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Friday, January 10, 2014

Pain (a poem)

So..There's this girl that read my poem that is on fictionpress yesterday. I didn't ask her to, it was posted on one of my profiles and when she read it, she told me it was beautiful, that I should keep writing, and that comparing blood and tears to ink was "quite the simile".
I was really surprised, but she made me happy. I can't believe she thought so greatly of my poem!

Here's the link to the poem by the way: Pain

don't be afraid to tell me what you think, either in fictionpress, or in the comments. I also do have several ideas on things but i always end up preferring the internet over actually creating something!

I also got a check for a 130$ from...I think the taxes or the government, since I'm unemployed. They think I aught to spend a dollar a day too! as if anyone can survive by spending a dollar a day in Canada. maybe in kuwait, where food is cheaper? still happy about the hundred bucks. I hope I also get a hundred bucks from this site too! (you see there's a reason why I have Ads in my page!).
My sister also is trying to make a hundred bucks by a search engine called "swagbucks". For every 10 000 swag bucks she gets a hundred dollars. We only have 700 We suck right?...We really suck! Today I got like 72 bucks for answering a survey though! so im thinking I'll keep doing those until I get a few hundred a month.

I also just bought a handmade keychain from a deaf lady. it's nice that she's contributing in a way. I'll post pics later.

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