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Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Gathering

This morning was all about the cleaning!
I spent a good hour JUST doing the dishes! I listened to some music in the process, so it wasn't so bad.
I also cleaned the meat from the fat, and my sister cooked. She made Roz bel qidra literally translates to "Rice in a pot (of clay)" It's traditionally cooked spiced rice with chickpeas and garlic cloves slow cooked in a pot of clay with lamb meat of course! Since we're in the 21st century she just cooked it on the stove using a normal pot, boiled the lamb on the side and used the lamb's broth to cook the rice with. Qidra is a Palestinian dish, more specifically a Gazan dish
My sister also made some yogurt with cucumbers and some tomato sauce with the main dish. It tasted sooooo good!
My sisters and I also cleaned up the rest of the apartment while my parents were driving to the airport to pick mom's two eldest sisters up. They dropped them off at the furnished apartment that they rented and then came back for us and the food.
We all ate together, then talked and laughed. It was amazing! My cousin Nour was also with us. She's #1's daughter ( yeah, i'm going to number my aunts based on their age, 1 is oldest, mom will stay mom, she's the fourth)
The parents all went to the superstore after a while, and then my sisters and I and my cousin decided we would walk outside along side the harbor, it's all downtown.
We laughed so much, and took tons of pictures, it was so amazing. I climbed up on the wave statue, which I may add a picture of later on, and played hide and seek with Dana in the playground. We then walked to the end, took more silly photos of us making silly faces, being gangsta, and just smiling. We went to some shops, saw poopoopaper, and talked a lot. On the way back my cousin looks at me and tells me I have a nice butt. I blanked out then burst out laughing. I can't believe she noticed it and she's a girl, and i was wearing a loose cardigan up to my mid thigh!
She said she noticed it while I was walking. As awkward as it sounds, I really liked her compliment. I don't wanna hear it from a man, nor close people. I think she really liked me too, I like her a lot so far. We haven't seen each other since I went to her house in the U.S. when I was about 12?
She joked around with me today and told me I wanna be asian. pfft, just because I'm obsessed with anime, play karate, and have a Chinese friend doesn't mean I wanna be asian.
 We also discussed how my older sister and I are polar opposites since she's an extrovert and I'm an introvert, She has had teeth removed from her mouth since they were pushed together, and I have missing teeth and a few small gaps, she cares about her appearance and what people think, and I don't give mine much thought and won't let others affect my behavior nor lifestyle.
I'm so excited about the reunion !
My 3rd aunt is coming at 7:00 pm tomorrow!

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