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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Memoirs of Ridda

Okay, so this is one of those memories I never wanna forget.

I was in the biology lecture conversing with Kira and her friend, when all of a sudden a boy walks in front of the seats and kneels down before me. I stared at him confused and then he asked if I was ___ _____. Once he said my full name, I thought he was some guy I had forgotten or something. He introduced himself as Ridda and said he was in the medical society too and that he needed female members for the soccer team.

I just sat there dumbfounded as a man I haven't ever talked to before stared up at me from where he was kneeling.


But, to be honest, having a man kneel before your feet is a damn good feeling. If this was an anime, I would have been blushing. But i don't blush because it's too weird..and...I don't think i physically can.


Yes, I had joined the soccer team, and ever sense I have been chatting with Ridda on facebook occasionally.

For a year I tried to maintain myself so that he wouldn't end up like most guys I chat with. liking me...(ironic huh?)

I got loose though, once anime was mentioned. We both were madly in love with FMA ( I was watching brotherhood at that time though)

and Attack on Titan just came out with it's first season, so I suggested that he watchs it since I knew he'd like it.
He did, HE LOVES IT. You're welcome Ridda.

Yesterday when he asked if I was going to kuwait, I told him I am, and that I plan on eating good food and watching an anime with my sisters.

he said he'll do the same in which I replied: the otaku life.

He told me I was "pretty cool" I said he has low expectations of women, but he said not many middle eastern girls like anime ( yeah that was a big hint for me there!) lol dammit asshole, he knows how to compliment me, not by telling me I'm beautiful, but by encouraging my interests of anime and food by saying I'm cool.

little short butthead!

Today, I asked what type of anime he likes. I said "you're probably into gore and fighting because of FMA and AOT, but you also like heros and drama since you prefer the first FMA over brother hood. He was so surprised at how much I knew him. I honestly thought that was obvious.
I have told him about another anime he would love (Rainbow), but I told him that I'll tell him the name of it once he finishes his exams.

He got so furious at me. Somehow as we chatted...he asked me what my plans were after university. I thought he might be hinting at marriage so I dodged that bullet with telling him, obviously medschool. I could've been wrong because he conversed normally, but then he asked me why he doesn't see me dating. I again dodged that bullet by telling him that he should know Islam doesn't accept dating and that you don't need it for marriage. I told him that you can tell about a person without dating by simply observing them, interacting with them, looking at their appearance and the way they talk and behave and who they surround themselves with.

He asked what I thought of him.

I told him, you seem like you dated before, maybe two girls?

He was in so much shock he kept asking me how I did it, and that if I know who they were. I told him that I was good at estimation, not that I'm god!

I described some things about him and he agreed to what I said. It was funny really. I asked him to do the same to me, and he said respectable for refusing to date me. augh, won't this make it awkward? but i told him to go on and he said I was shy at first, and I told him that's wrong. I merely like to make sure who I'm talking with before I get comfortable with what I say.

hmm..perhaps I got too comfortable.


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