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Monday, September 23, 2013

Checkout 51

Hey guys,

I've heard of this app called Checkout 51 that gives you back a dollar or so (depends) for every item that you buy from the list that they upload every week. So, for example, this week's list includes Pert shampoo and conditioner, the new Dove body wash, Tylenol, Claritin, and other brand products. I'll check with my sister on what she needs from that list. We probably don't need anything really, but maybe getting that body wash for the future wont be so bad. Ours is half empty, but that might last us like another two months. When you purchase the objects, you take a picture of your recite and upload it on the site. and tada! you should be getting a cheque back if you reached 20 dollars worth of products!

I think the only good thing that I may get out of this is a 1$ back from using my visa card!
if for every time I use my visa in the superstore I get a dollar, then I'll make that twenty in two months!

Also, if you're a student in Canada, don't forget you get 10% discount for shopping at Sobey's and the superstore on TUESDAYS!

It's available for anyone in Canada (excluding Quebec as usual).

You're welcome,

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