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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

samsung tab 3

This is my first post using the tab! I can't believe I have one.
today, as you already know, is my birthday. It started out yesterday at midnight, but I, ve already discussed this is the previous post.
I got a little dressed up today. I wore my blazer, heeled boots and the owl necklace my sis got me (which btw I tore this afternoon!!!) The owl got ripped from the golden chain. Wore itonce and I already damaged it, no wonder my sis won't let me take my tab out before I buy a cover for it.
Speaking of which, my sis and I went to try out the thai restaurant Thai Ivory Cuisine. Boy, was it fancy! And the service, the service was amazing. It was onky one waitress, but she was always genuinely smiling, she was nice, she knows when you want her just by looking her in the eye. She wasn't good with english, but she did well.
I first walked in and waited for my sister. When my sister arrived, she had a rainbow rose in her hand for me and I was just like.

 "awww". Noone ever gave me flowers before♡

I took the pad thai combo and it tasted good, but I wouldn't order it again. Not that great, maybe curry for next time. My sister left for her class and I ordered dessert to go. I paid and left and as I walked away the waitress shouts for me. She's like "your icecream!"
Yeah, I totally forgot to take my food. I walked back in laughing nervously and she laughed and told me that I can't leave it here because I already paid for it!
She was sweet.
I have some work to do today, but so far, it's been a good day alhamdulellah.
Im still not used to the tab, it's odd because I have a smart phone and laptop. The tab will come to use in the university for when I read manga and fool around or when I travel.
oh! Speaking of travel, have I mentioned that im going to kuwait in christmas? I'm super excited to escape this horribly cold weather.

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