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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The new university building

Waaaaah! I just prayed asr in a random classroom in the new building of the university. This whole floor is somewhat vacant, so I just went in one of the rooms and prayed. I can never concentrate well in my prayers if I feel like someone might see me praying. It's so awkward!
I should really make a list of the top ten strangest places I have ever prayed in.

More about the new building...
It is stock filled with asians. It has this new furniture smell and it feels like I have just walked into the airport. Asians EVERYWHERE! There are some arabs too! I thought this place is like a library or a study place for students, it turned out it's a building for learning English as a second language, or so I think.
It's quite interesting really, there's an echo which makes it difficult to concentrate. I really need to be studying though. I keep procrastinating everything and that's just horrible!

I need to get my shit together since I'm haven't gotten a single A so far! If this keeps up I'll never make it to med school. Maybe, I'm not good enough for it.

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