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Monday, January 6, 2014

First day of Second Semester of Second Year

....stupid title I know, but i'm still jet lagged and tired. I don't even wanna talk about the psychotic trip from kuwait to london to montreal to moncton all through 3 planes then the 3 hour shuttle bus ride to was fucking exhausting.

first class today was Genetics. So, we have this chinese prof that comes to us and tells us a nice story...he starts with this:
"Hello everyone, this class will be a challenge for the both of us since I never taught genetics before!"

then he goes on with this: " but don't worry guys! I read the book in two days and my current research has to do with genetics....PLUS! I studied genetics 35 years ago!"

and we're like LOL... kill us now...

but he seems like a sweet heart.

second class started with a soft rock tune with the slides as the prof waited for the students to settle down. he then introduced himself as David. He said some people call him David, or dave. Others may call him professor, dr. or teacher, his wife called him asshole last night and sometimes she calls him a "big big jerk".

Well then!

My other psych class was memory, and i think ill be dropping it. doesn't seem all that worth it really.

So, i may be taking Astronomy instead, but the dude rambles on forever. He even explained the saying " it's cold enough to freeze the balls off the brass monkey" which...surprisingly for me has nothing to do with removing the testicles of a monkey!
That was somewhat interesting.

I also slipped on black ice and fell on my way to class. My pants were soaked and i was so not happy about that!

I hope my other classes for tomorrow are good!

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