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Friday, November 29, 2013

Wake UP!

I tried my best to stay awake today, I didn't want to waste time sleeping because I have another exam tomorrow.  I couldn't stay awake either and ended up in a daze before my sister told me to just sleep.

I had two continuous dreams. I dreamt that my sister woke me up, and that I the girl who was supposed to come to our house has come. It was supposed to be a big feast in the dream for some reason. The girl was waltzing in just like mary poppins. It was rather peculiar. I ended up being angry at my little sister and lashing out at her for eating with my cousin without waiting for the rest.

 The second dream felt more realistic. It was more or less a repeat of the first scenario. I woke up by myself and walked out of my room.  I tried to turn on the light but there was no electricity in the house. I looked over and was able to see my older sister standing next to the front door, but when i looked to my right, to the hall, there was a shadow that ran straight at me. It turned out to be my younger sister that lunged at me. She aimed for my neck forcefully rubbing and pushing my jugular in and preventing me from breathing properly. It was horribly realistic. I tried to push her away and we wrestled back into my room at the same time, the lights turned back on. I shoved her at the corner of my two mattresses and the corner hit her head. I remembered waking up to pray and I only had 5 minutes before the next prayer so I rushed to pray but as I was in my last rak'a ( cycle in the prayer), my sister's friend came and tried to shove a cookie in my mouth while I was praying. I pulled away and rejected it, but she just tried to tickle me instead. It was insane, since she's supposed to be religious! I laughed a bit in my prayer before I was done, which is not something your supposed to do, so I don't know if it got accepted. I got upset about that, and I ended up waking up for real.

I actually woke up only 3 minutes after I missed the prayer in reality. I was so upset, it's like I had a feeling. I should've prayed before I went to sleep, but I was so tired, and I thought I'll sleep for only half an hour. AUGH! this laziness will cost me.

Romi Park....AGAIN?!

Once again I've come to realize that Romi plays a role in a sick anime that I'm watching. She's voicing Suppon / Noburo from Rainbow. Even though she has like 100 different voices I still recognized a familiarity in the pitches but I didn't know it would be her! Well done!

Once again, I'm a little jealous that she participates in all of these great animations.

Oh and I have an exam in like ab hour so, bye!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

wrecking ball


and I don't give a fuck at all,
how you came or at whom you came
I just want to study
So let me be

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Memoirs of Ridda

Okay, so this is one of those memories I never wanna forget.

I was in the biology lecture conversing with Kira and her friend, when all of a sudden a boy walks in front of the seats and kneels down before me. I stared at him confused and then he asked if I was ___ _____. Once he said my full name, I thought he was some guy I had forgotten or something. He introduced himself as Ridda and said he was in the medical society too and that he needed female members for the soccer team.

I just sat there dumbfounded as a man I haven't ever talked to before stared up at me from where he was kneeling.


But, to be honest, having a man kneel before your feet is a damn good feeling. If this was an anime, I would have been blushing. But i don't blush because it's too weird..and...I don't think i physically can.


Yes, I had joined the soccer team, and ever sense I have been chatting with Ridda on facebook occasionally.

For a year I tried to maintain myself so that he wouldn't end up like most guys I chat with. liking me...(ironic huh?)

I got loose though, once anime was mentioned. We both were madly in love with FMA ( I was watching brotherhood at that time though)

and Attack on Titan just came out with it's first season, so I suggested that he watchs it since I knew he'd like it.
He did, HE LOVES IT. You're welcome Ridda.

Yesterday when he asked if I was going to kuwait, I told him I am, and that I plan on eating good food and watching an anime with my sisters.

he said he'll do the same in which I replied: the otaku life.

He told me I was "pretty cool" I said he has low expectations of women, but he said not many middle eastern girls like anime ( yeah that was a big hint for me there!) lol dammit asshole, he knows how to compliment me, not by telling me I'm beautiful, but by encouraging my interests of anime and food by saying I'm cool.

little short butthead!

Today, I asked what type of anime he likes. I said "you're probably into gore and fighting because of FMA and AOT, but you also like heros and drama since you prefer the first FMA over brother hood. He was so surprised at how much I knew him. I honestly thought that was obvious.
I have told him about another anime he would love (Rainbow), but I told him that I'll tell him the name of it once he finishes his exams.

He got so furious at me. Somehow as we chatted...he asked me what my plans were after university. I thought he might be hinting at marriage so I dodged that bullet with telling him, obviously medschool. I could've been wrong because he conversed normally, but then he asked me why he doesn't see me dating. I again dodged that bullet by telling him that he should know Islam doesn't accept dating and that you don't need it for marriage. I told him that you can tell about a person without dating by simply observing them, interacting with them, looking at their appearance and the way they talk and behave and who they surround themselves with.

He asked what I thought of him.

I told him, you seem like you dated before, maybe two girls?

He was in so much shock he kept asking me how I did it, and that if I know who they were. I told him that I was good at estimation, not that I'm god!

I described some things about him and he agreed to what I said. It was funny really. I asked him to do the same to me, and he said respectable for refusing to date me. augh, won't this make it awkward? but i told him to go on and he said I was shy at first, and I told him that's wrong. I merely like to make sure who I'm talking with before I get comfortable with what I say.

hmm..perhaps I got too comfortable.


Rainbow (manga)

I don't know why but every time I finish reading a good manga I feel empty as if I have some void I need to full fill.

I suppose gamers can relate after finishing a good game, or others can relate after watching a really good series.
It's even worse when there is no closure, or no ending/ has not updated (yet).

I've recently read Rainbow and let me tell you, while it isn't sexual, it has mature content. They don't show genitals, but they do (for example) show assholes in an extremely disturbing way!

Regardless of this, It is a really good manga, but it IS NOT FULLY UPLOADED YET. It depicts the time right after the nuclear bomb hit japan. There's a lot of anger towards system, towards the Americans, and most importantly there is a lot of corruption due to poverty.

this story is about 6 boys who go to reformatory for "crimes" they have committed. Those 6 boys enter share a cell with a seventh slightly older boy( An-chan). He becomes somewhat of an idol, an older brother to them. They each have problems that resulted them in being locked up behind bars (mostly theft and violence). Those  7 boys, like the 7 colours of the rainbow, start bonding and reflecting on themselves. Only in the reformatory have they ever established the true meaning of friendship.

The problem is that the reformatory they are in has a psychopath guard that helps the pedophile doctor get "access" to the boys in the reformatory. The guard also happens to absolutely loathe An-chan and constantly try to find excuses to torment him.

Any more than that and I might give out spoilers!
Anyways, this story teaches the value of friendship, perseverance, and hope. It is a little grim because it is extremely realistic; however there are a lot of funny moments. There is rape, there is murder, there is injustice and there's A LOT of fights in the story. This is why it is mature, so don't read it if you're under 16!
Yeah, that explains why I love this manga, plus the art is magnificent and very edgy!

About the characters!

Let's start with the idol of the story. His nickname is An-chan and his first appearance was of him sitting in one of the cells reading a book without a single fuck being given. He is the typical cool guy, no...typical BADASS!. He looks cool, is very calm and collected, friendly, determined, strong and smart.

An-chan with his famous death glare

Second colour of the rainbow is a boy nicknamed Mario. Even though the story divides the focus on them equally, he shines a bit more than the rest. He seems to be the typical protagonist. A little oblivious to his surroundings, extremely honest, filled with integrity, and irrational. ( Don't worry fangirls, he get's hair once released from the reformatory)


Third colour of the rainbow: Biceps. He behaves like the ideal solider really. He is keen on looking after his body, he is also very cool, thoughtful, considerate of his actions and words and uh...Biceps is strong.


The fourth colour of Rainbow's nickname is Baremoto. I forgot what it means, but those glasses indicate what you all assumed. He is intelligent, he's the master mind of most schemes and plans. Unlike the rest, he can be very selfish because he has a hard time trusting others. 

One of my favorite colours: Joe
Joe stands out of the crowd with his blue eyes, and I timid demeanor. He seems shy and peaceful and soft, but he kicks major ass if you trouble his friends. Why else would he be in jail? He has a dumbass dream of becoming a singer though, I don't know why it bothers me. Don't worry fangirls, he too gets hair after some time.
Manga Joe
anime joe
Little twerp over here is Suppon (in the manga). He's the trickster, he's very impulsive, funny, conniving, tricky, self centered, and a compulsive liar. He can also be a big softie too, since he was the first one to act out and help another character in the story before they became friends. I would like to call him the comic relief for his blunt inappropriate outbursts that often result in him getting his ass kicked by the other colours. He does grow hair later in the manga, but never grew in height!

Mario and Suppon fighting over dumb shit again

Last me the least. The gluttonous big fat softie (literally) Kabatsu. He's big in size, all he cares about is food, is extremely caring and got in the reformatory for the dumbest reason. His nickname in the manga means cauliflower "

WOAH! looking through pictures, I've just discovered that there's an ANIME RELEASE OF THIS MANGA!. Don't you just love when that happens? OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I can't wait! no, I have to wait until my exams are over! GAH! DAMMIT! I can't!

               So far, it seems EXACTLY like the manga (something I love!) God, if it's exactly like the manga, then...the first episode will be the most disturbing first episode in all animes...followed closely by FMA!

okay...I'll only watch the first episode. and here it is! GAH! could it be anymore perfect!!!! >o<

Rainbow: Subbed episode 1: After the Rain

aww, there are some changes in the anime, very very very subtle ones like they didn't show when Joe was being examined by the doctor. They added that the sadistic guard offers that the kids beat up each other too. Still, most of the details have been there and it's still pretty epic.
My chest still hurts, it feels as if it's bruised!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

chest pains

Why the hell is my chest hurting me.
The left side is a little sore, but it isn't the muscle, it aches when I puff out my chest. Weeeeiiirrrd!

Good Night!

Monday, November 25, 2013


I slept for only five hours today because I stayed up all night doing my Ecology article review. I thought it was  due today because I just wasn't sure of anything anymore.
I also had to wake up at 7:10 am to pray and get ready for my Death class at 8:30. The professor handed us our term papers back, and I was so devastated by my grade. I still can't believe he gave me a 75% on it even though I worked so hard. I gave that paper a 100% on effort. the reason was because of my footnotes. He wrote and I quote "absolutely INSANE". I talked to him about it after class and he told me it didn't make sense, and that he even had a medical doctor help him read it. Why would he even say that? I was so upset that I went to the bathroom and cried. I had to pull my shit together though because I wanted to talk to my Ecology prof about the assignment. I waited half an hour before I went, hoping I didn't look like a mess when I got there, but my evolution prof (they share one office) noticed and told me if I'm okay. I told her I'm just tired because I didn't sleep well. It turns out that my ecology papers and power point are indeed due tomorrow. My ecology professor offered to postpone the due date for me. I immediately rejected and told her that I can't because I have other things due. My evolution teacher already knew of this because I have an evolution paper due on the 29th along with an exam and then two other exams the next day (one of them got rescheduled to Dec. 2nd but she doesn't know that). When I was walking out of the office, she told me that if I was tight on time then she can give me some extra time on the papers. The ecology teacher also agreed to this and offered to see a draft of my paper. I was so happy, but I told her I don't think I need it so far, but I'll let her know once I get started on the paper.

 Can they be any sweeter?
I really need to get started on the paper though. I'm still really tired even though I took a nap once I got home.
Just ...two more weeks...


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Quote of the day:a love epidemic

Revi: messages me telling me she's falling for someone.
me: omg, it's funny cause the other day my other friend told me similar things about love.
her: Oh dear God! It's an epidemic!
me:I know, I might be next!
her: Run, M.D., RUN!
me: but I'm so lazy! What should I do?
her: wash your hands more? eat more garlic! wait, that's for vampires.
It's okay vampires, men....same thing! did the topic escalate like this xD


Friday, November 22, 2013

Quote of the Day: Karate

You know you're too involved in karate when:
sis: hurry up and get dressed!
me: OSU!
me: what the hell did I just say?

on a side note, I got my heart palpitation in karate for like the fourth of fifth time. Even though I took permission to sit aside whenever I get it, I can't bring myself to just suddenly leave the class. It's a little awkward. That cost me an extra minute of accelerated heart beatings.



Thursday, November 21, 2013

Exam Reschedual

I'll have a really fucked up week next week. I have a formal lab report, a presentation, and an article review all due on the 26th. I have an essay and my first exam on the 29th. My second and third exams are on the 30th. One of those exams I can do on either 30 or Dec 1st, but that would still leave me little time to study. I emailed the professor to just give me one more day so that I can do it on Dec 2nd and she agreed! I'm really happy about that.

Augh! I also have something due today, but I already answered 1/3 of it.

I got this really cool idea when I was answering it. Maybe I should make up a little characters on each fucked up personality that results from a fixation of the psychosexual stages. There's two anal types, two oral types, several phallic types. I think it would be a great idea, but I'm a procrastinator and I suck at organizing and suck butt at legit drawing. I can sketch beautifully though. I also want to make an AMV about a manga called A Cruel god Reigns. I really love that manga's beginning then it turns gay...literally. well, it was sorta gay to start with, but rape doesn't count, unless we're talking about the rapist. I'm screwed in the head.

Sorry guys,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mirai Nikki

I just finished watching Mirai Nikki (future Diary) and I must say....I should be studying now.

Uh...but I probably should write this down before I procrastinate this as much as I'm procrastinating my studies.

Mirai Nikki is an anime that makes no sense. I'm being honest here, I've kept hearing about the pink haired yandere, Yuno Gasai, and I wasn't really interested. However, after coming across the abridged series of Mirai Nikki, I felt like I should know the real thing before I spoil it on the funny one.

To say the least, it makes zero sense.
It's a game, a survival game to "gods" throne. You see, apparently "god" is dying and needs a successor, so he makes up a game that involves 12 random people where the last one standing wins his throne.
Each player gets a little diary that predicts a certain future. With that, they are able to escape, or kill, or know how to manipulate their future to survive. To win the game, you destroy the other diaries. Pretty simple really, until you notice that many people don't destroy each other when they had the chance to do it at least 10 times.

First: the protagonist. He's a 14 year old pussy, I hate using that word, but he really stayed true to the very end to the fact that he's a big wuss. I liked that at first, he made things realistic. I mean, won't you be scared if people were trying to kill you? He, however, is scared and irrational at the same time. It bothered me a bit. but what really pissed me off was that in the end, just like almost every anime, the main guy is the hero that eventually saves the day. No, I really still don't understand how in God's name he pulled it off. Like I said, it makes no sense. His diary is the random diary.
Yukki Amano
Second: The pink haired yandere that
made this anime famous. She's a stalker! Not the funny stalker you see in anime, but the stalker that you will freak about in real life. She's possessive, obsessive and insane on the inside yet holds a sweet face on the outside. That's why the word "yandere" fits her perfectly. She's also 14 and a classmate of Yukki! Her diary tells her everything Yuki is doing! Creepy? you don't know the half of it.
Second: Yuno Gasai

Third: A seriel killer. Yeah, I don't even remember him talking in the whole show. He has the assassin diary.

  Fourth: Detective Kuruse?  No, I'm not sure of his name, but he is the chief detective. He isn't really interested in being a "god", much like most of the people. He has the investigator diary.


Fifth: I don't know his name either, but he's a little five year old genius that is almost as insane as Yuno! Everything he does in this show makes little sense, even for a genius. The fact that he accessed all these weapons is beyond me. He has a coloring book diary!

      Sixth: A little girl that is also the leader of a cult. She has poor vision, and has lived her entire life imprisoned in a temple as some sort of prophecy. her diary is written in a scroll.

Seventh: are actually two people! They're lovers!
They have the exchange diaries which allows them to see each other's future.


Eighth: Not much is known about her other than she runs an orphanage. She's one of those characters that don't make sense. She's always standing with her arms spread to the sides and just....look how much she resembles the white dough boy from bakery commercials!


ninth: one of the best characters in the show. She's a terrorist, quite literally. She goes around murdering people effortlessly and wants to become a god to make the world better. Perhaps you can say she's the anti-hero?
She has the escape diary, it tells her where she can hide and run to. She is the only realistic person in the show, yet, she had so many opportunities to kill first and second that it was just sad to watch her lose these chances.

ninth: Minene Uryuu
Tenth: A guy that was more in love with his dogs than his family. He had the breeder diary and didn't really show up much in the show. He even used his own daughter to do the killing for him.

eleventh: one of the only guys I didn't sympathize with at all. He was the one just a little smarter than most and his diary was the all seeing or so. He actually had access to peek into other diaries!
 Twelfth: This guy is actually one of my favorites. I don't know why his background wasn't revealed. especially since he has a strange fixation on attaining justice! His diary was a recorder because he was practically blind. He dressed up and acted based on all mighty justice and righteousness!
Twelfth: Is so FABULOUS!
Of course there are more characters such as Yukki's insane parents the "god", murmur ( "god's" servant) and amazing friends and lovers!

What's sad about this is that almost every character is fucked in the head due to some sort of childhood trauma, or seriously occurring problem. Rape, neglect, war, child abuse, abandonment. Most of them have sob stories.

That aside, here's a little funny photo that fits Yuno and Yukki's relationship pretty well:

I need to go back to studying now, pray for me,

Saturday, November 16, 2013


I went to the writing center at noon to work on my paper for death class. I then picked up wendeys and went home. I love their new chicken burger with pretzel baked bread. I also didn't win at the photo contest, bummer.
I've  stayed up until 3 a,m working on my death term paper. I've also started watching Mirrai Niki. I thought it would be really stupid and with the girl being insane, it turned out better than expected, though she is definitly insane!
I didn't know it was supernatural. I thought the story revolved around the yandere, yuno.

Anyways, wish me luck on my oapers,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Second Meeting with Yumi

Hello guys, I've had my second meeting with Yumi at Wasabi House today. She said the sushi here was more expensive. Well, that makes sense considering she's from Japan. It was awkward trying to open a conversation with her today. I can't seem to think of much anymore. I talked about movies, music, studies, family, food, language, reading, future jobs and work, the weather and culture. What the heck is left?!

I also tried black sesame ice-cream for the first time in my life. It actually didn't taste so bad once you get used to the taste. It tastes like sesame at first, then looks and tastes a little like ink. After a while it started tasting like chocolate! that might be because there was chocolate syrup though.

Black sesame ice-cream with fried banana
I have 4 papers due next week. Pray for me!



I can't help but over hear the conversation of the people next to me. It's just too funny. Here is how it went:

one guy:  " I got hit on by a gay guy last night and I felt so good because gay guys know what's good! It was a confidence booster. I just didn't know what to say, so I just pointed to my friend and told him 'he's my boyfriend, sorry I'm taken' and I don't know why. I could've just told him I'm straight."

Another guy was trying to use the "I'm a foreigner so I don't know excuse" when the first guy tells him "Dude, you can't use that excuse, you were born here! you're as much of a foreigner as I am!"

I'm trying so hard to mind my own business but I can't!

I'm also meeting up with Yumi today. We're going to go to Wasabi House for sushi!

Yaoi in University

That awkward moment when there's a yaoi manga in your university library.

Yes, last time there was just a book about anime in general, but this time there were two volumes of a romance manga; Boys over Flowers, that I've never even heard of and one romance yaoi manga!

I mean, if my university was to put a manga that's fine. They should, however, put mangas that have been critiqued like Akira. If they want to put a boy love manga maybe A Cruel god Reigns in Heaven. At least that yaoi had received awards.

early snow

It snowed against  today. There were some flurries last saturday, but it snowed a bit more today and it's only mid november!
I also bought some groceries today after karate class. I got Dana a DIY gingerbread house. We will have so much fun working on it!

Monday, November 11, 2013


I actually dreamt I had two followers and a few comments -_-
I don't know what to say, but waking up to reality can sometimes be disappointing.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Vic Mignogna

The English voice actor famous for his work as Ed from Full Metal Alchamist, Tamaki from Ouran High school Host Club, and Zero from Vampire Knight.

I would personally prefer to go to a convention where Romi Park was there! I'm not that big of a fan of Vic, but after seeing him on stage I kind of am now. The inappropriate jokes he cracked, the way he made the fangirls swoon and laugh. He really gets pumped from the audience and I also respect him deeply for loving the characters he played! He actually loves them almost as much as we do! He might be the only voice actor that cosplays as his own character (Ed)! His singing voice sucks butt, but he's just a great persona.

so, one of the fan boys gives him a box and when Vic opened it he gasped and pulled out a little toy version of Ed. He then exclaimed " A lifesize Ed!" I almost died laughing.

Yes, I think you understand that I went to Hal-con today. I went with J, from karate, and Revi's friend. We went there at 9 am (when they opened) so that we won't have to wait that long before we get in like yesterday! LESSON LEARNED!

It was a little boring, I'll admit. It was a bit of a let down.Even the merchandise was a little disappointing. The cosplays were pretty good though. There weren't a lot of people who dressed up, but from those that did well, I took some pics with!

To see my awesome cosplay with other people's even greater costumes, follow me on blogspot!
If I get a follower, I will post pictures of myself and of the cosplays at the convention.

I promise you, the Alphonse cosplay I took a picture with is really good!

Also, I bought a little hanged chibi Ed as a souvenir. It's so adorable it makes me smile every time I look at him!

I also left the convention really early today, at like around 1-2 pm because my stomach was hurting really badly. I want to go to next year's convention if the same people go with me!

Please suggest anime cosplay ideas for a hijabi girl!

Moving disaster moment of the day: ran rib first into the bathroom door handle. don't ask why or how.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hal-Con Fail

today was the big day! The day I have been waiting a year for. Actually I've been day dreaming about cosplaying and taking pictures with other anime characters ever since I can remember.
I really love anime and at this convention, I thought I THOUGHT we will be let in!

Let me tell you what happened:

I dressed up as Lan Fan from FMA brotherhood to the convention, and took the bus with J, my karate classmate to reach the convention.

I sacrificed this day, and said I'll study in the others all for loss.

Revi and her guy friend were already waiting there for an hour, and even then we waited for three or four HOURS! Just standing in a line like little retards. When we reached the door, the man upfront said we have reached the limited capacity, sorry folks you won't go in today!

I'm like FUCK YOU! (in my head)

Then, we had to go outside in the cold to get the refunds. The 30$ we paid to get in right?!

They actually ran out of cash! so, they started replacing today's day passes for tomorrow's day passes. Otherwise we had to go there tomorrow to get the refunds. AUGH!
I took the pass, but it's so unfair that they wasted so much of our time. My friends have work, and I have to study. It's just aweful!

On the bright side:

I took a picture with Edward Elric! I probably look like shit with my shitty horse looking lan fan ninja mask.

I took a picture with Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Killer.

I think that was it! ( As promised, I'll show pics in exchange for a follower <^<)

We also just walked to the mall and ate together. We a group picture the four of us. I really like them. They're funny, fun, honest, straight forward. You can tell they're good people. I like those types of people.
Crappy time, but ...good company

I just saw a post on facebook that made me smile, it was the same post I posted above but through Revi's words:


So, went to Hal-con today... first, I picked up my bracelet from my cousin and walked around a little bit (so many people and so much going on!), second, I successfully found my friends and thirdly, I decided to wait with them in line to get their prepaid bracelets so that they could go in... 

4 HOURS LATER... JUST as we get to the door to get their bracelets, Hal-con RUNS OUT of bracelets, which means no one else can get in. So, being disgusted with Hal-con, I left with my friends to get refunded (with money or a free bracelet for Sunday's events), out in the Parade Square. 

JUST as we get to the refund table, they RUN OUT of money AND bracelets. Thankfully though, some guy ran over with more bracelets. So my friends got bracelets for tomorrow. I would have too, but I work tomorrow.

So, even though I never got to attend Hal-con, I made a couple new friends, and I got to spend 4 hours with three amazing people"

That. is exactly what happened today!

(If you want pictures of the event + AWESOME cosplays, then follow me and I shall post them)


Friday, November 8, 2013

Hot Levi Cosplay

I think...I just died a little inside. Even though I'm not a fan of levi. This guy looks so cool even though he has makeup on. I guess that's why anime guys look hot. They look like they have makeup on. So pretty... *,*

I'm sorry for those that are unable to see the photo ;_;

Meeting Yumi

So, today I went to the writing center, but they couldn't help me. I need to figure out my report on my own! I'm also sick, boohoo!
I also saw a guy from my karate lessons, I texted him yesterday about going to a comic/anime/game con and he said he didn't receive my messages. It sucks, because I saw it, and he really didn't. we need to buy the tickets, and who knows. I might cosplay as Lan Fan from FMA brotherhood.

If I get a follower, I'll post a pic!

Anyways, I also met up with "Yumi" for the first time, and she was as sweet in person as she was via email. Her English is horrible though, she isn't very bad at it to be honest, but she has a LOT of learning to do! and she has to learn it quick too because she's going back to Japan once this semester is over!
You see, she's an exchange student! Isn't that amazing? I told her why she chose Canada, she told me her other options were England, or USA. She told me that in England, they have a difficult accent, and USA doesn't seem safe. I laughed and agreed. I did tell her that it also depends on the neighborhoods that she would be in and that she's lucky that this city in Canada is so small and friendly!
Nothing shocked me about her more than when she told me she doesn't watch western movies. In Kuwait, everyone knew about Iron man, and Rush Hour and not just those block busters, but trivial movies too! So, I found it strange.
I told her she needs to read more, and watch more English shows and movies. Simply hearing the language is helpful!
Yumi wants to be a flight attendant because it's cool! Isn't that lovely, how simple she is. She wanted to learn English for that goal, and she traveled across the globe on a whim! I think it's remarkable how she seems to simplify her life. She wants something, and she does it.
I tend to over think everything, I'm a hesitant person.
Inshallah She will be a flight attendant, and I will be a doctor ^_^


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A japanese friend

I FINAKLY received feedback from the conversation volunteer program that I signed up for more than a week ago.
this program just teams you up with an international student whos english is weak. I'm supposed to meet up with her qn hour a week to just talk and hopefully that will help her learn and use english more often.
The girl that I will be conversing with is a japanese 19 year old girl. Her name is like a stereotypical japanese name and to keep her privacy I'll call her Yumi instead.
She emailed me today to set a day and time and she was very sweet. She went me a picture of herself and when I sent mine whe told me I looked "kind". I don't recall ever being called kind as a first impression. I love it!
She said she was a little worried at first but she feel better after we emqiled eachother. I told her I was nervous too and to feel free to ask questions.
We will meet up this friday. I hope ill know what to say.

Shes very nice I like her so far. This is as close qs my little otaku fantasy goes since im sure ill never go to japan or meet naruto, but I did meet a cosplay of eren!

The life of a student is an interesting one,