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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mirai Nikki

I just finished watching Mirai Nikki (future Diary) and I must say....I should be studying now.

Uh...but I probably should write this down before I procrastinate this as much as I'm procrastinating my studies.

Mirai Nikki is an anime that makes no sense. I'm being honest here, I've kept hearing about the pink haired yandere, Yuno Gasai, and I wasn't really interested. However, after coming across the abridged series of Mirai Nikki, I felt like I should know the real thing before I spoil it on the funny one.

To say the least, it makes zero sense.
It's a game, a survival game to "gods" throne. You see, apparently "god" is dying and needs a successor, so he makes up a game that involves 12 random people where the last one standing wins his throne.
Each player gets a little diary that predicts a certain future. With that, they are able to escape, or kill, or know how to manipulate their future to survive. To win the game, you destroy the other diaries. Pretty simple really, until you notice that many people don't destroy each other when they had the chance to do it at least 10 times.

First: the protagonist. He's a 14 year old pussy, I hate using that word, but he really stayed true to the very end to the fact that he's a big wuss. I liked that at first, he made things realistic. I mean, won't you be scared if people were trying to kill you? He, however, is scared and irrational at the same time. It bothered me a bit. but what really pissed me off was that in the end, just like almost every anime, the main guy is the hero that eventually saves the day. No, I really still don't understand how in God's name he pulled it off. Like I said, it makes no sense. His diary is the random diary.
Yukki Amano
Second: The pink haired yandere that
made this anime famous. She's a stalker! Not the funny stalker you see in anime, but the stalker that you will freak about in real life. She's possessive, obsessive and insane on the inside yet holds a sweet face on the outside. That's why the word "yandere" fits her perfectly. She's also 14 and a classmate of Yukki! Her diary tells her everything Yuki is doing! Creepy? you don't know the half of it.
Second: Yuno Gasai

Third: A seriel killer. Yeah, I don't even remember him talking in the whole show. He has the assassin diary.

  Fourth: Detective Kuruse?  No, I'm not sure of his name, but he is the chief detective. He isn't really interested in being a "god", much like most of the people. He has the investigator diary.


Fifth: I don't know his name either, but he's a little five year old genius that is almost as insane as Yuno! Everything he does in this show makes little sense, even for a genius. The fact that he accessed all these weapons is beyond me. He has a coloring book diary!

      Sixth: A little girl that is also the leader of a cult. She has poor vision, and has lived her entire life imprisoned in a temple as some sort of prophecy. her diary is written in a scroll.

Seventh: are actually two people! They're lovers!
They have the exchange diaries which allows them to see each other's future.


Eighth: Not much is known about her other than she runs an orphanage. She's one of those characters that don't make sense. She's always standing with her arms spread to the sides and just....look how much she resembles the white dough boy from bakery commercials!


ninth: one of the best characters in the show. She's a terrorist, quite literally. She goes around murdering people effortlessly and wants to become a god to make the world better. Perhaps you can say she's the anti-hero?
She has the escape diary, it tells her where she can hide and run to. She is the only realistic person in the show, yet, she had so many opportunities to kill first and second that it was just sad to watch her lose these chances.

ninth: Minene Uryuu
Tenth: A guy that was more in love with his dogs than his family. He had the breeder diary and didn't really show up much in the show. He even used his own daughter to do the killing for him.

eleventh: one of the only guys I didn't sympathize with at all. He was the one just a little smarter than most and his diary was the all seeing or so. He actually had access to peek into other diaries!
 Twelfth: This guy is actually one of my favorites. I don't know why his background wasn't revealed. especially since he has a strange fixation on attaining justice! His diary was a recorder because he was practically blind. He dressed up and acted based on all mighty justice and righteousness!
Twelfth: Is so FABULOUS!
Of course there are more characters such as Yukki's insane parents the "god", murmur ( "god's" servant) and amazing friends and lovers!

What's sad about this is that almost every character is fucked in the head due to some sort of childhood trauma, or seriously occurring problem. Rape, neglect, war, child abuse, abandonment. Most of them have sob stories.

That aside, here's a little funny photo that fits Yuno and Yukki's relationship pretty well:

I need to go back to studying now, pray for me,

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