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Friday, January 24, 2014

El Arz

Yeah, the previous post is because I'm gonna try to be a bit more open minded in case i don't become a doctor or so. I mean, I don't know why I want to be a doctor, I really have no reason.

I went to career counselling today. I ended up writing things that are "significant" to me. I included several random things, like meeting up with my mom's side of the family, or my bitch principal, or green built in karate, or SAT, or university, Jet ski, travelling alone, cooking, getting a compliment, the creepy guy, ice skating, writing a poem, drawings, and having met a person with DID.

I really didn't know what to write, so I wrote some events that popped in my head really.

She told me to make catagories and label them accordingly. I ended up making a "proud" category and circled several accomplishments. She said most of my moments seemed to be coming when I do them alone. and I thought that was normal really. It isnt like I have a son to be proud of...I'm proud of something  I did all by myself!
I don't know really, but hey. It's always fun to sit down and talk about yourself, so I made another appointment for fun!

When it was over, I went to El Arz grocery market. it's an arabic store that sells the flower water I wanted. blossom water? No, it isn't something you drink. It's flavouring really. I love it in sweets!
It's for the namoora I wanna make this weekend. There were so many things there, I felt like I was where I belonged. I even saw some sweets that I haven't seen in Kuwait for ten years. Too bad I couldn't afford the extra weight.
I'll try going there every month of two for the meat and bread they have.
I also bought a lot of pita bread, because it's cheaper there, and some halal meat. Note to self: order extra lean beef next time!

I bought a lot of other things, they were so heavy to carry to the bus station, then to home. On the bus, the first thing I saw was a great dane in my face. I was baffled for a bit, then realized it's one of those special services dogs. Then his owner told me "alsalamu alaikum" in which I replied " wa alaikum al salam". If he's supposed to be blind, how did he know I was muslim. And if he can see, then why does he need a dog? I really wanna ask someone someday, but it's so odd. He seemed so friendly, and the guy was tall, thin, and good looking. Not my age though. I think he looked pretty cool hehehe..

I did my bio quiz, I'm done with my psych bonuses, and I've did a lot of dishes!

So, at least this day wasn't a complete waste. By the way, I also fasted today, to make up for when I didn't fast in ramadan. One more day to go, and I'll be debt free!

oh, btw THANK GOD, I found my ipod yesterday at the library's front desk. WOOH!

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