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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We were shopping at The Bay yesterday and as I was walking out to call for my sister or so, this man walks on the same path but in the opposite direction. I look at him, intrigued by the cuts on his nose and when our eyes met, he said "hey" with a smile. I was baffled since I have never been in this situation before. Both of us never stopped or slowed down and each kept to his path. It was strange, and I wished I had greeted him back.

It's quite amazing how such a little greeting can make one's day.

I saw him again while I was talking to my mom and our eyes met again, this time I was smiling, but I had failed to acknowledge him again. I kinda feel bad about it, I don't know why.
He was cute too, and he looked like a hobo with his backpack and jacket tied around his waist in the mall.


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