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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Total Ditz

I was able to talk to my first year's bio professor about letting me one of his already full classes. He said it was fine. I love that prof. Officially my favorite professor ever.
He said he will also enter me in the genetics class if he is gonna teach it next semester. To do that, I have to switch my cell physiology lab and drop the geography course. God, there is so much to do!

I also noticed now, that I have lost my ID. I already lost my ID, and it's my first day to do meal assistance by myself. I hate myself!
I'm such a ditz, well, I'm not nicknamed moving disaster for nothing.
 I think I forgot my ID in one of the pockets of the volunteer vests. I don't know how the security will let me in.
If I want to make another one, I'll have to pay 10 dollars. Now that I think about it, who do I even go to for another approval for an ID. uh! the humiliation!

I'll try to go early and rummage through all the pockets. I'll tell the security, maybe he'll understand.

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