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Monday, September 30, 2013


    Alhumdulellah my Death test went alright, I answered everything, but I can never say that I'll get a good mark. It can really fluctuate between a full mark and a C-. This is how unpredictable this professor is. He is sweet sometimes and easy with the grading, other times he subtracts marks for misreading, some times he's just very harsh! Today, for example, anyone late to the test was not granted permission to take the test! It was gut wrenching seeing this, because I'm almost always late to the first class of the day because it's at 8:00 AM. I felt like, there was no need for that, as a student I don't feel that it affects me if someone came half an hour late, took the test and did better than me in it. It really doesn't effect me.

     I went to my ecology lab prof. even though it wasn't her office hour. She was very sweet and helped explain every single thing I didn't understand. I went with my lab partner and we did the numbers together in the Atrium. All I have to do now is write it down in paragraph form and print it.

        I have also went to the science adviser. She was extremely nice too, she wasn't as helpful as I would like, but she gave me what I wanted; reassurance. She told me I can just take a third year biology course, or an art. She did leave me the option of going to the biology chair person to see if she can rearrange my lab so that I can speak to the professor (when he is known) about being accepted in genetics for the next semester. I really hope it's the Dave prof. I really love that prof!

Oh, I am so sleepy right now, I'm so tired that I feel dizzy and a little nauseous. Which reminds me, my sister is sick. I hope she get better soon!

Pray for her,

Thank YOU!

Wow, almost 30 $ worth of clicks so far!
Thank you so much to the people, especially that one person ^-^ that have clicked the ads on the side!

It's a nice thing to wake up to in the morning.

Thanks a ton,

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life is Just a Joke

My whole undergraduate degree is a mere illusion; an obstacle to pass in order to be accepted in another obstacle to pass in order to get the "good life" that may or may not be good.

What a pitiful life we live.

Lost and confused

I'm so lost SO lost!!! I don't know what to do.
I have an ecology assignment due on Tuesday and I don't know how to answer ANY of the questions. I also don't know how to search for them, and I asked two girls but they're not responding well. My teacher's office hours are two hours before the actual lab and I'm just freaking out. How can I even ask her about everything?! She'll think I'm a dumbass.
I also have a test in Death class tomorrow. It's mostly philosophical questions and I feel like I'll screw it up because I'm not sure what to study for!
I also have my discussion for psychology due today at midnight. I need to respond to two people and write my own thread. I hope it wont be a hard subject. I didn't read the chapter!!!!
What am I doing with my life!?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quote of the Day: pokemon

me: Toki toki perrrri! (copying togepi)

Sister: Stop it! You're not cute!


Kizu (kiyohara hiro) (manga)

This is one of the mangas that I absolutely love. It even made my eyes a little glossy at the end! Trust me when I say that it takes a lot to make me touched!

This manga is about two boys (asato and keigo) who have experienced some form of abuse in the past, and because of it they stand out. They befriended each other after keigo cut himself while carving a wooden animal and asato absorbed his cut into his own body. With this special ability the story continues.

It's obviously a drama about friendship. And don't worry guys ! it has a nice and happy ending!

Augh! I wish I can find more stories like Kizu and Naked (Another manga I have made a post of in my blog).

Thursday, September 26, 2013


So, today in the lab I was talking to Kira about how my group in the last lab totally sabotaged the results of the assignment because they wanted to go home. I got pissed at that, because I didn't want it to happen, ad they kept insisting. They also told me to stop doing something because it was confusing them, even though what I do doesn't affect what they're doing. It was rather rude, specially since the person who said this wasn't doing anything!
When they left early like they wanted the prof walked over to me and looked at our results. It appears that we were the only group where the animal has gotten extinct, but she said it was okay. I wasn't okay about it and told the prof that "well, yeah, but we have a thirteen that could've made it, but they killed him off cause they wanted to go home"
It was just a game, and I was trying to have fun in the lab with it, but they totally killed it for me with their attitude towards me and the game.

Today the prof told us that we're to do today's assignment in class because in the last lab it appears some people have gotten their animals extinct to go home early.

When she said that, a guy in the (different) group I was in today, looked right at me because he overheard my convo with Kira. I know that the three girls I was doing the last lab with know it's me because i was the only one opposing to half of the shit that they kept doing wrong on purpose out of laziness.

But today was great, every single person worked, and when i teamed up with a guy in the group to analyze the phylogeny tree, he didn't mind at all. When I made mistakes we laughed it off ( I actually added a number/species that wasn't even in the list!) and when I gave ideas he encouraged them. We worked on this together, while Kira and the two other guys started solving the written problems and plotting out the final tree.

It was great, I hope I won't be left out of that group again. If I do, I'm going to the group where there are like a goth and her bf and another random dude. They seem friendly and smart.

Was what I did an over reaction or did they have it coming?
Comment below,

MCAT 2015

They are making a new MCAT for 2015 (I'm graduating 2016, so just my luck) and I heard it is going to include Psychology!

I'm happy all those psyc classes I studied for as electives are gonna pay off, but WHY!? DOCTORS ARE NOT PERFECT! Why are you trying to look for super people? People who have volunteered and helped the community ( to see if they're social), people with high grades for MCAT and major (To see if they're smart), people who are members and leaders of societies (To see if they're leaders), Essays for entrance (to see their motives). A degree with a minimum of 5 courses a semester (to see how we can handle stress and pressure). God damn, I know a lot of people complain that doctors treat patients like objects, but I'm sure not all of them are like that. Psychology too? just keep piling shit on our backs, let us compete with each other over minute amount of seats!
I no longer know if I can pull all of this off, SPECIALLY after getting to know my competition. People who are actually smart enough to get a B+ in organic chem! Augh, I'm not even social! I'm also awkward, and you have noticed UNABLE to produce proper sentences with ease.

I honestly still am interested in being a doctor. I scratched the nurse idea because it sucks regardless of payment.

To be an MD or not to be?

Yes? No? maybe? I don't know.

Note: Thank God I found my volunteer ID in the vest pockets as I had suspected!

Total Ditz

I was able to talk to my first year's bio professor about letting me one of his already full classes. He said it was fine. I love that prof. Officially my favorite professor ever.
He said he will also enter me in the genetics class if he is gonna teach it next semester. To do that, I have to switch my cell physiology lab and drop the geography course. God, there is so much to do!

I also noticed now, that I have lost my ID. I already lost my ID, and it's my first day to do meal assistance by myself. I hate myself!
I'm such a ditz, well, I'm not nicknamed moving disaster for nothing.
 I think I forgot my ID in one of the pockets of the volunteer vests. I don't know how the security will let me in.
If I want to make another one, I'll have to pay 10 dollars. Now that I think about it, who do I even go to for another approval for an ID. uh! the humiliation!

I'll try to go early and rummage through all the pockets. I'll tell the security, maybe he'll understand.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Anal Tension?!

"...that they must postpone the pleasure obtained from relieving anal tensions until they get to a bathroom..."

Seriously, who put these words together?

That's what I get for reading about the id, the ego, and the superego. Thanks Freud!

Sex Life of Sigmund Freud

Yes, I am actually reading about the sex life of freud for my psyc class.
 This is what my life has come to!

I am an idiot

Here's the proof on my stupidity:

I thought I registered for my courses for the winter semester and it turned out I DIDN'T!

I checked the courses and most of the bio requirements are already full. I am so screwed.

I just finished booking an appointment with the Science Adviser. I'm so disappointed in myself. I can't believe it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Animal X: Daichi no Okite (manga)

I just finished reading the sequel to Animal X. One word: lame!

The first manga had many plot twists and this one, was just two chapters long and it was mostly about them being in labs and same old fights with everything and everyone. It was a bit annoying.

Now, to read the third!

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Animal X Aragami no Ichizoku (manga)

This manga I've read in two days. It was seriously weird. The weirdest first chapter and a very odd plot all together.

         I was looking for Drama, Action and gender bender (yes, I like gender benders they're usually hilarious or tragic. two things I love to read about), but have not realized that this manga also carried the genre of Yaoi and Science fiction. How can all these random genres mix?
Let me explain, you see, It is about a young man, Yuuji, that is engaged to this lovely lady. This man is a squeamish hesitant submissive doctor. But then, a monster (by all literal means) named Minato jumps in his window one day and demands that Yuuji should bare his children! Yes, this is EXACTLY how the first chapter was. And there I was laughing my ass off at the unexpected plot (since I didn't read the summary for some reason).

SPOILER ALERT! (well, it's just more to the plot really)
        Realistically, yuuji screams for help, a man enters and minato just literally bites his head off. Yuuji blacks out at the sight of blood and is then kidnapped by the monster child to his village which is populated by dinosaur men!
Just to make things more fun, it turns out that Yuuji, was in fact an experiment of some sort and that HE developed female sex organs. Oh, I forgot to mention that while all of this is happening, a group of other monsters are trying to steal Yuuji and impregnate him as well. Also! this is all happening while some disease is being spread over the world.
Yes, this is one messed up love story, but still better than twilight! XD

Minato (black hair) hugging Yuuji back
(I think that's exactly how I look when I'm hugging anyone!)

It was rather short, and it's complete and I think I'll read the other Animal X mangas. Man, it was just so hilarious.

Oh God, it has a sequel and a third one too! I just noticed that the third manga of it  I have always come across and overlooked because I did read it's summary and was totally appalled by it.


Checkout 51

Hey guys,

I've heard of this app called Checkout 51 that gives you back a dollar or so (depends) for every item that you buy from the list that they upload every week. So, for example, this week's list includes Pert shampoo and conditioner, the new Dove body wash, Tylenol, Claritin, and other brand products. I'll check with my sister on what she needs from that list. We probably don't need anything really, but maybe getting that body wash for the future wont be so bad. Ours is half empty, but that might last us like another two months. When you purchase the objects, you take a picture of your recite and upload it on the site. and tada! you should be getting a cheque back if you reached 20 dollars worth of products!

I think the only good thing that I may get out of this is a 1$ back from using my visa card!
if for every time I use my visa in the superstore I get a dollar, then I'll make that twenty in two months!

Also, if you're a student in Canada, don't forget you get 10% discount for shopping at Sobey's and the superstore on TUESDAYS!

It's available for anyone in Canada (excluding Quebec as usual).

You're welcome,

Quote of The Day: Death

" Death comes at the end of your life!"

- My professor during a lecture in Death

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Puppy Humping a Chicken

Mom just totally sent us a video on watsapp with a little dog humping a chicken after pulling it in it's little doghouse. It was weird, so I messaged mom in private and told her to stop sending us inappropriate things, specially with Dana in the group.
Her reply was, what? it's just pulling it in it's house. and I'm like, yeah and then...
poor mommy is so cute, she doesn't see it as dirty. She's so adorable! I think she even asked dad, because she messaged me saying dad is making a joke bout it and asked me if she's really that stupid. Aww, my poor mommy is so fluffy!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Meal Assistance Training

"Get ..that ..stuff...out of my mouth." she croaked after eating another spoon of her mashed potatoes. Hearing her speak shook something inside of me.

          I had obviously had a training session with a volunteer to help veterans eat their food. I had anticipated that the process will be a bit messy, so I was not squeamish when I held the utensil and spoon fed the patient. I sucked up my disgust and wiped her mouth for her and took out the food she spat out from her mouth. I did not, however, imagine her to look so old and weak...and helpless. I have never seen a 90 + year old woman in person before. Time does a lot of strange things to a person. was this how my grandmother was before she died? Is this what my mother will become?
        The woman lay there in complete silence, her only trace of life was her moving eyes and her mouth. I was oddly okay with it all..I was okay with everything until she spoke "Get ..that ..stuff...out of my mouth." she croaked after eating another spoon of her mashed potatoes. Hearing her speak shook something inside of me. It made me want to lurch. Her voice scared me and her rejection made me anxious. The volunteer noticed my hesitation and took over for me switching her food until she spat everything out. I told him it was forcing her, he explains she's still welcoming the food by opening her mouth. I feel like I have violated the woman.
           I'm disappointed in myself. I thought I can dissociate better than that, I thought I had complete and utter control of every emotion inside of me. I thought I was tough, heartless, insensitive, emotionless. I thought I can do this, but I still think I can. And I will.
I refuse to let this trivial matter stand as an obstacle in my way to become a doctor. I will be dealing with much worse situations than these. I should be able to dissect and operate on a living kicking screaming human being if I so must. I need to toughen up some more. This is completely ridiculous, this is just feeding, and I can't let it stand in the way of my future. I completely understand why "Cherry" doubted my ability to be in this program. I still don't doubt myself, I know I'm the type of person to bounce back and behave as if nothing in this world even happened. I can do this.
Man, I'm such a tsundere.

What do you think?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Movie session with Cherry at the hospital

I have attended the meeting with "Cherry" today. It was rather fruitless, I wish they would have put the orientation with the interview, with the little 10 minute educational movie with the dementia educational movie with the ACTUAL training so that I can actually volunteer already.
She was not happy that I was tackling down the meal assistance program when it was my first time volunteering and with my first time having a one on one with the patients. She gave me second thoughts, but I wanna stick to it! I think it's an amazing program. Socializing, getting in touch with the downside of the health workplace AKA death, one to one with patients, individual work and responsibility. forget resume, I think this will be great for the future. Maybe 30 years from now, I'll be helping my own mother with the same difficulties. She doesn't take good care of herself already as it is. She's too hectic and selfless.

No Followers!

Seriously people? I have almost 1,500 views but STILL no followers? D=<

I guess with no specific topic to talk about, I should consider myself lucky for those 5 comments? hmph!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bio Society First Meeting

I should be cooking right now, but I have no idea what to do first! I think i'm supposed to be making pea stew. oh and to not forget the rice!
I need to be in school by 6 though to go to the bio society's first meeting. They'll be serving pizza and I have to pay 5$ for tuition.

I'll boil the lamb now, and sauce. how do i make the sauce again?
I'll try to improvise a bit and cook something up!

Long day

So, tuesdays and thursdays have horrible scheduals. I have karate and labs on these days and classes too.

My day started at 7:20 am because I had a class at 8, then once that class was over I walked to the superstore with Kiera and did some shopping with her. We carried the bags back to her apartment then went to the Volunteer Fair and the poster sale.
When we were done, it was about 12 pm. I had about two hours before my lab started so, I took the bus home and did some grocery shopping. I also bought sushi, it tasted so good.

I made a friend in the lab, and me and her tried o figure the assignment out. I walked her to the bookstore to buy a book then went back home the second time. I took a break, and baked some fish when my sister came before getting dressed and leaving for karate. I missed the bus and was 15 minutes late, again!

When I came back home, we ate and I helped my sister with her calculus.

I am so exhausted!

Monday, September 16, 2013


For some reason, when i called my mother today I started crying. I really miss her, and every time I think of her my eyes get glossy.


So, I know what's the code I want for the HTML in this site in order to place Ads! But, to be honest, I still can't seem to figure it out. I would appreciate help guys! I'm really in it just for the money. I figured I could use a few bucks a month. Even if it's little, it's something that I've earned right?
Who knows, it could come handy with a chocolate bar someday?


Thank you and good night,

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I watched Finding Nemo with my older sis today. It was fun, I like not having to stress over almost everything the way I did last year. I mean, so far, I've been free three days a week! I know i'm gonna jinx this, but I'm so happy. I even have time to clean the house with my sister, it's about time i pull my own weight!

I have also been trying to get on Adsense to see if I can get a few bucks out of this. If anyone minds, I already made a post on how to block ads!  I still am not sure how to properly activate it though.


Quote of the Day: Mobey Dick

Me and my older sister were watching Matilda, a children's movie, and then at the end the little girl brings a story to read. That story was Mobey Dick in which my sister responded to "most boring dick ever". LOL im sure she meant to say book, but we kept laughing for a few minutes at that. It's true though

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Ban of ALL religious Symbols in CANADA!

Quebec, a province in Canada, is legitimately considering banning ALL religious symbols from work!!!!
Can you believe that? because I still can't. This is Canada, I expected this from France, who already banned it from schools and banks I think, or Denmark and Sweden, who's femen protists are pushing anyone with a religion to stop "oppressing women"  into wearing religious clothing, or even the US!
but, Canada? Canada?! the country that's stereotype is being peaceful and too nice? The country that approves of gay marriage for the past ten years? it's that free and open minded, and is striving to accept immigrants because it's lacking in population! That's the country that one of it's provinces is considering banning of religious symbols?
This means...NO crosses, NO durkas, NO hijabs, NO skull caps. Really? has those little things been offending anyone? I never get offended from seeing a cross or a turban or a niqab or even a skull cap and david's star. What bothers me is the israeli flag and that has nothing to do with religion!
i can't believe the country in which people encourage others to stand out, wear what they want, and feel no shame in self expression is banning symbols and clothes! Stupid Quebecois. And so far, the parliament is on the 'yes to banning' side, to the point that a woman has quit. She says this will only create more divisions, which is true!
imagine the amount of hatred and problems this will cause.

Quebec needs to realize it's still a part of Canada! it needs to realize that Canada made the decision to accept immigrants in the past few decades and that not all the immigrants they accepted are atheist. If they accepted us knowing we are hijab wearing muslims, and turban wearing sikhs then they should take the responsibility over their actions. Our lives are not a game to your amusements. We don't just change the way we dress over a click of a button.
I thought this was a free country. Where's the freedom in banning clothes? Isn't this the 21st century?

Shouldn't things banned be things that cause harm to one's self or others? I mean it's better to ban alcohol than it is to ban religious symbols.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 8, 2013


My parents left with my sister yesterday. I'm really bummed about it. I will not see them for another ten months, but my sister will return to Kuwait in December.
I suppose I will just have to focus on my studies.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

first week of university

My parents are leaving tomorrow. I'm really upset about this, and I'm a little afraid of living alone with my sister again. My dad booked my ticket for next year at the end of June. That means I wont see my family for about ten months. That's practically a year, and it sucks! I'm going to miss them so much.

I also have a discussion in psych due on the 8th. I will try my best to sound professional, I hope I get an A+ on all my subjects this semester. If I don't it will be entirely my fault because I have neither chemistry nor math this semester. I've decided to take organic chemistry in Dalhousie in the summer. This way I will be free for it. I'd rather pile it up in three weeks than live three months with it and four other subjects.

Courses this semester:
1) Death ( a religion humanitarian course)
2) Ecology (bio) + lab
3) Evolution (bio) + lab
4) Personality (online psych course)
5) Child development (online psych course)

I personally prefer lectures than online courses. that way I will self study AND listen/ receive an explanation from the professor. I can also tell what the professor will be focusing on from the lectures as well, but with the book it's quiet a hassle.

To save a couple of hundred dollars on books. I didn't buy any bio books nor the death one. The teachers didn't emphasize it, and the bio one told us to buy the e-book of the old edition because its cheaper. She also said that she brings the questions of the test from the lectures so, I decided if I needed it I will simply borrow it from the library. As for psych, I certainly need them, but I rented the e-books online. They were both about a 150 $ so, if 4 books were 150 each as hard copies, I would have saved 450 $ + tax+ 20 $ death book.

Inshallah I will get As to raise my GPA!

Pray for me,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quote of the Day: marriage

Yesterday my cousin Mo and I were talking about our cousin Nour.

me: "I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to marry Nour."
him: "because she's just like you."

well, damn.
He didn't mean anything bad with that, but I'm not too sure at what exactly he meant either.
I guess she isn't girly enough for some men, but she's more girly than I am. Pink is her fave colour, she puts on make up and fixes her hair every other day. I guess men just find her "intimidating" because she's successful, knows exactly what she wants, and was pretty good at several sports.

Post suggestions,