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Monday, September 30, 2013


    Alhumdulellah my Death test went alright, I answered everything, but I can never say that I'll get a good mark. It can really fluctuate between a full mark and a C-. This is how unpredictable this professor is. He is sweet sometimes and easy with the grading, other times he subtracts marks for misreading, some times he's just very harsh! Today, for example, anyone late to the test was not granted permission to take the test! It was gut wrenching seeing this, because I'm almost always late to the first class of the day because it's at 8:00 AM. I felt like, there was no need for that, as a student I don't feel that it affects me if someone came half an hour late, took the test and did better than me in it. It really doesn't effect me.

     I went to my ecology lab prof. even though it wasn't her office hour. She was very sweet and helped explain every single thing I didn't understand. I went with my lab partner and we did the numbers together in the Atrium. All I have to do now is write it down in paragraph form and print it.

        I have also went to the science adviser. She was extremely nice too, she wasn't as helpful as I would like, but she gave me what I wanted; reassurance. She told me I can just take a third year biology course, or an art. She did leave me the option of going to the biology chair person to see if she can rearrange my lab so that I can speak to the professor (when he is known) about being accepted in genetics for the next semester. I really hope it's the Dave prof. I really love that prof!

Oh, I am so sleepy right now, I'm so tired that I feel dizzy and a little nauseous. Which reminds me, my sister is sick. I hope she get better soon!

Pray for her,

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