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Friday, December 20, 2013


we were Invited for lunch over At my dad's aunt. She made couscous with chicken but she made it spicy so i couldnt enjoy  it that well.
Dads cousin has a persian kitty and it was so adorbs. She named her sushi! She put her in my lap and she started purring then ran off after dana walked into the room.
We then went out to hamra mall where we window shopped at all these brand stores such as gucci and Well i dont remember what else.
The area smelled of h2s though which smells foul. I  then told dad im hungry because i didnt eat well at lunch. It's usually rude to ask for more and noone offered me more so...bleh
I told dad i wanted shawarma!! And so he drove us to te nearest shawarma place and i ordered two. Yummy...but Now im hungry again.
My 2nd uncle and aunt called to come over today. We excused ourselves because we want to spend time with parents not with hospitality. they also didnt give us much time notice, i mean dropping at night doesnt give us time to prepare ourselves.
My older sisiter, mom and I went tothe loon afterwards to getour eyebrows threaded and staches waxed. Talk about no pain, no gain.

My fourth uncle Offered to take my sister out on a drive, but i Was not mentioned in that awkwar , im ony 2.5 years younger ...
He ended up leaving by himself though.

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