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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Food and ice skating

Finally finally met up with nor today! I took my two sisters with me. We went ice skating at first and my older sister and I don't know how to skate. Well, let's just say that was fun. I only fell four times and we took pictures and had fun since it was a Sunday and working day in Arabic countries there wasn't many people skating. In fact we were the only ones in the small rink. After an hour or so nor drove us to avenues so we can eat at the cheese cake factory. This time I shared a meal with Dana so that I can room for dessert! The appetiser which was a Vietnamese spring roll or didn't really taste that good, and I found the teryaki chicken to be quite average, but I did like the tuxedo chocolate cheesecake I ordered. It was superb, however my little sister did not favor it.

The tuxedo chocolate mousse cheesecake

Oh, by the way, I gained another kilo in this country. I'm gonna turn into a tub of lard! I keep saying ill lose weight I'll lose weight, but guess what? That never happens, if anything, I only gain wait. I'm almost 56 kilos now.....aughjdneiuhibbihb
Oh well.

By the way yesterday dad suggested we eat breakfast at ikea and i loved the idea and so i woke the family up early to go. I got yelled at a few times for waking them up. They're not morning people. After much idling we finally went there with dads awesome aggressive driving. When we reached there the menu consisted of mostly fried things such as nuggets, hot dogs, fries, or not things that weren't worth it like fried eggs and sandwiches. I was disappointed and my mom commented on the food so i suggested we leave and she agreed and told dad. Dad said okay and he cut out of the line and left me and Dana in the line with the food carts. I was baffled and embarrassed to be honest. I didn't think he would easily ditch us like this. So us girls waited until we can return the cars then we went downstairs where my dad was waiting and left the store. My mom totally ignored my sitting dad and when he followed us she barked at him to not speak to her because his behavior so far today was not acceptable. He turned himself around and said he'll wait in the car. We just followed our mom like the Little ducklings i feel we are. Mom asked us where we want to eat if we even wanted to and somehow we found ourselves in Paul.
The menu was in french. It was a dejavu of 7th grade french class so weird. They translated some things but not all. Two of us ordered omelets and the other two ordered poached eggs. Mom texted dad to join us if he wanted to and he told her to enjoy because hes shopping. Typical, really. He throws a tantrum, ditches us, ruins our mood, then thinks his male ego will lead us around. Bleh!
Anyways the food was ....okay...totally not worth the prices. Cora's breakfast in Canada tastes so much better that there is no comparison!
We went shopping at pottery barn afterwards in which i decided i wanted a house by the age if thirty. I want extra rooms, a sun room with glass windows and ceiling, and i want a living room and a guest room. I want that instead of tiny crappy expensive apartments. I hope i can become a doctor so that i can afford a house someday. Or at least a huge apartment like my great aunt's or my grandparents from moms side, may they rest in peace.
After shopping, we went home and we were invited over for lunch at grandma's house. She made msakhan, a Palestinian winter dish that is commonly made in jafa. 

It's made of flat or Iranian bread that is drenched and cooked in olive oil then soaked in chicken broth. A layer of diced onions and certain sour spices coats each layer of the stacked bread and this is served with roasted chicken on the side. A hand eaten meal, think of it as a Palestinian pizza! Of course instead of it being soaked and drenched, today people only brush some oil and sauce on it so we wont black out after we eat it.
I ate a bit and went home, then mom told me to go downstairs because my dad's aunt have rolled up yummy dawali aka wara enab (letterly grape leaves) and they tasted soooo gooood. These are actually commonly eaten cold as appetizers. I was not able to maintain myself and scarfed down at least 5!

The dawali she got for us.
mom got us sweets at night and i ate some of that too. wonder i gained weight! I haven't had any of these food in months or even years!


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