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Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Call from Ro

Augh, I still have tons of things to do but I'm at least done with my discussion!

My cousin Ro called my older sister today. Now, she never ever met Ro in her life so she got confused by the sudden call and gave me the phone to talk to him. I've met him twice or thrice before, but he never really called me or even chatted with me or anything like that. Last time I saw him, we were both sleeping over at Aunt H's house in Oman and my sister and I scribbled on his face with makeup while he was asleep. He grew an allergic reaction to it. Anyways, I think it was strange that he called ...but nice.
Ro asked me about university and such, it turns out his dad wants him to make up his mind about his future by the end of this year. Did I mention he was only in 8th grade? Odd isn't it. I think it's a lot of unnecessary pressure consider I'm in second year of university and still am unsure of what I'm going to do with myself. I told him to see what he wants to work  in before deciding on a major to pursue. Once he finds what he wants its easier to look at what he needs to complete it. I also told him to just focus on his studies for now.
I think he only called for that reason, but he told me he wanted to just "catch up" with us. His voice changed too, it's deep now.

On other news, I have an instagram now (about time, right?).I plan on accepting anyone there, almost like twitter I suppose. I plan on hooking twitter here too, but I'm not entirely sure when, if ever, that will happen. I also updated my goodreads page. I suppose you can find me in almost every single site if you just search for "moving disaster"!

Take care!

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