasses that are rimmed only from the top, so that it wouldn't eat up my face. This time, I have my eye on a purple and brown pair that has a full frame and that's a little circular. My sister took a picture of me wearing it so that we can show mom. When we showed her she said it looked ugly on me. Bummer, but I still want it.

My older sister wants to take me shopping again after Iftar. Man, I hate shopping so much! So many varieties to choose from, yet at the same time everything looks the same. I also feel really guilty whenever I buy something I don't necessarily need because I'm a cheapskate. I hate changing my clothes as well, for some reason it agitates me to try things on and with the place we're going to, i'm going to work up a sweat because the A.C. there sucks!
Now that I think about it, I think I have a lot of pet peeves.

I guess I can wear my abaya this time. Another reason for abayas! when you're going to a local old mall, wear anything light and slip your abaya over it!
Then again, my abaya doesn't open and close. It's a slip on, like a dress, so it will be hell if I wanted to change there.

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