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Friday, August 23, 2013

Fourty Fish

I cleaned the bathroom this morning, and mom did the kitchen. I also introduced mom to vines. Vines are videos that are seven seconds long and they're mostly hilarious. She really laughed out loud, it isn't everyday that mom laughs. She even liked it on facebook so she can still see them. Mommy so cute.

My aunties are also coming tomorrow! It's gonna be a reunion for my mom. ALL her sisters together in one place! I can't wait!

Dad was outside with Dana fishing. He bought a new fishing rod and was excited to use it. They came back home with 40 fish. What are we going to do with 40 mackerels ?! My older sister is calling her friends to give them away, and I'm telling mom we should cook them and give them to the homeless. Selling them is also an idea, but what are we gonna do? stand in the sidewalk and ask people if they want fish?
I'd do it, but i'd need someone to give me that push.

I hope they taste good!

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