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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kuwait's cats

Dad decided to take us out for ice-cream early in the morning. I set my alarm to wake up at 10 am in which Dana and i were ready by 10;45 but he decided to go get a hair cut first. I thought that was a tad rude and a little frustrating. After an hour has passed, he returned and we left and headed to Kuwait's gulf. My older sis didn't join because the dermatologist cut her off of a list of things that include preservatives, dairy products and chocolate for a period of five days, so that they may figure out whats wrong with my sisters skin and why she has over active antibodies.
Back to ice cream!
Since my sisters and i are boycotting McDonald's dads sundae suggestion flew off the window. My sister asked if we can go to Hard Rock Café to eat the Delicious giant brownie sundae they have. We ended up all sharing it! It was mouth watering as usual. My destructive event today wasn't that bad as i merely stained my sister's boyfriend jeans.
We walked along side the sea and Dana and i started counting the street...err..beach cats? I counted 42! Some look infested with diseases, others look extremely clean and well groomed.
Just chillin cat

A mommy and her two kittens

more cats chilling

out for a stroll
Yeah, Kuwait is weird like that...

When we were driving in the car  dad informed me that his mom old him that his sister is coming over to her house. In other words: my aunt might drop by tomorrow. I asked dad if auntie W had called mom to inform her that shes coming to our house tomorrow and his reply was that untie never learns! 
I should've said something to that...i should've told him to call his sister and tell her to call mom! People cant just drop by or know you're coming through several people. I wanted to remind him of the several fights this has initiated and to remind him of moms severe discomfort to knowing things in the last minute. ...but i didn't...
He also told me that he was thinking of eating dinner outside today in which i reminded him of my older sisters chicken leftovers. I know she'd be upset if we don't finish it. He told me we'll eat lunch at 2 and dinner when mom comes home, which is around 6:30 he also told me he wanted to go to the gym. When mom came home, he picked himself up and went to the gym. I should've said something when hey were both in the room. I should've brought up the subject of aunt W's arrival...but i didn't..
Instead, i followed mom to the kitchen where she has her usual smoke and asked her if we're going out to see if dad had told her what he had told me earlier. She barked at me that if she knew we wanted to go out she wouldn't have come upstairs to the apartment. I tried explaining that i was merely checking. I also told her that dad told me that grandma told him that aunt W told her she might be dropping by tomorrow. 
I should've waited for my introvert mom to finish her smoke of solitude first...but i didn't...
She was enraged but kept it in.  when she was done with the smoke she talked to my older sister and my anxious impulsive sister kept pushing her to call dad. She threatened that if mom didn't pick up the phone she will. Mom grew angry from that sentence and scolded her for trying to pressure her. You see, dad has several things he did not fix around the house. One of them is the broken door of the made up tiny attic in the hallway. After mom and my older sister talked some of the problems through, my little sister joined in with " don't talk about dad when hes not here!" That only made mom angrier because it made her look like the bad guy. Dana was simply too young to understand that mom has been building up or quite some time and that she is being pushed to the edge.
Mom ended up sending him a text saying that if he doesn't get it fixed, shes not accepting anyone over. Which she didn't want to do...what mom wanted to do was make plans for tomorrow to get an excuse to not be there when aunt decides to drop by. You see, its mighty rude of her to come over just because shes dropping by at her mothers. It wouldn't be rude if she just called in advance though. Last week she did the same thing, she said shes dropping by at night since her husband has plans for dinner. Thankfully, we were out shopping then.
I don't know why people like to make problems out of nothing. I know for sure i wont be accepting anyone in my house without a notice first. I absolutely hate it when unexpected things happen, those are what stress me out. That's why i always try to expect the worse  scenarios, so that my head wont go blank when they happen, and so that I'll be happy when they don't.
However, after going back in the kitchen where mom was smoking again, i started laughing. Its quite typical of me after all, i shouldn't have opened my mouth and told mom that aunt was coming...but i did...

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