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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Second Meeting with Yumi

Hello guys, I've had my second meeting with Yumi at Wasabi House today. She said the sushi here was more expensive. Well, that makes sense considering she's from Japan. It was awkward trying to open a conversation with her today. I can't seem to think of much anymore. I talked about movies, music, studies, family, food, language, reading, future jobs and work, the weather and culture. What the heck is left?!

I also tried black sesame ice-cream for the first time in my life. It actually didn't taste so bad once you get used to the taste. It tastes like sesame at first, then looks and tastes a little like ink. After a while it started tasting like chocolate! that might be because there was chocolate syrup though.

Black sesame ice-cream with fried banana
I have 4 papers due next week. Pray for me!


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