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Thursday, October 31, 2013


My favorite western holiday is Halloween!
Last year I found waldo in my chemistry class.
this year I saw even cooler things!

Mario at the bus station!
Professors in rabbit suits!
Cookie monster cashiers!

a girl in my university cosplayed as Eren Jaegner and I almost had a stroke when I saw her. I couldn't just watch, I walked to her and was like!!! "EREN!"
She turned around and was like "Yes, someone knows who I am!" then hugged me!
one of the best moments ever!
I took a picture with her <3
hehehe, she looked epic and I'm gonna die! I really wanna cosplay someday, somehow, with the hijab. I will probably go as a ninja but damn! I LOVE halloween!

The guy in my evolution lab is ultra super mega cute! okay there are two really cute guys in my group of 5, but he's just so good looking, and hilarious! I actually still don't know his name, nor am I too sure of what he looks like because I didn't get to stare at him enough. The little conversations we have I can count on one hand. We worked out a phylogeny tree together, we mated as fish, he asked me about the lectures when he went absent today(which I totally didn't get at first which made me look like a total turd.I told him I have a terrible memory and he ended up asking me how I remember to even go to class in which I answered, " I don't know!"), and he cracked jokes about today's lab. He tells the joke with a smug smile, and I'm the only one in class bursting out with laughter. I think I distracted the prof too. It was awful.

He just looked at me and asked, "Is this a trick question?" 
He told me to look at question 18, and I almost died in class trying to contain my laughter
Seriously, what type of questions are these!? I looked like such a dork!

At 6:15 pm, we had a little social gathering in karate. we joined the beginners classes with the advanced then watched Gravity. The sensei brought a full bag of junk food, we just sat and munched on the yummy fatty stuff! At the cinema, Revi gave me a birthday card, it's sweet that she remembered. Aside from my family, she's the only one that actually gave me anything.

Gravity is a movie, starring Sandra Bullocks and George Clooney, that is about an astronaut that gets stuck in space basically. the only thing I liked about this movie is the comparison to the astronaut as an unborn fetus in the womb of the spaceship and that at the end it felt like she was being born again.

It wasn't the best of movies, it isn't my type of thing, but everyone else liked it.

Happy Halloween,

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What am I throwing myself into?

This year:
Out of 897 applicants to the medical school, only 112 were accepted.
Out of 397 maritime applicants, only 64 were accepted.
I have a 15% chance of getting into that school, if I meet the minimum requirements.
minimum GPA is 3.3 our of 4, but the average gpa of those accepted was 3.8
That's an A+ average. I never ever got an A + average, in anything in my life.
for MCAT scores the minimum is 24 points, and the average is 8 this year.
Never mind the volunteering, working, and membership leading. Never mind the essay and the interview. I really don't know if I have it in me, to compete with these people.
I don't know if I have it in me to even ...15% chance... if I applied for three years, that still won't be 50/50.
This is mission impossible isn't it. I don't even know why i'm doing this anymore. I just feel like I have to. I don't know why, but I just don't see myself as anything other than a doctor.

What do you see me as?

samsung tab 3

This is my first post using the tab! I can't believe I have one.
today, as you already know, is my birthday. It started out yesterday at midnight, but I, ve already discussed this is the previous post.
I got a little dressed up today. I wore my blazer, heeled boots and the owl necklace my sis got me (which btw I tore this afternoon!!!) The owl got ripped from the golden chain. Wore itonce and I already damaged it, no wonder my sis won't let me take my tab out before I buy a cover for it.
Speaking of which, my sis and I went to try out the thai restaurant Thai Ivory Cuisine. Boy, was it fancy! And the service, the service was amazing. It was onky one waitress, but she was always genuinely smiling, she was nice, she knows when you want her just by looking her in the eye. She wasn't good with english, but she did well.
I first walked in and waited for my sister. When my sister arrived, she had a rainbow rose in her hand for me and I was just like.

 "awww". Noone ever gave me flowers before♡

I took the pad thai combo and it tasted good, but I wouldn't order it again. Not that great, maybe curry for next time. My sister left for her class and I ordered dessert to go. I paid and left and as I walked away the waitress shouts for me. She's like "your icecream!"
Yeah, I totally forgot to take my food. I walked back in laughing nervously and she laughed and told me that I can't leave it here because I already paid for it!
She was sweet.
I have some work to do today, but so far, it's been a good day alhamdulellah.
Im still not used to the tab, it's odd because I have a smart phone and laptop. The tab will come to use in the university for when I read manga and fool around or when I travel.
oh! Speaking of travel, have I mentioned that im going to kuwait in christmas? I'm super excited to escape this horribly cold weather.

19 years old!

AAAAH! it's my birthday today!

I just turned 19 and, oh my Lord, right before I was going to sleep I felt this box under my blanket. When I looked at it, it turned out to be covered in a pink wrapper. Only then, did it dawn onto me that it was my sister's gift for me!

She (and the family) got me the samsung tab 3 !!! can you believe it ?! It's white and purty!
Then the sweet card that came along with it!

The cover said: "Here's something to make your birthday exciting!"
and when I open it :

I'm seriously tempted to wear that sticker on my back pocket tomorrow!

Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm not sure what to write here any longer. I asked a blogger that has about a hundred followers or so on how she managed to rake them in. She answered that first of all, she doesn't know much about blogging, which, is humble to say, but a punch in the gut. Second of all, she suggested I develop my own "niche".
After searching what niche is; yes, I'm ignorant, it turned out to be that it's just a major personality, an identity, or like the comfort zone for a person. I do and don't have it! (Ironically we took niche in ecology today, but it has a different definition there!)
You see, I'm the moving disaster; I'm unique and original...just like everyone else.

I do feel comfortable writing my opinions on some mangas. I am also aware that I am doing a horrible job at critiquing them. I'm not proving sufficient information on characters, nor plot really. I just simply state how it made me feel and why I like it.

I don't enjoy writing about the events that occur during the day, or such things. I do feel like I should write them, for myself though. I do like looking back at the strange things I've done, or laugh at some funny things, maybe how stupid I was? How much I grew? Memories, no matter how small, that I don't ever wanna forget.
I know I'm doing a horrible job at this, but I don't know if I'll ever want to direct my whole blog about just one thing!

On other news, there was a little meeting today in university. A representative of the medical school of my province came over to our university to answer some questions. Three important questions she answered for me was, 1) adding the faculty of art to my faculty of science is not really impressive, so don't bother. 2) the MCAT does change in 2015, but that doesn't mean I can't take the 2014 one and apply with it. 3) a sport or hobby can be added to my application to improve it as long as I can prove it.
The last one made me so happy! I thought I was just wasting my time with karate, but I guess not! I can totally include that and I have several senseis to witness my involvement. I honestly joined karate in university just to spite my bitchy principal from high school. The woman made it seem like I'm a slut for wanting to join a sport that has a man for a coach. She actually told me "you wanna hop around in front of men?" and, even my sensei took offense in her rejection, even though he wasn't there to hear it. He knew why and he got upset for me too. He's a married man in his thirties, and he's a father too. It's really insulting to accuse a man of even thinking that he may look at a girl inappropriately. It's even worse to accuse a high school girl of it, specially since I never ever had that thought in mind what so ever!
Just to prove that I'm more motivated by rejection than praise.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Call from Ro

Augh, I still have tons of things to do but I'm at least done with my discussion!

My cousin Ro called my older sister today. Now, she never ever met Ro in her life so she got confused by the sudden call and gave me the phone to talk to him. I've met him twice or thrice before, but he never really called me or even chatted with me or anything like that. Last time I saw him, we were both sleeping over at Aunt H's house in Oman and my sister and I scribbled on his face with makeup while he was asleep. He grew an allergic reaction to it. Anyways, I think it was strange that he called ...but nice.
Ro asked me about university and such, it turns out his dad wants him to make up his mind about his future by the end of this year. Did I mention he was only in 8th grade? Odd isn't it. I think it's a lot of unnecessary pressure consider I'm in second year of university and still am unsure of what I'm going to do with myself. I told him to see what he wants to work  in before deciding on a major to pursue. Once he finds what he wants its easier to look at what he needs to complete it. I also told him to just focus on his studies for now.
I think he only called for that reason, but he told me he wanted to just "catch up" with us. His voice changed too, it's deep now.

On other news, I have an instagram now (about time, right?).I plan on accepting anyone there, almost like twitter I suppose. I plan on hooking twitter here too, but I'm not entirely sure when, if ever, that will happen. I also updated my goodreads page. I suppose you can find me in almost every single site if you just search for "moving disaster"!

Take care!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Feeling Unwell

I don't feel well today. It's one of those moments where you just feel bad, but without a particular reason.

I have fallen behind on my lab reports. It's the weekend, so it's alright. I still have time, but there is so much that I am unsure of. I have also forgotten to hand in my three references last week, so that will pile up with this week's load. I also have a discussion due tomorrow for psychology class. I have a feeling I will be forgetting to do it. Cooking is something else I must do today. The room is also a giant mess that I want to take care of.

Wish me luck guys,

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy for Food

I cooked green bean in tomato stew yesterday. I steamed some rice with it yesterday too. I wonder if it could be called a gumbo. I'm not eniterly sure. I'm so glad I cooked yesterday because all I will be doing to day is go back home and eat!
I'm so hungry. I can't wait until the lab is over so that I can eat!
I also have to count the lemna leaves too. I shall do so in a few minutes before the class starts. I should do so before Kira comes too, she might be a distraction from the counting!

I also have karate today, my bruise has faded, so I hope we're punching those boards again today. I refuse to accept defeat!

best regards,

Death Course Test Grade

I took a 2 hour nap today at 6:30.

I woke up thinking it was morning, and that I'm late to class. I freaked out a bit, but all was good. I'm a little groggy but I feel better after the nap.

Earlier today, I went to confront my professor about my grade. You see, I got 79% on my test and when I asked what I did wrong on the essay questions, his reply was "Nothing, you just needed to elaborate more". That really had me boiling for two days before I went to his office hour today to get the exact information he wanted me to provide. I think I'll do a bit better next time, and I think he will try harder to explain the questions. He said he'll try to give us a class before the test just to discuss what will be on the test. I told him that I knew what was coming, and I knew the answers, but that I wasn't sure how much I was supposed to say.  That's why I was bothered with my grade anyways. I can't live my life as a slightly above average student. Not if I want to be a doctor, not if I want to accomplish anything in my life.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


For today's ecology lab, we went to the cemetery to record 50 men and 50 women's age of death. It got pretty awkward when I shouted "woman! 37" to my partner, then looked behind me and noticed a group of high school students walking by looking suspiciously at us. Nothing out of the ordinary here, a month ago we were counting grass, it's about time we have risen in this hierarchy.

I have also bruised my knuckle punching re-breakable plastic punching boards. I think it's because I wasn't using my hips well, and the distance wasn't covered as much as it should have.

Oh well, wounds of a warrior!!


My Heart is Beating (manhwa)

This lovely manhwa (korean comic) is actually a webtoon! Webtoons are coloured really lengthy manhwas. You just keep scrolling down forever instead of clicking for the next page, so I love that.

This manhwa is about a boy (Sugu) who has a fascination, no, an obsession with swimsuits. It isn't a fetish, it's just a hobby.
While spying on the women in the school swimming pool, the coach of the female water polo team spots him. The coach then black mails Sugu into joining the team as a girl in order to complete the minimum amount of team members required for his team. Of course, no one in the team knows that he is a boy and
with this, our story begins.

You see, the main character is also being pressured by his dad, the vice principal, into being the top student in class.

one page from the webtoon My Heart is Beating
 This drama is basically about the suffocation the main character feels, and how he will have to confront his problems instead of avoiding them.
That's not all though; as he starts to build a relationship with his water polo team mates, he starts to learn a little bit about each one of them. This also helps him to learn more about himself.

This manhwa is pretty good, it's main genres are gender bender, drama, comedy, sports, and school life.

The female water polo team
Can you guess which one is Sugu? 

Comment your feedback,

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The new university building

Waaaaah! I just prayed asr in a random classroom in the new building of the university. This whole floor is somewhat vacant, so I just went in one of the rooms and prayed. I can never concentrate well in my prayers if I feel like someone might see me praying. It's so awkward!
I should really make a list of the top ten strangest places I have ever prayed in.

More about the new building...
It is stock filled with asians. It has this new furniture smell and it feels like I have just walked into the airport. Asians EVERYWHERE! There are some arabs too! I thought this place is like a library or a study place for students, it turned out it's a building for learning English as a second language, or so I think.
It's quite interesting really, there's an echo which makes it difficult to concentrate. I really need to be studying though. I keep procrastinating everything and that's just horrible!

I need to get my shit together since I'm haven't gotten a single A so far! If this keeps up I'll never make it to med school. Maybe, I'm not good enough for it.

Best regards,

Banana Fish (manga)

A great manga I have just read that's about a gifted 17 year old boy; Ash Lynx. Ash was picked up from the streets as a child and sold as a child prostitute, in which he has later become Papa Dino's (the big shot owner of drugs and child prostitution in New York) personal boy toy. Later on, Ash was given his own 'turf' to rule.
Ash also happens to be taking care of his older brother, who after returning from the Vietnamese war has become brain dead for some reason.
By sheer coincidence, a pursued man falls in the hands of Ash and hands him a viral that contains "Banana Fish" shortly before he was shot to death. Curious, Ash looks into it and discovers that his brother was related to this substance "Banana Fish."
Seeking revenge against the people who have harmed his brother, he decides to investigate Banana Fish, which has led many gangs, the cops, and several mafias to chase after him.
While all of this was happening, A Japanese cameraman and his assistant Eiji have been interviewing Ash and investigating the crime scenes that happen in the streets of New York. Eiji is this typical 19 year old Japanese man, who is intrigued by Ash and has been tangled in Ash's problems. Ash and Eiji soon develop a friendship after they have been kidnapped for holding possession of the vile that contains Banana Fish.

Ash, the sensitive American, and Eiji, the Japanese klutz, doing their usual thing xD

Ash, having made a friend who genuinely cares for him, have also developed an urge to protect Eiji at ALL COSTS. (No it isn't a yaoi!)
I repeat, this is NOT a yaoi!

Ash Lynx at one of his most vulnerable moments

These twists of events create a wild and daring adventure for Ash and an opportunity to get back at "Papa Dino". For the cops, this is a chance to catch the infamous Ash Lynx and discover the reasons behind several unanswered suicides.

As a result of all of this, many alliances are formed between street gangs, many people make Ash their number one enemy and many people will lose their lives.

The manga starts a little boring at the beginning because they are explaining the past events of what happened to Ash's brother in Vietnam, but it quickly picks up the pace in volume two. It's really interesting and I recommend this to anyone interested in adventure, psychological, mystery and drama stories. It's obviously for a mature audience due to it's adult theme content, but don't worry guys, there's nothing explicit!

This is a Drama, but it is as realistic as a manga gets. many people DIE, so it's also a tragedy. It does have many hilarious moments where I burst out laughing.

Two main characters having a slap off xD

I dislike how there's only like one or two female characters in this whole manga. I mean come on! the WHOLE MANGA! they meet tons of people, cops, delinquents, mafia, assassins, doctors, researchers and journalists. I know this manga was made in the 80's but seriously?

The following is how Mangafox summarized the manga. I think they did a better job than I have, so here:
"Nature made Ash Lynx beautiful; nurture made him a cold ruthless killer. A runaway brought up as the adopted heir and sex toy of "Papa" Dino Golzine, Ash, now at the rebellious age of seventeen, forsakes the kingdom held out by the devil who raised him. But the hideous secret that drove Ash's older brother mad in Vietnam has suddenly fallen into Papa's insatiably ambitious hands--and it's exactly the wrong time for Eiji Okamura, a pure-hearted young photographer from Japan, to make Ash Lynx's acquaintance..."

Comment below for suggestions, and follow me for more summaries on awesome kick-ass mangas.


Spoiler Alert:

Tip: If you wish to have a happy ending, pretend that volume 18 was the last volume and the ending of the story. Just DON'T read the last chapter. Do take my advice if you want closure.

It was the WORST ENDING EVER!!!!!!
I just finished reading it and I am overwhelmed with anger and frustration and hatred and sadness. How dare they! after all that has happened, after all has been solved. THEY FUCKING MURDERED HIM by a stupid hoodlum! He went through shootings, kidnappings, threats, assassins, and even almost through drugs and a 50% chance of survival surgery just so he can bleed to death?! He just took a non vital stab to the stomach and just walked back in the library, sat his butt down, took a nap on the table and BLED to death?! I just wanna say fuck you, fuck the author, fuck the artist, fuck him, fuck the stabber, and fuck the stupid librarian who saw him sleeping on the table and just kept walking. just fuck!
 If they wanted it to be realistic why not kill Ash while he was trying to save his friends? or sacrifice himself or something. Why did he just have to give in to death. It is literally as if he lost interest in life and just sat there, happy that his friends are now safe. It's as if he wanted Eiji's safety and the revenge against those who have harmed him so that he can rest in peace.

Everything, EVERYTHING was amazing, until the last 5 pages.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quote of the day: but that's what she said!

So, my sister was slipping her hands between my knees to warm them up....

me: stop putting your hands in between my legs!
sis: but I like to be between your legs
me: ...
sis: but that's what she said!

lol not awkward what so ever!

I Cut myself

I made pizza today, I cut my finger while grating the cheese though. It kinda hurts, but as long as I'm not squeezing a lemon then I guess it's no big deal.

It didn't bleed or anything, but its a little swollen. I've cut myself with the strangest things and the strangest ways.

memoirs of a moving disaster:

I remember when I was in grade 2 I got these new yellow scissors. I ran my finger across the blade to see how sharp it is and cut myself.

When I was 12 or 13, I cut my wrest in the swimming pool on the edge of a broken tile. As little sense as that makes, it actually happened. There was also no first aid or even bandages. So, there I was, swimming with one bloody arm above my head trying to figure out what the heck I should be doing with it! In the end, the coach just told me to just keep swimming since the pool has chlorine, it will disinfect it. The bleeding did stop when I was in the water, or at least I didn't see it. It took a full year before the scar faded away.

When I was about 13 or 14, I reached for a blue mug in the cupboards but it slipped out of my hand and fell. As a reflex, I stooped down to catch it but it broke before I did and I ended up cutting my finger with the glass. Let's just say my finger was gushing out blood to the point my mom asked if I wanted stitches. I freaked out more from that suggestion and assured her I was fine. My bandage was soaked with blood I remember I had to change it again after a minute. This one actually did scar, but no one can see it unless you stare at it for hours. 

In about grade 10 or so, we had a cat named Cloud. He was often sick and he had pills to take once. He was supposed to take half a day and so I was given a surgical razor to cut the pills with. One of those times while I was cutting the pills, the razor refused to cut, so I pressed my palm on the razor and pushed my weight on the pill until I felt the razor break into my flesh and go inside me. It appeared that I was using the blunt edge to cut with, while pressing on the sharp blade.( I repeated the same incident a few months ago while cutting a pizza in the dark with a knife, but I didn't cut myself fortunately)

Recently (19 years old) I cut myself with a tack while hanging up posters. It straight out slashed me when I was trying to remove it. But all's cool!

I think I've cut myself with a lot of stupid and random things like the edge of desks, nails, maybe plastic?, the metal door handle thing, lobster, and I, of course, also had my fair share of paper cuts. Oddly enough, never a knife so far. It really does worry me. 

I wasted my time reading manga today. I'm hooked on it. I'll tell you about this manga (Banana Fish) when I'm done reading it!

Recently (19 years old) I cut myself with a tack while hanging up posters. It straight out slashed me when I was trying to remove it. But all's cool!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Post 200

Woot, this is the 200th post, and I have over 24 hundred views in total.
yey =D


This guy is just too hilarious. I've just subscribed to him even though I've known his funny vids for a year now!

Watch it


I just finished those four midterms for these two days. Augh, it's so exhausting. I did better on the exams yesterday than today. I also need to catch up on my labs for evolution class. My grades aren't as good as I expected. I'm so tired, and thus ends the three wonderful days of eid.

My sister thinks I keep a journal now. NOT GOOD O_O;


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eid Mubarak!

Today's the first day of eid al adha!

It's right after thanks giving, and I skipped my class today to feel like I'm celebrating. My sister didn't have classes and we got dressed up and went to Wasabi House where we ate SUSHI!

I also ate fried banana with ice-cream afterwards. I really liked that banana.

Movingdisaster moment of they day: I cut my lip on a hair clip.

totally random, totally me.

On other news!
I finally got my letter from Google! I kind of felt really proud of myself after receiving it, which is sad. I kept thinking they may have gotten the wrong address because I waited three weeks before it arrived.
And here it is!

Aren't my nails lovely? All for eid! My sister actually got that nail polish colour. It's a subtle purple, very elegant.

My aunt H is in Kuwait with my family. She's spending eid there since she's alone in Oman now. I'm happy for them. I also talked on the phone with her son, and said happy eid to him and them, and Nor too.
Kira and Revi from karate also texted "happy eid" to me even though they aren't muslim. Isn't that the sweetest?

I also had to study for tomorrows midterms, boohoo.
Pray for me that I'll get good marks!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Time is Running Out

Feelings while studying for Psych Exams:

"I think I'm drowning, asphyxiated.
I wanna break the exams that she's created
I wanted freedom
Bound and restricted
I wanted to give studying up
but I'm constricted.

Studying will be the death of me
Studying will suck the life out of me.

The time is running out
 the time is running out
I can't push it underground
I can't stop it screaming out
How did it come to this?"

A little parody from Time is Running Out By: The Muse

(I actually have a thought on this with a manga a cruel God reigns, maybe I'll make an AMV on youtube in December)

 procrastination at it's best,

200 Page Views in One Day

The title says it all, I am in Shock!
What is upsetting is that these views are mere clicks of your link somehow, but they don't actually get the chance to read anything! Still better than nothing though.
Let's hope one of them accidentally clicked an ad magically.

Follow me for more random outbursts of nonsense!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Title descriptions on my posts

Alright, I've given Quotes of the Day a small title next to them so that they can be distinguished. I have also wrote "(manga)" next to all of the posts that are about a completed manga or manhwa I have read! :3 yey

This shall make it easier for those of you who use the little search bar to find certain mangas or to have a laugh at some quotes without having to reread them.

I will be making more of the manga posts once I actually have enough time to go through some of the old mangas I have read.

Comment below if you detect a pattern in the mangas I read!

And follow me dammit!


Troll Sauce

I wanted to make a post but hadn't much to say so....

Here's the picture of the troll that keeps staring at me whenever I open my fridge

 And here's the picture of the Fish Sauce I bought now.


So, I have four midterms on the second and third days of eid. It's unfortunate, but I at least emptied up my Tuesday (first day of Eid) to have a bit of fun!
By fun, I mean eating sushi at Wasabi House with my sister!
I'm a procrastinator, but I do try to study from time to time. My sister is more stressed about my exams than I am! She organized my study times and she keeps telling me to go study. Which is good! I need someone behind my back kicking me off to study. If my parents did that, I would've gotten A+ in high school instead of A. Most of it was luck to be honest, and the will of the Lord O_O.
She has also been reducing my hours of sleep, which is not so cool. She tells me I need to asleep by 1 am and awake by 8 am. I'm not gonna follow up on that one though.

Pray for me!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Psych Question

Jenny is a very talented soccer player. Her mother was a star player in both college and in the women's professional leagues. They spent a great deal of time together while Jenny was growing up. Jenny has her mother's speed and height plus a superior understanding of the game. Jessica's abilities would seem to demonstrate the influence of:
This is one of the questions in my psych quiz and I just wanna know one thing.
just, who the hell is Jessica?!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


This is a LOVE manga for a change! yey!

This is totally romance, and it's a nice romance too (otherwise I wouldn't read it?).
It's about this girl, Usami Ichiko, who ran away after accidentally punting her baby nephew in the stomach because she couldn't bare the guilt. good so far? wait, it gets better. She punted him because she was unable to see him, as she can't see children.
Why? read the manga!
well, while she sat there sobbing, a young man, Kohaku, in a mask approaches her and scares her into passing out. He then picks her up and proceeds to take her to where he lives, a mansion that he shares with five others.

Kohaku also has personal afflictions that are later on discussed in the manga. As you already know, he will NOT show his eyes, he will always have something covering his face with, usually masks. He also had a troubled past and behaves like a child most of the time.
I didn't like how the other residents of the household were not addressed in the story as much as the two main characters. The backgrounds of those characters were vaguely mentioned, but nothing else happened even though they all had strong characters.
I was also upset at how the manga abruptly ended, but it did have a happy ending. so, YEY!

I'll give it a 4/5!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


yet another fight with my sister. We're polar opposites and this shit is getting on my nerves. She's the oldest, so she naturally has that "I'm the boss", "I need to be in control", "my way or the highway" attitude. It's fucking annoying and I hope she someday realizes I too have a functional brain. She always calls herself stupid and claims I'm smart but whenever we are actually doing something, she indirectly hints I'm fucked in the head. "normal people do this" " well I thought you meant that" "well actions speak louder than words" -_-
There's a reason why I often don't converse with her. It's like walking on a landmine, anything and everything will be held against you in any future fight. Is this how marriage feels?

Augh, like I cooked everything (yes, the fight this time is regarding to food, pasta to be specific). I had the timer set for two mins on the pasta, so I wont forget it's existence (my memory is pure shit). When it started beeping she shut it off, and the pasta wasn't done!
I was like "Why did you do that?"
then I asked her, "well, what do I do now?" and she told me to like heat more water and repeat. It's annoying and then when I told " when I'm cooking don't touch the food" she retorted "Yes, I WILL" and I'm like, "If it was your food you wont let me touch it, so don't touch mine" Then she said "yeah, but I told you, when I come back I'll take over". I told her "yeah, but the first thing you said when you came home was what did you do so far, and I said 'everything!'" She got mad and said "No, you didn't. You didn't put the sauce on the pasta like I told you to in the messages, but you probably didn't read that too." Of course the last word has to be to me, and we both think that. "if I didn't read the messages then how did I do everything you said including the salad" I replied. Of course a lot of bickering occurred afterwards. bitching to be precise by both parties.

Battle field, battle field. prepare dem cannons! I need backup! DEFENSE DEFENSE! my brain just died.

Anyways, today I went to the dementia education training. It wasn't training it was just a video that stopped working half way through. It took an hour of my life and now I'm here!

Should I be silent and ignore her remarks as I usually did? or should I continue to argue back and defend myself?

....Why does this feel like a battlefield....


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The good and the bad

I'm really sleepy so I'll make this brief.

I fought with my sister today by texts over a 12$ poster. I have gotten two yesterday, an adventure time poster for Dana, and a tiger one for the living room. A misunderstanding occurred, and we had a dispute in which I called her "fucking stupid" because she kept accusing and assuming random things about me without allowing me the chance to defend myself.
We sorta kinda made up...

The good news is that I talked to the Chair of Biology today and she let me in the genetics course and let me switch labs. I'm so relived, but I have to figure out my electives. ( so far, two psychs and if I'm not gonna major in Psych why bother?)

Good night,

Quote of the Day: Whore

me: close the door
sis: close the whore?
me: not the whore, the door!
sis: okay! but the whore (her legs) should be closed too!

nyeh nyeh nyeh!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Caught in the Bus

My sister and I fasted today too, it's sunnah to fast these ten days, so why not?

The bus also almost closed on me when I was walking out of the bus.  It kinda freaked me out. When I rode the bus home, the bus driver closed it on me because he didn't see me! I'm a ninja that's why...or ms. invisible?
Even though I yelped when it closed on me, it didn't really hurt. It did trap me for a second between the doors though, that really freaked me out.

Anyways, he kept saying he didn't see me, and he asked if I was okay before I left the bus. I laughed and said it was alright and that I had a feeling about it since today's morning mishap. He laughed and told me he wishes it won't happen to me again.

BTW! i posted the pic of the souvenir in the JOGGINS post, if anyone's interested in seeing it.

Be careful and don't get caught between doors!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

First of thee el Hijja

I'm fasting today because it's the first of the month thee el hija. the first ten days of thee el hija offer great rewards. though it is most common that people fast arafat, which is the day before eid!

Speaking of eid, This eid will be a crappy one.
It's coming right after thanksgiving. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are going to be eid. I have two exams on wednesday and two exams on thursday! AUGH! I also have two labs, one on tuesday and one on thursday. It's like, this year is the worst scheduling EVER.

I'll talk to my biology professor on monday to see what I can postpone or skip.

Joggin's Fossil Cliffs

Yesterday was a really long day so, here's what happened:

I woke up at 6:00 am and called Kira to wake up too. I got dressed, and grabbed my bag that I prepared yesterday (had leftover pasta, two energy bars, a book, band-aids, phone, wallet, and shades). The Bio society has prepared a trip to go to Joggin's Fossil Cliffs. Too bad the bus drive is two and a half hours to get there, and then two and a half to get back!

Joggins Fossil Center
(this pic was taken by the co-president of the bio society)
I was running a little late because most buses come once every hour in the weekends, and some don't even work. I ended up arriving at school at 7:20 am instead of 7:00 (what we agreed on). however, we didn't leave until 7:30 am. The bus that took us to Joggin's sucked. It was small, uncomfortable, and for 1300$ it didn't have a bathroom or t.v. was not what I call worth it. The bus driver played the radio on the country songs, and it was so loud that I couldn't hear my head phones!

For the ride there Kira took the window seat and slept. I played solitaire on my iPod and listened to music. We arrived at 10:00 am and the guide wasn't happy about it, because we were about an hour late and the tide of the water was coming in with every minute we wasted. He rushed us to go to the beach where we saw some fossils of old trees, and some old forms of millipedes. He explained how the fossils get older the more you walk to the right. Unless you're a geology student, you are not very likely to enjoy this.

Fossils of the trees's bark formed by mold I think

Sand stone! (30% quartz!)
This is the centipedes' ancestor, you can see the legs on each side. It was a foot wide!
 (the one on top is a little toy to show you guys!)
Ripples of waves

a cool stream that led to the sea, I found this more interesting
 Anyways, after we were done, we had another guide to the inside of Joggins and then we crawled inside a little hole in the wall to watch a little clip from a down p.o.v. We were looking up and then suddenly a lizard shows up in the screen. So, to make it amusing I said "Oooh, Godzilla!" at which the guy on my right burst in laughter! Well, this trip was supposed to be fun!

Then we crawled out and watched yet another movie, this one was a documentary of Joggins. We clapped once it was over, and I bought something awesome from the gift shop!

On the way back, Kira gave me the window seat, and I leaned on it all the way back. I almost slept but couldn't. I can sleep anywhere, but if I'm beyond exhausted. We ate our lunches on the bus, because we didn't have time to make a stop to eat outside as was planned. we did, however, stop at a subways for the people in the bus. It was a 5 minute break really.

Once we were back to the university, my sisters and I have already made plans to go to the mall then to the BBQ held in the backyard of the masjid. It was a fundraiser for Syrian Refugee camps.

I prayed in the university, fixed myself up, and went to the mall where I met up with my sister there. We went shopping thinking she wanted to go shopping, but she thought i wanted to. She came because there was a sale in Dynamite. I hate shopping, she loves it. Need i say more?
We did, however, buy this awesome blazer from Dynamite. It was black and covered the butt! This is awesome news since I wear the hijab, and that area is something I look forward to covering! It was 34 $, but was 40% off! We just had to buy it! I mean, come on, I'll have to buy something professional/formal for the future, so this is it!

After wards, my sister showed me some charm bracelets. She really liked them, but it was just not my thing so I think I bummed her out. to be honest, I was scared of showing any enthusiasm in case she was planning to buy it for  me on my birthday (b-day is in Oct 30)!

WE THEN ATE ICE-CREAM! Yey! After we were done, we took the bus to the masjid. Even though the BBQ was supposed to be from 3-8 pm. The woman there was like, "oh no, you're so late, we actually gave away food because we had so much!" By the way, it was only 7 pm! I don't understand why she did that. She could've just said not a lot came so we packed up because we got bored! hmph!
I was disappointed, because I like food and was planning this for quiet some time. My sister and I decided to at least pray in the masjid while we're here. We prayed the magrib prayer. My sister talked to some of the people she knew there, and we were going to get henna from one of her friends, but she took so long on her friend that there wasn't any time for us, so we left. We left without food, and without henna!
 Don't judge me! >o<

We walked back home, and ate all the left over pasta and we both fill asleep on the couch. I woke up at 10:30 pm and woke my sister up so we can pray and go to our beds.
What a long day! It was fun, but I didn't study at all!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Dean's List

Kira had previously invited me as a guest to go with her to the faculty of science meeting they held today. She was one of the students that have achieved a high enough GPA to be on the Dean's list. I did not. It was a bit awkward for me to be there, there weren't many guests attending, but it was a nice wake up call to get my shit together and study harder.
There was two tables with some food on them and drinks were also offered for the people. The dean has spoken, thanked many of the faculty and called another man to speak on the little stand. That man, sounded awesome from his descriptions and I look forward to being a cardiac surgeon too, In sha Allah (if God may).
He graduated from my university fifty years ago and attended the medical school that I wish to go to, and even went to Harvard.
The dean then proceeded in calling out the names of the students and taking pictures with them. After that, Kira thanked the chair of biology for putting her in the lab that we both want and again, I awkwardly stood there. I hope she lets me in the lab as well.
I admit, I'm jealous, but not envious.


128 views in ONE DAY?!
no seriously!!! who is reading my posts?! I NEVER EVER had that many people in one day!
and like, they're pretty much all from the U.S.

With this, the U.S have pulled themselves back on top as the country that most viewed my blog! woot!

I am both confused and happy.

Quote of the Day: Fish

"You will all be fish
 and you will all have different alleles
and you will mate with each other."
- My Evolution professor

She was telling the class what will we be doing in the next lab. The whole class choked up on their suppressed laughter once she said that sentence.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Art Major

I'm thinking of applying for a double major, one in science, the other in art. My sister says it will look better for Med school. I mean, I haven't heard of anyone doing this, and I know med school doesn't care about the major. The faculty of art and science however, could be an interesting thing about me that may make me stand out from all those others applying for med school.

Question is, a major in the arts of psychology or religion? Or would a minor seem less significant?

I've already taken three psych courses and two religion courses. That's another reason why I'm thinking about this.

Any ideas or suggestions? Comment below,

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hot and Bothered

AUGH! I can't believe this! After calming down about my chaotic courses of next semester. After going to the science adviser, the registry office, the secratary of the chair of biology and booking an appointment with the chair of biology for Tuesday. JUST so I can switch my Cell Physiology and metabolism lab from one day to the full day, I get a message from Kira telling me that she simply emailed the chair of biology about letting her in in the same full lab that I WANTED and she let her in!!! Just like that! she let kira in, through an email! even though kira knew I wanted that lab, and she knew why I needed it. I feel like she only switched after I told her it was possible. I can't believe this, why did she even tell me?

auuuugggghhhh. I still have to wait until Tuesday to sit with the chair for 15 minutes so that she may or may not let me in. God knows, there's probably not even spared space. It's seriously overbooked now. Kira is probably not the only one to ask for that lab.

I can't believe this! and right before I go to sleep.. how can i sleep now!?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Looking Like a Turd, Like a Boss!

I was about twenty minutes early to class today. I'm either early or late, it's rather annoying.

I booked an appointment with the Chair of Biology so that I can see if there is any wiggle room for a change in labs.

I got a 9.5/10 for my very first ecology lab assignment! Yey! I hope I can keep this percentage for every single thing I do!
I still hate ecology labs though, I mean last week we sat on the ground counting grass, and when i couldn't think it would get worse, this week we walked to Point Pleasant Park to look for something to observe.

At least my partner is pretty cool, I like her. She's my very first pinay (Filipino) friend/acquaintance.
Anyways, so it was pouring all day today and I was totally prepared for the weather. I had my rain coat and an umbrella, but I ended up giving the umbrella to my partner because she only had a jacket that I didn't even see the hoody of!
My legs ended up getting pretty wet as a result, but no regrets.

I went home to change, and was running late for karate. I only had 7 minutes before the bus comes so I ran all the way to the bus station. God, I hate running. It's really a liberating feeling when you start, but a minute into it and you're like I CAN'T BREATH!
speaking of I can't breath, I got my heart palpitation today. It was after I got off the bus and went to the changing room. I was bending over to pick my umbrella from the ground and I just had it. It lasted about a minute and it was rather annoying, as usual.
I also ended up praying my maghrib prayer at the bus stop! I know, I know, it's so weird! I agree. You see, I have a time for those prayers. This one happens to be at dusk. Dusk occurs while I'm in karate class, and finishes about 8:30 pm. Karate finishes at 8, and it takes 20 minutes for the bus to take me to my destination (assuming the class finishes exactly on time, and that the bus itself comes at 8 sharp and I actually take it) It also takes about 10 minutes for me to walk back to my apartment. See how I wont make it?
It was weird, I was praying under the rain, and I was also standing and sitting. I didn't feel like my prayer was properly done. I didn't prostrate because there was no place, the ground was wet and I'm in public. I did on two occasion, hide behind a wall and prayed, but there was a serious puddle in that area today!

Augh, I must've looked like a turd today. Running to one bus, going home with soaked pants, and praying at a bus station.

Romi Park!

I KNEW her voice sounded familiar! I was catching up on Attack on Titans when I kept having this feeling like I know who plays Hanji Zoe's voice!

I was absolutely right! She's AMAZING! the same actress who voices Hanji Zoe from attack on titans, did Edward's voice from 
Full Metal Alchemist

That woman, is on a role! I swear, sometimes I just dream and wish I was a voice actress. Just to go wild with the characters!

Maybe, if the opportunity presented itself I'll latch on it like a leech.