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Sunday, December 15, 2013

kiss my laptop good bye

Just a brief summary of today's events before I kiss my laptop good bye.

Today I woke up at about 7:30 am to pray, get dressed and head to the dojo where I was tested for my green belt. I think I passed it. Revi gave me my christmas present as she promised. It turned out to be this cute little sweater on a hanger ornament. You can see it posted on instagram if you click the instagram button. 
I also got a card from her. I had a list of things to purchase from the mall so as I left to the mall, justin decided to join me. Justin is another friend from karate. He's an indian that has previously lived in the middle east and he knows like four languages! He has something to buy from walmart, so he tagged along and we ate lunch there too.
When I went back I wrote a check to the office, in which I still don't know if it will bounce back or not I really hope not!!!!!
I then checked in, and confirmed our flight and rearranged our seats for the first flight. Augh, after blacking out for a while, my sister came from her exam and we ate. 
She went to sleep cause she's sick and didn't sleep today much either and I cleaned up a bit around the house and packed my bag.
I'm tired, our flight is at 8:55 am, and there's gonna be a storm tomorrow! just my luck. I need to wake up at 5 am though!

moving disaster moments of the day:
while I was eating my lunch, the brocolli fell off my fork and bounced from my shirt to my sleeve to Justin's pants before landing on the floor. It was weird.

I also broke a plate right after I cleaned it and put it on the rack to dry. It practically jumped off that too! 

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