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Friday, August 30, 2013

Goodbye Nour, Hello Moe

Unfortunately, nothing lasts for ever and life has to go on.
Nour's airplane left at 1:00 pm today, and Mo's ( My aunt H's son, who's a year younger than me) arrived at 11:00 am. So, my cousin left this morning after packing her bags and receiving a card from Dana. It was a cute card with grafitti's pic on it and the 13 things that describe Nour. it Was cute and most importantly: Nour LOVED it.

Man, I love my aunts and I love Nour. Nour is officially everyone's favorite cousin. She's so cool, chill, funny, friendly and helpful. She has a great personality, and the most beautiful wide green eyes. She's amazing, just amazing. Inshallah she'll be one hell of a dentist someday. She actually wrestled with me to try to kiss me on the cheek, and i defeat her all the time. She even punches my shoulder a few times and I return it. She tells me I don't realize exactly how strong I am, which is pretty awesome. She's awesome. She even likes hugs and cuddles like my older sis, and she's so comfortable to be around. Like my older sister said, She holds a presence in the house. I really do feel like something is missing, and I've only been with her for four days.

When my cousin arrived at the house, it just, I don't think he can replace her at all. It's sad, I really miss her, we all do. Mo's a bit more relaxed, he's very chill and a little bit lazy and self centered because he's an only child. He can, however, be mature and sensible when he wants to. He's also very smart, and we're all praying that he doesn't fuck up in university. He's going to study in BC, Canada. He's going to be alone there, and we all hope he won't fuck up or slack off.

Inshallah he wont, I don't think he will at all, he's been in situations where he was offered alcohol and he didn't drink. He's been through his father's death, and he even told his mom if she wants to get remarried then she can do so. he won't be too happy, but he will understand. He also offered to study somewhere near his mother instead of all the way to Canada, but she told him to do what he wants because she doesn't mind. I just think his awareness of others needs a bit of tweaking, those little things, like doing things as hes told on the spot, instead of giving his mother a stroke before actually doing it. I suppose most people are like that though, I know I have many things to improve on myself as well.

Comment below on what's your best and worst qualities, lemme laugh a little.


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