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Thursday, September 26, 2013


So, today in the lab I was talking to Kira about how my group in the last lab totally sabotaged the results of the assignment because they wanted to go home. I got pissed at that, because I didn't want it to happen, ad they kept insisting. They also told me to stop doing something because it was confusing them, even though what I do doesn't affect what they're doing. It was rather rude, specially since the person who said this wasn't doing anything!
When they left early like they wanted the prof walked over to me and looked at our results. It appears that we were the only group where the animal has gotten extinct, but she said it was okay. I wasn't okay about it and told the prof that "well, yeah, but we have a thirteen that could've made it, but they killed him off cause they wanted to go home"
It was just a game, and I was trying to have fun in the lab with it, but they totally killed it for me with their attitude towards me and the game.

Today the prof told us that we're to do today's assignment in class because in the last lab it appears some people have gotten their animals extinct to go home early.

When she said that, a guy in the (different) group I was in today, looked right at me because he overheard my convo with Kira. I know that the three girls I was doing the last lab with know it's me because i was the only one opposing to half of the shit that they kept doing wrong on purpose out of laziness.

But today was great, every single person worked, and when i teamed up with a guy in the group to analyze the phylogeny tree, he didn't mind at all. When I made mistakes we laughed it off ( I actually added a number/species that wasn't even in the list!) and when I gave ideas he encouraged them. We worked on this together, while Kira and the two other guys started solving the written problems and plotting out the final tree.

It was great, I hope I won't be left out of that group again. If I do, I'm going to the group where there are like a goth and her bf and another random dude. They seem friendly and smart.

Was what I did an over reaction or did they have it coming?
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