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Thursday, December 19, 2013

gingerbread house and icecream

Yesterday, we màde a ginger bread house. I bought it in canada just for dana!

Today I talked to nor a bit and we still didnt set up a time to hangout. How depressing.

My older sister had plans with her friend and my younger sister had plans with her friends and I....well ..not much.
When dad noticed that, he told me to get dressed to take me out. I told him I wanted icecream! I like icecream.
He agreed and we ended up going to an exhibition but it had ended and so we switched to the mall. I ate yummy shawarma at the mall and dad ordered Beryani. I shared his meal because indian food usually has so much.
Afterwards we went to basken robins where I got the icecream I wanted. When we were done eating we walked around the harbour at the back of the mall. We also had done some shopping and it seems most stores have 50% off sale. Too bad I dont really want anything.

Fought a bit today. I was messing around with dana. Mom was rude, I was rude back and older sister conveniently shoves herself and yells at me in which dana responds by yelling back at my older sis to stop picking on me. Families.....are....weird.

Maybe wasting 2000$ on this winter holiday was a just a mistake. It's only for two weeks afterall.

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