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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rainbow (manga)

I don't know why but every time I finish reading a good manga I feel empty as if I have some void I need to full fill.

I suppose gamers can relate after finishing a good game, or others can relate after watching a really good series.
It's even worse when there is no closure, or no ending/ has not updated (yet).

I've recently read Rainbow and let me tell you, while it isn't sexual, it has mature content. They don't show genitals, but they do (for example) show assholes in an extremely disturbing way!

Regardless of this, It is a really good manga, but it IS NOT FULLY UPLOADED YET. It depicts the time right after the nuclear bomb hit japan. There's a lot of anger towards system, towards the Americans, and most importantly there is a lot of corruption due to poverty.

this story is about 6 boys who go to reformatory for "crimes" they have committed. Those 6 boys enter share a cell with a seventh slightly older boy( An-chan). He becomes somewhat of an idol, an older brother to them. They each have problems that resulted them in being locked up behind bars (mostly theft and violence). Those  7 boys, like the 7 colours of the rainbow, start bonding and reflecting on themselves. Only in the reformatory have they ever established the true meaning of friendship.

The problem is that the reformatory they are in has a psychopath guard that helps the pedophile doctor get "access" to the boys in the reformatory. The guard also happens to absolutely loathe An-chan and constantly try to find excuses to torment him.

Any more than that and I might give out spoilers!
Anyways, this story teaches the value of friendship, perseverance, and hope. It is a little grim because it is extremely realistic; however there are a lot of funny moments. There is rape, there is murder, there is injustice and there's A LOT of fights in the story. This is why it is mature, so don't read it if you're under 16!
Yeah, that explains why I love this manga, plus the art is magnificent and very edgy!

About the characters!

Let's start with the idol of the story. His nickname is An-chan and his first appearance was of him sitting in one of the cells reading a book without a single fuck being given. He is the typical cool guy, no...typical BADASS!. He looks cool, is very calm and collected, friendly, determined, strong and smart.

An-chan with his famous death glare

Second colour of the rainbow is a boy nicknamed Mario. Even though the story divides the focus on them equally, he shines a bit more than the rest. He seems to be the typical protagonist. A little oblivious to his surroundings, extremely honest, filled with integrity, and irrational. ( Don't worry fangirls, he get's hair once released from the reformatory)


Third colour of the rainbow: Biceps. He behaves like the ideal solider really. He is keen on looking after his body, he is also very cool, thoughtful, considerate of his actions and words and uh...Biceps is strong.


The fourth colour of Rainbow's nickname is Baremoto. I forgot what it means, but those glasses indicate what you all assumed. He is intelligent, he's the master mind of most schemes and plans. Unlike the rest, he can be very selfish because he has a hard time trusting others. 

One of my favorite colours: Joe
Joe stands out of the crowd with his blue eyes, and I timid demeanor. He seems shy and peaceful and soft, but he kicks major ass if you trouble his friends. Why else would he be in jail? He has a dumbass dream of becoming a singer though, I don't know why it bothers me. Don't worry fangirls, he too gets hair after some time.
Manga Joe
anime joe
Little twerp over here is Suppon (in the manga). He's the trickster, he's very impulsive, funny, conniving, tricky, self centered, and a compulsive liar. He can also be a big softie too, since he was the first one to act out and help another character in the story before they became friends. I would like to call him the comic relief for his blunt inappropriate outbursts that often result in him getting his ass kicked by the other colours. He does grow hair later in the manga, but never grew in height!

Mario and Suppon fighting over dumb shit again

Last me the least. The gluttonous big fat softie (literally) Kabatsu. He's big in size, all he cares about is food, is extremely caring and got in the reformatory for the dumbest reason. His nickname in the manga means cauliflower "

WOAH! looking through pictures, I've just discovered that there's an ANIME RELEASE OF THIS MANGA!. Don't you just love when that happens? OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I can't wait! no, I have to wait until my exams are over! GAH! DAMMIT! I can't!

               So far, it seems EXACTLY like the manga (something I love!) God, if it's exactly like the manga, then...the first episode will be the most disturbing first episode in all animes...followed closely by FMA!

okay...I'll only watch the first episode. and here it is! GAH! could it be anymore perfect!!!! >o<

Rainbow: Subbed episode 1: After the Rain

aww, there are some changes in the anime, very very very subtle ones like they didn't show when Joe was being examined by the doctor. They added that the sadistic guard offers that the kids beat up each other too. Still, most of the details have been there and it's still pretty epic.

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