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Friday, August 9, 2013

Second Day of Eid

We're back to Halifax and the cable guy is here right now, plugging in the internet and um..the cable.

How do I have internet? I don't know. I just found this "guest" wifi without a password and totally stole it. I wonder i the person did it on purpose you know. Why else name it guest?

I can't believe I've spent the first day of Eid in airplanes. What a waste of a good holiday!

My aunts are gonna also come to Halifax, so that makes eid more exciting. I haven't seem one of my aunts since I was about  11 years old. and my older sister didn't see another aunt for about 13 years and she also never met her son (but I don't think he's coming).

We're all meeting because My aunt "H" has brought her son "mo" to canada for his university. so, since we're here, and H is here, and my two other aunts are in the states, they decided to come here too. Not all my cousins are coming though, and I don't know where they're going to sleep either.

New Wifi name: pretty fly for a WIFI


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